No matter what style of fashion in the fashion circle, business installations have always been needed for daily life.

The business style gives people a sense of calmness and formality.


If you are a business worker, you can’t do without the formal matching style every day, but you can also wear a sense of fashion in autumn and winter.


1. suit+high -necked sweater

In the autumn or in some areas of the south, a suit with a high -necked sweater is also recommended, and the shape is warm and stable.


If you need to stuff the sweater into the waist of the trousers, then the sweater must choose a thinner style, but the needle distance is best dense, so it looks more delicate.

And the fabrics of suits and pants should also change,


The warmth of the woolen material will be better, and the shape does not look too formal, and it is also suitable for daily wear.

In addition to trousers, fit jeans are also one of the main items of business fashion shapes. Dark plaid suit styles are more classic and retro.

However, the sweater inner sweater is generally selected for classic pigments, which is more versatile in this shape.

2. Suit suit set+woolen coat

When wearing a suit, you can match a woolen coat, plus the warmth of the bottom of the high -necked sweater.

When choosing a coat, the version can be slightly loose, so it will not be too serious.


The loose version can also make the shape fashionable.


In the business modeling, a pair of suede loafers make the shape a touch of elegance,

And suede shoes are also very dirty and comfortable to wear. In winter, a pair of big socks is essential.

Socks should also choose a better style.


The shape can control the overall color according to the color of the single product,

The brown suit above is paired with a deep coffee or black coat.

The wild gray tone is more choosing, the shape is more versatile, and the shape of a dark coat is very calm.

The shape of leather gloves and shoes is more overall.

3. Mao woolen coat+jeans

In winter, the sweater is indispensable,

Especially in the styling style of business, the sweater is both warm and stable. Even if you are not used to wearing a high -necked sweater, you must also prepare a round neck style.

Unlike trousers, the shape of jeans will be slightly casual, but it does not lack a sense of maturity.

You can also use a scarf to keep warm, and wear a scarf to keep it warm and rich.


The processing of details makes the shape richer and tasteful,


The color between the collar, gloves and shoes is just right, and the shape is very overall.

In the shape of business style, the difficulty of handling the light -colored treatment will be higher, but the shape is more elegant.

You can start from color to make it more harmonious between the items,

After all, unlike the fashionable style on the street, the business style is more particular about visual comfort and stability.

4. Hunting jacket shape


The hunting jacket is a single product that can reflect male charm,


As a hunting clothing and military uniform, multiple functional pockets, and metal buckles, the style itself is very delicate.

In the past, the fabric of the hunting jacket was relatively thin, but the warmth of the hunting jacket today is also better. You can stack it with some warm items, and the shape is very layered.

Tie in business installations is also often used, although the first choice of tie will think of formulating a formal shape with suit jackets.


In fact, hunting jackets and ties are also very good,

It can make the shape more tough and maintain the gentleman’s grace of men.

5. Lamb fur jacket

Lamb hair jacket is also one of the military jackets,


The design of the fur integration is also very good. It is very fashionable to use a turtleneck sweater and simple trousers.

Large area of ​​black application is more overall, and the comparison of materials between blacks will not appear monotonous.

6. down jacket shape

A down jacket in the cold weather must be indispensable, and the down jacket can choose some classic colors in color,

But if you want to look fashionable, the version should not be too conservative.

The down fluffyness of the down or some details in the style can create a fashionable shape, and it is rich with other simple items.

White pants look the most elegant,

But the shape is also slightly difficult to hold it. In winter, you can choose classic rice white trousers, and it is even more versatile with a dark down jacket.

When paired with gray, the shape looks low -key, but the impact of the overall color tone of the shape is still undiminished.

So the overallness of the shape is important.

And with an oversize style plus a pair of sports shoes, the shape looks much fashionable.

Especially when I went out, the shape was very warm, and I still maintained a gentleman’s formal feeling when I went back to the room and took off my coat.

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