Recently, Wuxi Tang Ms. Wuxi said that he has rejected with Hanfu ID, and the reasons given by the Civil Affairs Bureau is that the clothing is like play. On March 2, the Civil Affairs Bureau returned to the Litchi news interview, which is not accurate for the expression of “play”, but because there is no precedent, this matter needs to be studied.


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According to @ 荔枝 新 3 March 2, on February 27, Ms. Wuxi Tang was posted on the Internet, and he was rejected when he was registered in the Lantern Festival with Hanfu ID.

Ms. Tang wrote in the post: “The staff is very friendly.


But the reason for the given is not serious enough, not official enough, like a costume. Not the reasons why the red bottom of the red dress.

Ms. Tang Post screenshot

Ms. Tang said that she is a fan of Hanfu, before the special and her husband taking the certificate, the size background, etc.

“Why I think of the use of Hanfu for registration, because on the one hand, I like it, on the other hand, I have seen this situation in the Internet.” Ms. Tang said.

After being refused by the Civil Affairs Bureau, Ms. Tang and her husband can only re-take pictures on the spot and complete the registration procedure.

Ms. Tang introduced the situation at the time, said: “The older staff member, may not know (Hanfu), he said that it is the same.”

Ms. Tang and the staff are communicated, and this is the traditional costume Hanfu of Han people. Subsequently, after the worker and its leadership communicate,

The Hanfu documents provided by Ms. Tang are more like art photos, so Ms. Tang is refused.


This matter triggers the hot discussion of the network, many netizens have voiced and support Ms. Tang.

“People hairstyles, clothes are also decent, why can’t you do it.”

“It should be supported, after all, is a traditional Chinese costume.”

However, some people have proposed objections.


“Document, official occasion, or serious.”

“This is not suitable for the marriage certificate, if it is a wedding photo, no problem.”


For this matter, the staff of the Civil Affairs Bureau of Wuxi City responded that there is no precedent before, so the woman in the scene will take a photo to register.

“We are also exploring this problem because

It is not so detailed in our work specification.


We also asked in various cities.


Some cities have indeed doing it.

Ms. Tang this photo, the dragon pattern is much more. We have also used similar photos, so as a registrar, in the case of cautious, we recommend that they will take a reap. “The staff said.

In addition, the civil affairs Bureau staff said that the previous “play” is inaccurate, as for the follow-up to recognize Hanfu documents, it also needs to be studied.

In fact, the marriage registration is made by the Hanfu IDo as a first case.

According to China’s Voice of China Radio and Television, China reported November 29, 2019. On the morning of the 26th, Mr. Chen, Xiamen, came to the Ming District Civil Affairs Bureau Marriage Registry, and the photo of the marriage certificate was taken in a Hanfu experience. Hanchao. but,

When the marriage registration is handled, the Han Shou photos they take are not used by the staff.


Mr. Chen said: “The staff told us that you can’t register, because this is a glad dress, I don’t understand, this is clearly Chinese traditional costume.”

And the staff of the local Civil Affairs Bureau said that

“It’s not for Hanfu.”

The staff said that

The photos of Hanfu can also be used as a marriage certificate.

However, it is not appropriate to wear a tube top.


From Mr. Chen’s Hanchao, his wife’s costume is not a tube top suit. Why can’t you use it?

The staff is further explained that Mr. Chen’s wife combed ancient hair, bun combined with costumes.

Let it think this is an art photo

, Not a document photo. more importantly,

She is unable to distinguish this photo is a recent photo of Mr. Chen.

So, can the Hanfa documents can be used to register for marriage?

According to the “Regulations” of the Ministry of Marriage Registration of Marriage Registration, Article 28 of the Conditions for Accepting Marriage Registration Application,


“The parties submitted 3 2-inch two sides recently swearing photos”, but the decoration and apparel requirements were not mentioned.

According to the provisions of Article 85 of the “Regulations on Marriage Registration Work in Jiangsu Province,

The photo of the marriage registration should be a recent background, a single base color document, may not use black and white photos, wedding photos, stills, art photos.


In addition, this article stipulates that the marriage registration authority can refuse to use PS processing, synthesis, wearing colored glasses, exaggeration, and it is very different.

Picture with damage to serious costume ornaments.


This specification is not explicitly prohibited for Hanchao.

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