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对抗蚊虫叮咬 我给宝宝用嗳呵草本止痒凝露

2015/5/19 11:16:28

Summer is here, the children downstairs began to get more, there is a baby who starts toddler, there are children who start running, and some little girls play jumping bibli, watching the children. Happy. However, some parents worry that the child will be bitten by mosquitoes outside. In fact, sometimes our parents will go to buy a cuisine will be mosquito, and there is no effect, so choose a suitable itching product is the most important.

对抗蚊虫叮咬 我给宝宝用嗳呵草本止痒凝露

I chose to give my child a mood of herbs, it is very imposed.

嗳 嗳 本 本 止 凝 成 成 是 是 树 温 温 温 温 地 温 地 温 温 地 温 地 温 温 温 地 温 温 温 温 地 温 温 温 温 温 温 温 温

This packaging is very convenient, unlike the flowers that I bought before I bought it, the glass bottle is fragile and easy to Sa, this seal is very good, very strict, so every time I go to play with my children, I will put it in the bag, nor Town space.

对抗蚊虫叮咬 我给宝宝用嗳呵草本止痒凝露

嗳 嗳 嗳 草 草 凝 状 清 清 透 透 清 透 透, 清 清 清 透 透 透,,,,,,,,,., 清, 清,,,,,,,,,,,,,

The child is biting a small bag on the leg, apply a little 嗳嗳 本 本 凝 凝 child says there is no previous itch, very cool, comfortable, so the child is very like.

Personal use experience and feelings:

对抗蚊虫叮咬 我给宝宝用嗳呵草本止痒凝露


Mildness does not stimulate, itch is good, easy to carry.

对抗蚊虫叮咬 我给宝宝用嗳呵草本止痒凝露


对抗蚊虫叮咬 我给宝宝用嗳呵草本止痒凝露

If the mouth is small, it is fine because I use a little bit every time.

personal suggestion

: Summer collar baby is going out, it is really necessary to bring a refled to itch, it is very good.

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