The cotton era is insisting on high-quality natural cotton as a core raw material brand, as a sub-brand of steady medical care, inheriting 30 years of medical product manufacturing experience. With the “Cotton Change World” as the vision, it has been continuously developing innovative research and development exploration, providing a safer and comfortable product to consumers.

The total cotton era washed a face is one of their core items. The total cotton era wash face scarf selected 100% natural cotton, no chemical addition, bringing soft and peaceful cleansing experience. In the type of shampoo, the cotton era has launched different products for different skinys.


Small square box wash your face


The small square box washed the face of the cotton era. The first paragraph of “hanging” can be “hanging”, next to the wash pool, but also it is not only convenient, but also save space. Using the underlying innovation design, the small square box has better dustproof function, as well as picturesque packaging, hanging up is a very pleasing small mural.


This washed towel is suitable for sensitive muscles, impaired muscles, for this kind of skin, improved the fluffy, increased fluffyness, reduces friction, soft and comfortable, as if the cloud is soft and general touch .

Clear face


Sisters of oil skin muscles and love makeup, more recommended cotton net paint scarf. This use 3D massage microparticles, thousands of velvet, simulated skin texture structural design, W-type wavature is very good to take away skin fat dirt. At the same time, super toughness is highly touched, it is not easy to deform, and it is also convenient to wash the mud film.


Amino acid bubble wash face

Sisters who are often traveling is the most suitable, and a piece of washing towel solves the “net” “Run” “protection”. Amino acid cleansing formula fitted the skin pH, gentle skin. In addition, there is a whitening ingredient nicotinamide, an antioxidant star lacua extract, moisturizing king glycerin and other star ingredients, so that the skin can be better protected.

From the washing towel to all-category, the cotton era has always adhered to the starting point of cotton. Brand is preferred for speed, quality priority to profit as the development concept, providing consumers with more comfortable, more peace of mind, and more happiness.