In daily life, as long as you know how to match it, you can re -bloom, such as the grandma shirt on the bad street. This is reflected in the styling of many elegant women. Even if everyone has a grandma shirt, they can wear a good temperament.

For ordinary people, if we want to show their elegant and stylish temperament, we need to learn from the dress of elegant women. This spring is still an elegant woman wearing a “grandma shirt”. The four methods are simple and advanced, creating an explosive temperament!

1. Grandma shirt+jeans

If we want to shape the elegant and generous dressing style, then wearing a grandmother’s shirt is the most complicated, so it is recommended that you abandon all kinds of too tedious matching formulas and start with the basic model to create a sense of advanced, such as using grandma shirts and jeans.

Grandma shirt+jeans, all used in this method are basic models, so if you want to wear a sense of fashion, you need to pay attention to some careful machines. First of all, use some colorful grandma shirts to replace dark -colored grandma shirts, such as light pink, warm orange, wine red, or dark green, milk yellow, full of spring.

Secondly, the jeans must have the effect of creating a high waistline. Put the grandma’s shirt on the shoulders at will to shape the long legs and gentle.

Everyone wants to have a good figure, but not everyone. But it doesn’t matter, as long as we show our body advantages to the extreme, it is perfect in the eyes of the outside world.

At this time, you must choose high -waisted jeans that can show your body advantages and can show thin legs. For example, a slim bottoming shirt, T -shirt, small suspender, and shoulder vest are suitable. Connecting high -waisted small straight jeans or slit jeans or slit jeans, it is difficult to wear long legs!

Second, grandma shirt+small white pants

The method of pairing of grandma shirts+jeans focuses on shaping the casual and elegant spring look, and the grandma shirt+small white pants focuses on highlighting the high -level and refreshing temperament of middle -aged women themselves.

And compared with jeans, there are only a lot of benefits of small white pants. Pants can enhance the brightness of the overall shape, and small white pants are versatile and practical.


However, you need to choose white high -waisted white suit pants with straight tailoring, such as white high -waisted cigarette pipes and white high -waisted wide -leg pants.


This pair of partners tests our matching skills. Generally, the simpler the higher the level, so try to make the white system the main color in the shape. White pants are high and thin.


Or use a black grandma shirt with white high -waisted wide -leg trousers, upper black and white to interpret the high -level light custom.


Third, grandma shirt+jacket long skirt

There are very little items that are more practical than grandma shirts in spring. There are a lot of choices in the next method of dressing, which also means that the next style is a place that can “make a big article”.


Skirts are very beautiful and romantic and temperamental spring items, and most women will not miss it. If you don’t want to be too strenuous, and you want to make romance to the end, it is recommended that everyone with a long dress.


While using the all -in -one long skirt to create a high sense of sense, it adds a gentle atmosphere. Among them, the combination of light and dark, combination of complexity and simplification can make you more fashionable.

The solid color grandma shirt is relatively simple as a whole. Choosing some more spring -like colors can break the dullness.


However, if it is a fine and slim -fitting grandmother -style shirt style above, it is recommended to put on the shoulders at will to avoid the upper body.

Fourth, grandma shirt+half -body long skirt

Spring is the home of elegant and light custom. With grandma shirts and long skirts, you can show your own tenderness and intellectual atmosphere without energy.

However, grandma’s shirts are different, and we need to make corresponding adjustments according to the specific situation.

Loose grandma shirts like above, the distance between the large V -neck design is very necessary to lengthen the distance between the face and the grandmother.

The slim -fitting grandma shirt needs to choose a solid color model mainly based on the basic color system, such as black, gray or hidden blue, which is easier to be thinner on the upper body.


In addition, you should use a high waist -length skirt to raise the waistline position, showing long legs, with ears, necklaces, silk scarves, or cross -body bags, which is more fashionable.

Conclusion: No matter when you are, your grandmother is an important member of ordinary people in the spring wardrobe. Learn the four elegant women on the above.

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