Winter is definitely the most test season in the four seasons, many girls will encounter bottlenecks, want to wear warm and a little, but they will wear very bloated feelings, and if they choose the style, then they will be in the cold wind. Zhong Shou shakes, some loose single items, although it is comfortable and warm, but it is easy to drag, may wish to try the sluggish bag hip skirt, can do sexy little woman in winter.

First, sexy dress bag hip skirt

Speaking of bag hip skirts, it may be the first one of your mind, it is a tight-fitting skirt like a picture, and the tight-fitting bag can make the waist and hip lines perfectly integrated, but this Skirt is also relatively high for the requirements of the leg line, if you are a microve of girls, you may need to choose carefully.

In the picture, the upper body chooses a short print knit sweater, and the lower body is mixed with dark brown bag buttocks, wearing a retro style that is expensive and sexy.


Many people feel that the bag hips are more suitable for mature women, but in fact, girls can also be worn out with bag hip skirts, and the upper body chooses a white sweater, and the black line adds simple and casual feelings.

The lower body has a relatively simple black tight bag, black and white classic matching, no matter what kind of item is very difficult, this is the same, simple and casual, daily outlet or commute.

Second, loose / straight bag hip skirt


In addition to tight styles, in fact, everyday wear, we prefer relaxed or straight bag buttocks.


The fabric of the loose bag is generally harder, so it is very hard to feel very hard, the texture of the strip, no matter whether it is a suit coat.


Soil-yellow contour suit with white strips, wearing classic retro literary style, but it is very memorable.

The length of the knee, the style of the bag hip, more in the suit skirt, is very suitable for women, simple and generous, whether it is with a shirt or a sweater, can wear gentle and atmospheric sister.

The straight bag butt skirt can be said to be a double-edged sword in winter. On the one hand, its upper body effect is really great, you can make you easily wear high-quality feelings, but on the other hand, the straight skirt is somewhat It will also limit your actions, not suitable for a big pace.

In the picture, in the slider, in the skirt, emphasize the position of the waist line, and the small child is in this way.

The length of the straight tacho can generally have no knee, so the shoes are very important. Today, Xiaobian will tell you a million gold oil, that is, the skirt is colored boots.


Since it will be in the pants when wearing a skirt, we choose the same color shoes, it will extend the lines of the legs visually, and the powerful gas field is easy to wear.


Third, the clothespin skirt

In addition to the half-length hip skirt, in fact, the nephery skirt has also been loved by many girls.

The bag hip dress is simply built for sexy “lazy” girls. If you are very confident on your own body, you can completely wear a tight-fitting dress, just like this, knit dress tightly On the body, you can do the most sexy little woman in winter.


And the match of the bag is also very simple, the first one is like a large coat like a large coat, the pink pink bag butthal dress, outside with a smoke pink loose coat, light luxury woman’s atmosphere It’s too strong.

When the weather is cold, you can choose a fluffy down jacket. temperament.

If you have already tired of ordinary dress, you are also bored by winter loose single items, so better to try a sexy aged bag, which is fully able to do sexy little girls in winter.


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