The Chinese people use the most cooking methods in daily, it is bursting, because the burst is short, and the dish mouth made. However, it is not suitable for all cookers, you want to stir well, and choose the pot.

Next, I recommend 4 domestic good pots suitable for the bursting, wear resistant to high temperature, and the cooking is more secure.


Otherwise, the dish is half


Supor | True Stainless Series FC34Y1

Heat is uniform, Chinese cooking pot



Supor is the first listed company in the cookware industry, has five R & D manufacturing bases, ranking first in stress pots and yew pot market. After the M & A of the World Cookware Lead Enterprise Saibo Group, Supor introduced the patent technology and used as a brand main way to use it on the pan.

This pot is one of the Supor’s gift line. The main thickness is high, and the family within 8 people applies. The net weight of the pot is about 3 kilograms, the hand is high, but the function of the double ear pot has not been designed for it. High quality pig iron is created, no coating, long use time is in the middle of the pot, no arches, rugged, do not pick the boiler.

This model has sales in Jingdong and Tmall, priced at 160-250 yuan, and has excellent performance in the survey, its material and performance performance, and the price is relatively high.




Sanhe | Poly temperature steel series CGF3200-1

Ceramic patented, hard wear-resistant smoke



Emperor | Chinese double ear cast iron pot

Long service life, cast iron integration


The Emperor Emperor was founded in 1983, focusing on cookware production, the online sales volume of the yew pan is second only to Supor and Eshida. Simple appearance, affordable, making it synonymous with high-cost frying wok suitable for daily use.

This pot is cast in the cast iron, the pot is very heavy, 7 kg is available for 4-6 people. The bottom thickness of the pot is tough, and the long-term high temperature cooking is not easy to cause the central projection deformation and the service life is long. There is no coating on the surface, more healthy, but it is also relatively poor.

It is also very grounded, the fire process is treated, the lacquer has no wax, the wood grain is clear, but the weather is still easily moldy, it is necessary to pay attention to ventilation.

This price is between 280-380 yuan, whether it is the taste of the traditional large iron pot, whether it is the design or performance, the only less than the double ear portion does not do heat-insulation protection, and the temperature in the pot may be transmitted to the pot. On both ear, it should be taken to avoid burns when using.

Sanhe was established in 2004, focusing on the kitchen supplies, its independent research and development of composite pot bottoms and sprayed melt technology, which is a special manufacturer of DuPont and Huafu Coatings, and also WMF, Magic Ophics One of the manufacturers.

As the cooking pan, the CGF series is made of stainless steel, and the pot surface is a patented ceramic plasma design, cast the active bio-ceramic molten into the poly temperature steel, form a hard-thick ceramic film, so that the product is thermally conductive, hard and wear, And the bottom of the pot is not easy to deform.

This model is sold in Tmall, the price is around 500 yuan, although the price does not dominate, but the product performance is good, the quality is guaranteed, and it is a domestic wok product that can be comparable to the international first-line big name.


爱 | | rust series CF36B1Q

Electric cooker, flat cast iron pot



Ai Shida ranked second in the domestic cookware market. It is the earliest manufacture of non-stick in China. It is also a household Chinese cookware brand.

This is a cast iron pot, more robust, iron pot thicknever, can be efficient and thermally, the pot body is 2 kg, and it is not easy to hold up. The bottom of the pot is the bottom of the smelevate, the gathering is fast, and the fried efficiency is higher. In addition, the droof details are in place, and there is oil volume scale in the pot. When using the pot, the pot can be tilted 45 °, and the intimate intake can be poured into the desired oil.


Can’t sell the series price of 400-500 yuan. It should be noted that the series of iron pots are not cast, the potential toughness is insufficient, and the intermediate portion of the pot may be raised upwards, leading to the appearance and meat, but does not have a health hazard.