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There are surprises that can’t be missed here ~

Family underwear to buy


1. Men’s soft cotton panties

2. Women’s soft cotton underwear

3. Women’s ice silk without trace underwear

4. Children’s soft cotton underwear

01 Men’s cotton panties

How much would men suffer if they did not choose the correct underwear?

In winter, the temperature is slowly decreased, and the pants and pants are stacked layer by layer. The thick dress directly makes the lower body uncomfortable.

I always want to pull out when I go out, let alone how embarrassing is it.


Many male compatriots around me, basically a pair of underwear was put on sacrifice, caveing ​​and fading. Men, how can you lose on this detail,

Things like underwear are really unambiguous



It can be summarized in one sentence: “

The underwear is not available, walking is like a sentence

“So we carefully selected a men’s underwear, not only comfortable, refreshing and breathable, but also made of soft cotton material.

Recommended reason:

√ Mado fabric: high yarn soft cotton, comfortable fabric and skin, breathable heat dissipation;

√ Excellent version: Double -layer U -shaped convex bag, starting from male physiological structure, designing humanization.

Men’s selection of soft cotton underwear 3 installed only 29.9 yuan


4 size optional

Original price 69.9 yuan, direct drop of 40 yuan

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02 Women’s selected panties

If you see a girl, look difficult, dodge with eyes, rubbing his legs embarrassingly, and even put your hands below …

It may be a bit itchy in private! I’m sorry to tickle like other parts of the body …

This itch is not only helpless, but also difficult to open up- ———

Especially after exercise, the sticky sweat sticks to the body, and it will slowly penetrate into the inner crotch of the underwear. After a few hours, it will not only feel itchy, but also emit a odor, which is a torture to the private place!

The humidity of the crotch, the itch for a long time makes how many little fairies have suffering! And all of this is actually because you don’t have a light and breathable underwear.

Wet+high temperature super easy to grow bacteria. Such underwear bacteria easily exceed one million.

Source: Baidu know

The physiological structure of our girls is special, and the bacteria of underwear are mostly damaged to women, which can easily cause various inflammation or odors. So when you find that you are a little itchy, you feel itchy, and itching is also the body reminds you:

It’s time to change the underwear!

Based on the above points, I collected and evaluated dozens of underwear, and finally selected it:

Light and breathable, healthy bacteriostatic, fast dry and not sticky

This is the criterion that women’s underwear should have. This non -trace underwear recommended today is amazing. It is thin and soft. It feels like air.

Nothing without marks, light and light clothes

Girls wear ordinary underwear, and they often appear the phenomenon of “farting fart”. They are super uncomfortable and embarrassing.

This lady has no trace panties. According to the curve of women’s waist and hips and thighs, no matter how you move the underwear, the fabric is perfectly fit the body curve, without positioning, preventing the hips from appearing.


Recommended reason for strong recommendation:


1. Cotton -inhibitory bottom crotch: efficient bacteriostatic, protecting health

2. Ice silk comfortable fabric: hygroscopic breathability, smooth silk and soft

3. Fine cutting+high bombs fabric: no trace comfortable, no stuck hips


To be honest, when this underwear was just got the sample, the sisters in the office touched the fabric, smooth and slippery, each of them loved miserable, rushed home to try on, and came to Amway the next day.

Women’s ice silk without trace underwear 3 is sold for only 19.9 yuan

The original price is 49.9 yuan, and the direct drop is 30 yuan

Girls all know


Belongs daily consumption category


Under normal circumstances, use high frequency of underwear


Change in three months

Single -frequency underwear cannot meet our needs

So I have to give you another lady’s soft cotton panties

Meet all the needs of girls

【Recommended reason】


❤️ Soft cotton material, comfortable and free

❤️ The elastic waist is not easy to make you more comfortable

❤️ Double -layer cotton inner gear, refreshing and comfortable, give you a different experience

❤️ Select high -quality cotton fabric, comfortable and healthier

❤️ Multi -color optional, give you a different mood from the inside out

Women’s soft cotton comfortable underwear 3 loaded 19.9 yuan

03 Children’s soft cotton underwear


The panties on the market are varied, good and bad


It’s not easy to buy good quality underwear!

Today, the story is good and carefully selected to recommend a children’s cotton panties for everyone

Moms and dads don’t need to worry about quality ~

The 3 installed installation only costs 15.9 yuan, the size is complete, free shipping home!


❤️ Use high -quality fabrics, soft and glutinous, soft and delicate, soft and comfortable, breathable and not hot, giving children a better sense of experience;

❤️ Not easy to get the ball, not easy to fade, and care for the child’s health from the inside out;

❤️ Cute printing, full of childishness, babies will like it at a glance!

These panties are grabbed on the “Limited Time Spike” channel! 500 copies

, I have a hunch that the rhythm of the second time ~

Children’s selection of soft cotton underwear 3 is sold only 15.9 yuan

The original price was 29.9 yuan, and the direct drop was 14.9 yuan




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▼ Limited time discount ▼

▼ Limited time discount ▼

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▼ Click below to buy ▼


The original price is 49.9 yuan, and the direct drop is 30 yuan

【Recommended reason】