This is my history, I published an article for the first time in the new generation of media. Because the topic attracted me deeply.

Last night, downstairs and girls. Beijing at the end of October, with a soft night with a slender air, the moon hangs highly, and the raw yarn. – Not a smog, I deeply sucked a breath.

“Mom, I have to teach the child to play the piano!” The daughter jumped next to me, as if a small animal rushed forward. She said excitedly, compared to it, her emotions were immersed in the piano class just finished “” Looking at the little child a little bit, a little smart, how happy it is a little bit! “

Her smile is tight, like something, reflecting warm moonlight. I laughed. Oh, she is talking about her own and her friends.

“I also want to teach many students, from small to big, primary school students, middle school students must have. What is more than seeing a big child with a spit with the eyes of the piano dragging a painful child, is it more interesting?” The girl laughed. “I used to be like this! But who is not from Xiaoli? Now I think I have wearing golden princess dress, holding the magic fairy stick of the Ba La La Little Magic! What is terrible!”

I am also excited next to it, and I have negatively express my end. The heart is deep, a strange emotion is a little bit like a balloon turned great, and finally was filled. Yes, my child will grow up, and then she will fly like a hawk, flying to the distance to follow her dreams. When did she grow up silently? It is also clear that the SMS sent by the teacher from the kindergarten, “eat buns today, the children have a lot, the parents don’t give your child at night.” Holding a big bag running on a small road full of pink mountains, a short doll head, a small lattice dress. All this seems to happen yesterday, tentacles can be, but it seems to be far away. The long river of time is still forwarded forward. The previous things have a beautiful yarn, watching the beauty, even even daughter is unpleasant in the piano class, the unpleasant fragment of complaints in the piano class is not so bad.

Ancient Greece has a philosopher who said that people will not step into the same river – the river of human life cannot be stepped twice. In the embarrassing universe, this luck should be cherished and treasure because of the occasional opportunities. Everyone has their own power and different ideas, so that we respect life, accompany the child, watch the sky, the sky, the blue grass, let us enjoy and detail this process. Child, thank you, please grow slowly.