In February 2022, in addition to bringing the Galaxy S22 series at the Samsung New Product Conference, it also released the Galaxy Tab 8 series tablet computers with a size of up to 14.6 inches. Ultra -thin keyboard leather case is a super -class productive forces. The Galaxy Tab S8 full series supports 45W super acceleration charging, but does not send PD charger.

The Galaxy Tab S8 series contains three products, namely the Galaxy Tab S8, Galaxy Tab S8+, Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra. In terms of screens, the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra uses a 14.6 -inch Super AMOLED screen, the Galaxy Tab S8+12.4 -inch Super AMOLED screen, and the Galaxy Tab S8 screen is a 11 -inch LTPS LCD screen. The full range of refresh rates support 120Hz high brushing.

The large screen of the Galaxy Tab S8 series is suitable for productivity users. Multi -task processing is more handy. The front dual camera is located on the side of the tablet, which is convenient for horizontal screens. The GALAXY TAB S8 series is equipped with a S Pen handwriting pen, which is delayed as low as 2.8ms. Compared with the previous generation delay by more than 30%, writing comments are more followed.

In terms of performance, the Galaxy Tab S8 series uses the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Mobile Platform, and it is standard all standard. The powerful computing power provides the basis for the smooth operation of the tablet, which also brings excellent performance in productivity.

三星发布Galaxy Tab 8系列平板,全系45W快充,没配送PD充电器

The Galaxy Tab S8 series can be used with ultra -thin keyboard leather cases, so that the tablet is fully converted into a PC -general operation experience. It can tilt 60 degrees as a bracket support for the plate, which is convenient to tilt to the human eye operation. And can be seamlessly connected to PC, so that the tablet is used as a wireless display with a touch screen function.

三星发布Galaxy Tab 8系列平板,全系45W快充,没配送PD充电器

In terms of battery life, the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra is equipped with a large -capacity battery of up to 11200mAh. The Galaxy Tab S8+and Galaxy Tab S8 battery capacity is 10090mAh and 8000mAh. All three models support Samsung 45W acceleration fast charging.

According to the opening of the overseas blogger, the overseas Galaxy Tab S8 full series of packaging is not equipped with a charger. The packaging only contains S Pen and data cables. Users need to purchase chargers at their own expense. This should be in response to environmental protection call, which is the same as that of the S22 mobile phone.

The National Bank version of the Galaxy Tab S8 full series is equipped with a 15W USB-A charger, which is the EP-TA200 sent by Samsung mobile phone many years ago to support Samsung AFC fast charging protocol. The Galaxy Tab S8 should match the EP-TA845 most. Samsung’s original 45W super accelerator charger supports large current PPS, but it is not distributed.

三星发布Galaxy Tab 8系列平板,全系45W快充,没配送PD充电器

At present, the Galaxy Tab S8 series has been launched on the Samsung official mall. The three models have the WiFi version/5G version to optional. The WiFi version is cost -effective, and the 5G version is 1,000 yuan. Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra is priced at 8999 yuan/9999 yuan; Galaxy Tab S8+is priced at 6399 yuan/7399 yuan; Galaxy Tab S8 is priced at 4999 yuan/5999 yuan. In terms of accessories, ultra -thin keyboard leather cases are priced at 1199 yuan, and the price of 45W super acceleration charger is 299 yuan.