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Recently, at the Tiffany’s Show Pattaya in Thailand, he participated in the 2019 Miss International Queen, and he was fired by the company by the company. Yaya performed gender replacement surgery in 2016 and became a real woman. However, the company believes that her “shemale” identity will affect the company’s image and then dismiss it.

Qilu Evening News, Qilu Yiyi Reporter interviewed Yaya. She said that she is a cross -gender person and does not want to be tagged into a “shemale”. She hopes that society can see the wisdom and beauty of this group instead of hunting.

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Due to cross -gender identity, the company was dismissed by the company

Recently, a video of reprimanded by Weibo has become popular. A beautiful woman in the video said that she is a transgender person who previously sang a singer in a bar in Suzhou because she was eventually dismissed by the company because of her transgender identity. The blogger name is Shi Yaxin, which is not only a transgender person, but also an international beauty pageant. She has participated in the 2019 International Queen in Tiffany’s Show Pattaya and won the third place. The champion and runner -up fell to the American Belle Jazell and the Thai Belle Kanwara. As soon as the video is posted, it has attracted widespread attention.

On June 23, Shi Yaxin said in an interview with Qilu Evening News. In an interview, he said that people are currently in Beijing and have been engaged in performing arts work in Tiganyi Thailand a year before. Because of the epidemic, many performances in Thailand were suspended. In mid -May this year, Yaya decided to return to China to develop first.

At the invitation of friends, Yaya came to a well -known bar in Suzhou as a singer. During the singing, Yaya was recognized by the company and customers in both singing and typhoon. She thought she could develop her acting career in China smoothly, but did not expect that the good times didn’t last long. One day, she suddenly received a message from the company’s headquarters because Yaya was a “shemale” and participated in the international beauty pageant. If it was recognized by the guest, the company’s reputation would be damaged.

After gender replacement surgery, Yaya has obtained a legal female ID card, and did not conceal the real situation before doing this job. The branch also knows its identity, but did not make a special explanation to the head office. Yaya told the Qilu Evening News · Qilu Yiyi reporter that the head office needed her identity information to record. After the inquiry, she found her cross -sex identity and the information that participated in the competition. I also had theory with them, but in the end, I helplessly gave up. In this way, the first job she returned to China was last only 16 days.

During the interview, Yaya was unwilling to disclose the company’s name. She said that many friends were in this company and did not want to put their friends into an embarrassing situation. “There are a lot of discrimination in the employment of transgender people, so I also want to call on the society to give us the respect of ordinary people through video.” She said that it is not possible to blame which company. This is the entire society. Caused by group prejudice.

Bullying on campus when he was a kid

Check the pants in public

Yaya said that he grew up in an environment that prejudices and disrespectful since he was a child, so he has always eager to be recognized and respected.

When she was a child, she had been bullied by many campuses because of gender cognition, and she couldn’t help choking back to remember. Yaya has always felt that she is a girl from memory, and she hates the physical characteristics of the opposite of her gender cognition. Many of their own behaviors may not be like a boy who are imagined. During school, some of the male classmates are often insulted by male classmates.

“At that time, they often chopped my pants and wanted to see how I am different from them.” Yaya told the Qilu Evening News. Qilu was a reporter that he was laughed at them and would be beaten without showing them. She said that at that time, going to the toilet to become a painful thing to himself. Dare to go to the toilet and urine pants.


From elementary school to high school Yaya has always been the object of being bullied. At that time, bicycles riding school were often broken, and the tires burst almost every day. She has been unable to understand that she has tried to avoid everyone. She hides in the corner and does not recruit anyone who provokes, but there will always be someone to bully her.

“The fifth grade to high school in elementary school is the most serious stage of bullion. At that time, everyone felt that I was a monster.” Yaya told Qilu Evening News. Song, many people have changed her, and there are fewer bullying. “But in their eyes, I am still a monster, but it has just become a talented monster.” She said with a smile. Later, when I came to college, the culture was more diverse, and Yaya’s life began to gradually move closer to ordinary people.

At the beginning, participating in the beauty pageant

I want people to see the wisdom and beauty of this group

“I originally participated in the international queen beauty contest, just to change the society’s prejudice to us and let them see the wisdom and beauty of this group.” Yaya told the Qilu Evening News.

Since the second year, she has been wearing women’s clothing after she communicated with her mother. After graduating, Yaya became a model and singer, but because the external image and gender were inconsistent, she also repeatedly bumped into the wall in the process of finding a job. In 2015, she decided to start transformation, so she went to Guangzhou for breast augmentation surgery. In 2016, she completed a gender replacement surgery. After six operations, in 2017, she successfully changed the hukou book in China. The gender and name on the ID card and passport became a legal woman recognized and protected by Chinese law.

Society’s prejudice against this group is too great. Yaya feels that even if she has performed gender replacement surgery, she will be legally treated and prejudice. She wants to change society’s views on this group.

After the operation, Yaya developed a singing career in Thailand. The outside world only knew that she was a female singer and did not know that she was a transgender person. She wanted to come out and stand in the sun.

On March 8, 2019, transgender beauties from 20 countries around the world gathered in the Tiffany’s Show Pattaya in Thailand to participate in the 2019 International Queen Competition. Yaya is also one of the participants. Essence Fortunately, she won the third place in that competition.


Yaya Qilu Evening News · Qilu Yiyi reporter, the international queen competition is an international platform that allows transgender people to show beauty and wisdom. She is proud to represent Chinese competitions. At the same time, she also hopes that people look at the LGBT community. Change.

Don’t want to be called “shemale”

Tinnini shemale show (domestic name), founded in 1974, is the first real shemale show performance in Southeast Asia. It is the most famous performance place for Pattaya. However, there are also special performances that cater to Japan, South Korea, and even European and American audiences.


Before Yaya returned to China, he worked at this place. It was the only Chinese -friendly beauty pageant who participated in the international beauty pageant and was invited to perform. She said that she always felt that shemale was a bad name. At that time, a purpose of participating in the beauty contest was to change such words from the source.

Yaya feels that the cross -sex group is also an ordinary person and does not want to be labeled. Every time I hear the vocabulary like shemales, I feel insulted and teased, with a certain strange psychology. “Many people have bias for us. When performing in Thailand, they will encounter some guests to do my feet, touch their chests and even more excessive behaviors.” Yaya said that he is a normal woman. I hope everyone will see everyone see it. I hope everyone will see it. It is her beauty and wisdom talent, not as a play.


She told Qilu Evening News. Qilu Yiyi reporters that there was another purpose in participating in the beauty contest last year, that is, to change this title from the source. “It may be a problem of translation in Thailand. They did not realize that ‘shemale’ is a bad name.” Yaya said that he had a lot of changes to the company with the company’s side.

She also said that in May last year, the label has been cleared on the official website of Tiffany. The current name shows the name of the Tiffany International Surgery Show. “This is also a small victory. The road is still long. “,”

Yaya lamented, looking back all the way, experienced too many twists and turns and torture, but fortunately, they all survived. This group is not alien and needs to be respected and taken care of. “Regardless of nationality, skin color, gender, sex, sex Direction, age, etc., everyone should be treated fairly. “

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