Dinn moonlight.

Zhao Xin stands in the corner of the alley, inserts his hands in your pocket.

“Hey Hey.”

From the dim, walk out of the two fever and high thin children with paint sip.

It seems that Zhao Xin’s feel is not wrong.

From him to the Su family, go to the grilled bar, he always felt that someone was staring at him.

To say that salted fish Zhao Xin handled almost.

Should not be Weihu.

He was hit by the people of Yin Jiu, and he dared to come, he could only say that he would need a female 娲 娲 娘 to replace him.

Li Zhi? !

Also or after the losses are announced.


Those who have grievances, hidden in the ditch, but the smell of the crowd of things? !

It is a little less than people!

This is not enough for him.

“Hey, hey, 嘿 … play, play, play, play …” The short fat peese is used to force the water, “play, play …”

“Robbery!” Gao Wendo took a short fat man, it was a slap.

“Yes, right, robbery!” The short fat nodded, I immediately touched the head, “You, you, you …”

“You can make your mouth.”

Gao Weidon gave a short fat.

What ghost? !


“Who let you come?” Zhao Xin frowned.

“you you you you……”

“You can’t do it!” Gao Weilo.

“Yes!” Short fat nod, “put, put, put … …”

Gao Weidon grabbed a short fat mouth, and he saw Zhao Xin.

“Let the things on your body, we are not dead.”

“His mouth is so serious, you don’t feel tired with him ?!” Just a while, Zhao Xin listened to the short fat and slammed Baba, and he can’t say a complete words.

“Okay, habits.”

The answer to the consciousness of the thin man, and immediately reach out the hand angry.

“Don’t talk nonsense, there is something on your body.”

“I will pay your grandfather, robbery is still very straightforward, can be able to take it to you.” Zhao Xin turned his neck to start the active bones, the short fat man pushed the hands of the thin man, reached out, “No, no, no, no, no No, don’t know how to do it. “

The short fat man always said a complete sentence.

Zhao Xin moved to applaud.

It is not so friendly, and the short fatches are rushing up, and the two people rushed up.


Almost the moment they move, Zhao Xin took the heart of playing.

Although they are two.

They can’t take the way of cooperation, or the way to act is not dripping.

Especially the short fat.

The speech can be smashed, but the action is agile.

Line clouds.

Not a card!

“Interest, I will play with you.”

Body skeleton.

So long, there is still a moon tea, he really don’t know what is fear!


In a spacious alley, Zhao Xin moved to the two people.

Heng boxing waves.

The fire is torn with the air hunting.

This box is heavy in the chest of the fat man.

A blood flows from his mouth.

Zhao Xin doubled waist station in front of the two.

“Come again!”

The fever licks his chest and reached out to Zhao Xin.

“Withdraw, withdraw, withdraw, withdraw … retreat!”

Running your legs.

Standing at the exit of the alley.

Zhao Xin saw that after they disappeared, the moment when I was angry.

My day!

This fat peel is too thick.

I feel that this punch seems to be on the steel plate!

back to dorm.

Zhao Xin said that it is a splendor to go back, and it is good to go to the dormitory building in the bedroom.

On the way back.

His hand has been hurting.

After waiting for it, I found that his right hand has been redness.

Take the grassroots.

Can’t take a little dressed in the palm of hand.

“It’s really easy to use.”

Red swollen palms will be restored in less than half a minute.

Zhao Xin looked at the small jade bottle of the slap, the medicine in this bottle didn’t use a few times.

I have time to ponder the multi-standby point.

It is inevitable that there is anything that is hurting.

Place the point in everything in everything, there is no problem.

Is Zhao Xin still wondering, what is the two people?

With the level of their two.

It is definitely not the small mix of the city.

If they are both run, I will really don’t necessarily have their opponents.

Someone outside people!

Take out the moon tea, Zhao Xinzhao horses and started to practice.

Practice the punch is too sleepless.

When Zhao Xin fell in the bed, it was already in the morning.

When he opened his eyes again …

Close to look at the sun outside.

“I rely!”

“My class!”

Looking at the time on the phone, it is already in the afternoon.

“It doesn’t matter, I will give you a fake.” The ear is usher in a soft whisper, and Zhao Xin nodded. “Ok, then I will sleep again.”

Just instantly on the quilt, suddenly his arm stiff.


A smile like a flower of the flowers.

She is holding her hands.

Look at Zhao Xin on the bed.

“Su Wei Xin!”

Zhao Xin instantly curled up to the corner of the bed, grabbed the quilt.

“How did you come in.”

“Is it difficult? I told the grandfather downstairs, my boyfriend is sick, I have to take care of him, the uncle does not say that I will come in, I still have a few days.” Su Yixin blink .


Zhao Xin’s consciousness opened the quilt and looked at the eyes.

It is still complete.

This female rogue did not take it without his clothes.

“You didn’t go to class, people are worried.”

Su Yixin also laughed up, the palm of her hand covered to Zhao Xin’s head.

“I shouted you eighty times, you will be like it.”

“Blame me, I will go to the road, the middle road also calls me, and I invaded my wild area too!”

“Oh, this is the reason I am going to be a orphan?”

In the foot of the feet, the door of the dormitory was opened by a few roommates, and the mouth was still embarrassed to blame each other.

When they entered the house, they saw Su Xixin that was climbed upon Zhao Xinbang.

stand at attention!

turn back!

Zhao Xincang had to reach out and call for help, and he saw several roommates to turn around and gave him a middle finger.

“If you don’t accept it, let’s just sing!”

“It seems that I am afraid you!”

“Two-on-two, father and son!”

Su Xin, who is from the head of Zhao Xinbu, also retreats back.

“Hurry up quickly, go shopping with me!”

Male chasing female sees the mountain, female chasing male compartment yarn.

To be honest, Zhao Xinnai has not felt that they are smashed by Su Yixin.

There is no way to imagine at all.

When Zhao Xin and Su Shixin are at the same time, the Su Yixin bird is relieved by people in Zhao Xinshu.

The male students are watching.

If the eyes are laser, Zhao Xin will be killed.

Out of the school gate.

Zhao Xin and Su Wei were on a car.

When he will get off the door.

“Where is this, we don’t say to go shopping ?!” Zhao Xin looked at this simple building, although it seems to be in general, the car that can be parked outside is a luxury car.

“Who said to buy clothes.”

Su Yixin is holding Zhao Xin’s arm, just when they are going to do.

“Hey, the people in front are Su Wei Xin.”