This doesn’t seem to be a problem.But it is indeed a problem.

Once, I went to a place where men and women were equipped with a bathroom.When dinner, a female comrade of the living room announced: When you are men, when you are gone, take the toilet pad.

According to her mean, this thing should be justified by the female comrade to be brought together, while male comrades, in order not to let the toilet cushion, the male comrades should do it yourself to take the toilet pad.

After I listened, I felt that I can’t understand, I laughed back a sentence: why my comrades didn’t use it after using it?

She has no words.

It seems that a little thing is very simple, reflecting the way of life.

I think one of the people’s trend is that it is not to add trouble to others, let alone things you should do.If you do things yourself, you have trouble, add trouble to others, or blame others not to give you a whisper, what is the reason?

The second way to the world, do things, should take into account the feelings of others, thinking, thinking, and heart.