In the winter, each shoes factory is busy launching high shoes, waterproof shoes! However, Nike has a low help when it is cold! Recently, Nike Zoom All Out Low, this pair of high-level low-top shoes officially launched official website.

Throwing the performance does not say, the value of this pair of shoes makes the extreme fruit. The mid-bottom is equipped with a 6/4 shoe long visible zoom AIR air cushion, which looks quite beautiful.

耐克新款跑鞋,可见式Zoom Air气垫,支撑有力,外形惊艳

Using Flywire flying technology, excellent breathability, in other words, now wear a bit cold, waiting for the spring or summer wear.

耐克新款跑鞋,可见式Zoom Air气垫,支撑有力,外形惊艳

Cushlon, support power, the cushioning is slightly short. However, the Zoom Air cushion of nearly full of the palm is made up for this small shortage, feedback power, very sensitive.

Hematocalypse Walt rubber outsole, lasting wear, and very beautiful! But how can this show off to others? Distressed ~

耐克新款跑鞋,可见式Zoom Air气垫,支撑有力,外形惊艳

At present, this low-race shoe has been on the shelves of Nike official website, and the friends who like it can be smashed!

耐克新款跑鞋,可见式Zoom Air气垫,支撑有力,外形惊艳

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