What’s wrong with the recent live broadcast?

Li Jiaqi bought it crazy before

Later, Liu Genghong jumped together

Netizens can’t help evaluating:


One “wealth” and one “killed”

Coach Liu’s sudden fire


It is also inseparable from the powerful work ability


It is indecent due to live fitness exposure of armpit hair


Coach Liu scraped the axillary hair that night

After wearing a problem, I violated the rules again

Directly on down jacket live broadcast

But I don’t know what kind of atmosphere recently

Even the live broadcast room of middle -aged and elderly men’s clothing is living

I almost laughed and died in this live room



It’s a man who set up my dad’s era

All the coolest shapes!

I have to say that selling a men’s clothing is too rolled!

In order to show the fabrics, they are like this

True Bai Cao Garden pulls to Sanyi Book House


Netizens’ evaluation:

After get off work, the boss pulled my pants and asked me to work overtime


But I still arrive at home

Comment on netizens No. 2:


I bought pants

Now the whole dormitory lives inside!

No. 3 netizen evaluation:


I know this pants

The thirteen of Shenzhou was pulled back!

have to say

The technique is really exaggerated

Make people have to worry


In case a loose hand

Is the anchor directly launched?


There are also talent anchors:

No action is wasted

All classic actions

Brothers set up

Learn hard!


Also Kung Fu


The old man said:


There are pockets on the left and right, the tailoring is appropriate,

The length is just right, the outside leather is lined with velvet,

Like a fast shot!

How to play with young people

Conquer everyone

The live broadcast you think is just selling and selling

People should be a big stage in life

Grasp the preferences of the young consumer main force


You can easily win the market

Online live drainage

At present, the environmental live broadcast is hot, and offline physical store promotions have shifted to live broadcast on the front.

But the effect of live broadcast is often not as good as what you see on the Internet. The atmosphere of the live broadcast room is average, and the effect of bringing the goods is not unsatisfactory.


We all know that it is a password that drives the live broadcast atmosphere and allows customers to gain happiness in the live broadcast. Customers have gained happiness in the store, and the popularity will naturally increase. At the same time, it is easier to promote customers to place orders.

And often the atmosphere is some professional hosts and Internet celebrities.


Under no resources and sufficient budget conditions for ordinary stores, the creation of the atmosphere is very difficult.

At the May 1 promotion, friends who are preparing to do activities should pay attention.

Here I recommend a mini -game here. The operation is simple. Without a professional host, you can easily achieve the atmosphere.

Happy brick

The May 1 theme game can participate in the live broadcast of the store, and you can participate. Everyone can score the bricks on their mobile phones. The store can give shopping discounts and cash rewards according to the customer’s score.

The store can set up multiple rounds of brick competitions every day. On the same day, the brick king can win the ultimate award, which is very suitable for the promotion festival of May 1st.


Live fission

By playing games, users can get rewards, and they can share the scores, share them to group chat, circle of friends. Attract more traffic into the live room, so that a large amount of external traffic is obtained in the live broadcast room.

Shake the horse racing

The audience accelerated by shaking the mobile phone and rushed to the end. The store can preset the first few rewards. The game is carried out in multiple rounds, and the live broadcast atmosphere is easy to get.

In addition, Hi has a variety of theme games on the spot for stores to choose from, and can also customize game elements as store products. In the process of playing games, the product also promoted the product.

Live configuration

Want to combine the interactive game perfectly with the live broadcast. Only one computer is required, and one mobile phone can be easily implemented.

Log in to the official website of HI, select the cloud live version, and share the QR code to each merchant’s own channels to easily live.

Online live broadcast also includes many other interactive gameplay, such as barrage. The mobile phone sending the barrage interacts together, completely breaking the online and offline interactive barriers, allowing customers to come to the scene like it, thereby increasing the marketing amount of merchants.

Private domain drainage

In addition, Hi live broadcast also has a major feature. The store can set the live broadcast code to its own public account QR code. In this way, users can automatically pay attention to the store’s own public account when they participate in the live broadcast to achieve drainage.

After the whole live broadcast, there is no need for special hosting the Internet celebrity to easily achieve the atmosphere of the live broadcast, and everyone can operate, simple and technical requirements. Here I wish everyone a perfect record at the May Day Promotion Festival!