2021 is the year when Ningde became the “King of Ning”. In Ningde, it was not only the world’s largest electric vehicle battery manufacturer, but also the third largest lithium battery producer in the world and China’s second largest lithium battery producer. It has an irreplaceable position in the domestic new energy battery field.


If there is any “legendary” color in Ningde era, it is from June 2018 to the IPO to list in June 2018, and in May 2021, it is almost a thunderbolt. The IPO issued price was only 25.14 yuan/share on the day, and the market value was only nearly 50 billion yuan. In addition, in the automotive industry, which has always been the king of the vehicle, spare parts companies are the first crown of weighing trillions of technology. Up to now, the market value of Ningde Times reached 1.52 trillion, exceeding China Life (market value of 846 billion), China Bank (market value of 900.8 billion), Wuliangye (market value 912.8 billion), Agricultural Bank of China (market value of 1.03 trillion), Ping An of China (market value 923.9 billion) ), CCB (market value of 1.46 trillion), China Merchants Bank (market value of 1.28 trillion), etc., ranked third in the entire A -share market, further brought closer to Moutai (market value 2.58 trillion) and ICBC (market value of 1.64 trillion). Essence

I have to say that in the past few years, the Ningde era was quite stable and sat firm in the new energy battery industry. The Ningde era, known as the “ten times bull stocks”, has also risen all the way. According to the latest release of the Hurun Rich List in 2021 and the 2021 Forbes Mainland China Rich List “, Zeng Yuqun successfully surpassed Ma Yun and Ma Huateng for 320 billion and 327.2 billion yuan, respectively. It also surpassed Li Jiacheng and Li Zhaoji to ask for the “Hong Kong Richest Man”, becoming the winner of the Forbes Rich List and Hurun Rich List.

In the Ningde era, this wealthy wheel was not only one Zeng Yuqun. Now there is a major shareholder gradually surfaced. He is Huang Shilin. Compared to Zeng Yuqun, Huang Shilin is a more typical engineer. He is more focused on technology research and development. If Zeng Yuqun compares Zeng Yuqun as the commander of the Ningde Times Corps, then Huang Shilin is the general who rushed in the front. Huang Shilin has always done the research and development of the battery management system, and is the soul figure of the battery control system in Ningde Times. Under his leadership, the company has achieved great success. At present Jaguar Land Rover, PSA, Volkswagen and Volvo, ideal, Weilai, Xiaopeng and many other car companies have been recognized by many car companies. s reason.

Like Zeng Yuqun, the reason for Huang Shilin’s wealth is also the stock price of Ningde Times. As of December 19, the total market value of Ningde Times was 1.52 trillion yuan. If the market value is calculated, the “two -headed” net worth will exceed 170 billion yuan. Wang Chuanfu, who follows BYD, surpassed Geely’s Li Shufu family, and sat on the fourth challenge of the energy industry. For Huang Shilin, he resolutely chose to follow Zeng Yuqun more than ten years ago to have today’s wealth stories. The editor specially sorted out Huang Shilin’s information for everyone as a role model for reference and learning. I also hope that he can continue to work hard, be a pioneer and model for the times, set a good example for the people and make more contributions to society.

So, who is Huang Shilin?

To sort out the past life of Huang Shilin, we found that he is a low -key technology entrepreneur. Huang Shilin, born in October 1967, is like Zeng Yuqun, Ningde, Ningde. He graduated from the Department of Applied Physics and Microelectronics Technology in the Department of Applied Physics of Hefei University of Technology. He is also a temporary character in the school. He is currently the vice chairman, director, and deputy general manager of Ningde Times New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., holding 261 million shares holding the Ningde Times New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., accounting for 11.20%of the total share capital, which is the second largest shareholder. On November 4, 2021, Huang Shilin ranked 15th in the “2021 Forbes List of Mainland China” for 147.5 billion yuan. If this list ranks according to the energy industry, Huang Shilin surpassed Geely’s Li Shufu family (144.3 billion) ranked 4th. In addition to Zeng Yuqun (327.2 billion) in front of him, there are two car guys, the Wei Jianjun family of Great Wall Motors (199.6 billion) and BYD’s Wang Chuanfu (151.3 billion).

Huang Shilin and Zeng Yuqun are not only fellows, but also high school classmates in Ningde No.1 Middle School. The two have established friendship since their youth. After graduating from high school, 17 -year -old Zeng Yuqun was admitted to the Department of Shipping Engineering of Shanghai Jiaotong University with the first outstanding achievement in the class; Huang Shilin was admitted to Hefei University of Technology and studied at the Department of Applied Physics semiconductor devices and microelectronics technology.

Among the college alumni of Huang Shilin, there is also one of the current in the photovoltaic industry. He is Cao Renxian, the founder and chairman of the world’s leading company Sunshine Power (300274). In the list, the big man ranked 47th with a net worth of 72.8 billion yuan, becoming the only entrepreneur on the list of Anhui Province.

After graduating from college, Zeng Yuqun was assigned to work in a state -owned enterprise in Fujian, and Huang Shilin returned to his hometown Ningde City, becoming a civil servant, and also lifted the “iron rice bowl”. Zeng Yuqun’s entrepreneurial story is widely known to the outside world. After resigning, he went to Dongguan alone and became a “wage earner” named Xinke Electric Plant. Two years later, Huang Shilin also resigned to the sea and joined Xinke. Since then, Huang Shilin has been the “best partner” of Zeng Yuqun, and the most indispensable person around the battery leader.

Since 2004, Huang Shilin, 37, officially began to contact the automotive battery industry. The development and industrialization of automotive power -type lithium -ion battery systems “achieved a complete success; at the age of 41, the team led the team to develop a power battery management system with active equilibrium functions, which has obtained a high reputation in the battery industry; 42 years old promoted to office at the age of 42 to appointment. Vice President of Dongguan Xinneng Technology Co., Ltd.; at the age of 43, he led the team to develop and design a large -scale energy storage battery system with high intelligence management capabilities. The project has become a national demonstration project; at the age of 44, he has embarked on a starting business journey and Zeng Yuqun. Investment has founded Ningde Times New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. as the general manager and director. It mainly produces lithium -ion batteries for electric vehicles and energy storage power stations to cooperate with the country to build a strong car country and smart grid strategy. Energy Technology Co., Ltd., as general manager and deputy chairman; 50 years old as the deputy chairman and deputy general manager of Ningde Times New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.; 51 -year -old promoted the Ningde Times to land in the Shenzhen Stock Exchange GEM IPO to knock on the bell, The market value of the first day of listing reached 78.6 billion yuan, and Huang Shilin’s net worth reached nearly 10 billion yuan. In the following three years, the stock price of Ningde Times flooded, and the market value continued to rise.


Classmates join hands with Ningde Office

Many people are familiar with the starting story of the Ningde era. In 2008, ATL management decided to formally establish a power battery team internally. In addition to Zeng Yuqun, there is also a key figure Huang Shilin. Huang Shilin is one of ATL veterans and was the deputy president of R & D in ATL. In addition to the development of consumer electronics batteries, Huang Shilin’s important job inside ATL is to develop the development of vehicle -powered power batteries and power battery management systems. In 2004, Huang Shilin participated in the “R & D and Industrialization of Automobile Power Lithium -ion Battery System” in the Guangdong -Hong Kong bidding project. But in the age of consumer electronics batteries fiercely and few new energy vehicles in the world, the nature of this work is more like scientific research. All this changed after 2008.


In 2011, Huang Shilin and Zeng Yuqun independently took the company’s power energy part. In Ningde, the Ningde era was established, and they once again embarked on the entrepreneurial journey. At the beginning of his founding, Ningde era was only an obscure small pawn in the battery industry. At the end of 2011, BMW, which had previously supplied by Samsung SDI, entered the Chinese market, looking for local battery supply partners, picked it up, and finally selected the Ningde era. In BMW’s view, ATL is an Apple mobile phone battery supplier, and Catl, which is born, also has the technical reserves and potential of becoming a qualified supplier.


For the Ningde era, there was such an opportunity at the beginning of the business. At that time, BMW provided a standard for production standards for all German power batteries about 800 pages, which made the Ningde era a little hesitant and worried that it was too complicated, but in the end, he chose to grit his teeth to overcome this difficulty. With Huang Shilin’s excellent technology, overcome technical difficulties, and give full play to the technical accumulation of ATL in the field of lithium battery, and achieve technological breakthroughs in the smaller and farther range of battery life.

Cooperation with BMW has benefited a lot in Ningde era. Not only improves the production and detection level of its own battery, it has also become the first power battery manufacturer in China to enter the joint venture car company. At the end of 2013, after the cooperation between Ningde Times and BMW was announced, domestic car manufacturers followed. Not only the number of new energy orders for passenger car companies, but also passenger car companies such as BAIC, Geely, and Changan have also selected Ningde Times as battery suppliers.

Since then, the Ningde era just stepped on the outbreak of my country’s new energy vehicles. After winning the cooperation orders such as Tesla and other auto companies, the Ningde Times became a battery supplier for new energy vehicle companies. In 2015, Ningde Times opened Series A financing, raising 3 billion yuan, and a post -investment valuation of 20 billion. In 2016, the Ningde Times opened the second round of foreign financing, raised 8 billion yuan, and the valuation after investment was 80 billion yuan. Since the beginning of the four years, the installation volume is the world’s first. This is the first time in the past 100 years, China has become a global leader in the key components in the automotive field. From 2018 to 2020, the share of Ningde Times in the domestic market basically maintained about half of it. Whenever new players now have new energy vehicle tracks or announced battery changes, the Ningde era was one of the focus of attention. In just a few years, the Ningde Times won overlords in the new energy power battery industry, which was chased by the heroes. This is not only related to the wind and talents, but also closely related to the planning of the enterprise.

In a data released by Sne Research, the installed capacity of global power batteries on electric vehicles in 2020 was 137GWh, of which the installed capacity of Ningde Times was 34GWH, accounting for 24.82%of the market share. “BYD, which is fourth, is fourth, with a installed capacity of 10GWh. This company that builds both batteries and cars is not enough for one -third of the installed capacity in Ningde Times.

In December 2021, the market value of Ningde Times exceeded 1.5 trillion. Behind this, the contribution of many technical R & D personnel is crucial. In the 2020 financial report of Ningde Times, the company had 5,592 research and development technical talents, including 127 doctors and 1382 masters.

40 years later, continue to win the rivers and lakes?


Established in Ningde Times in December 2011 and acquired Guangdong Bangpu Circle Technology in December 2013. In October 2015, it was officially renamed Ningde Times New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. Essence At present, there are a total of 72 holding subsidiaries and 56 holding companies.

When Huang Shilin worked at the Xinke Magnetic Electric Plant in Dongguan in his early years, he was a colleague with Zeng Yuqun. Since then, the two have often exchanged their ideas for entrepreneurship. Later, at the invitation of Zeng Yuqun’s entrepreneurial invitation, Dongguan New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (ATL) was founded, as the director of R & D and deputy president. With the efforts of the two, ATL did succeed, but at that time, some investors chose to cash out. In order to continue the operation, ATL had to introduce a large number of venture capital, which led to the decline in the shareholding ratio of the founding team. In the end, primitive investors sold their equity to Japan TDK Group. However, this entrepreneurial experience also gained a lot of valuable industry experience to Zeng Yuqun and Huang Shilin.


According to Huang Shilin, at the beginning of the establishment of the Ningde era, the goal of setting the business was a power battery and the other was an energy storage battery. It was just that there was no national policy guidance and encouragement, and the development of energy storage was slightly slower than the power battery. In the past ten years, the industry’s exploration of energy storage technology and operating models has actually been carried out. At present, from the perspective of the company, the bottleneck of the energy storage industry is no longer technical and cost, but in the mechanism. As a global power battery leader, Ningde Times has already entered the track, and has continuously won multiple large energy storage projects with its scale and brand advantages. Internet comprehensive, Yongfu Co., Ltd., Nebula Co., Ltd., Kesta, Yiste, and many powerful energy storage partners. Energy storage business has become the second largest growth engine outside the Ningde era. In 2020, its energy storage business sales revenue increased by 218.56%year -on -year, which was also the second largest source of revenue outside the secondary power battery business.

As the largest cost of electric vehicles, power battery is known as the “heart” of new energy vehicles. But compared to the vehicle brand, it is not concerned about the public after hiding in the industry. Even from 2017 to 2020, the first throne of the global new energy power battery was steadily settled in the world for four consecutive years. As a new industrial track, the new energy vehicle industry chain includes top -level technology, upstream materials end, midstream core device components, and downstream vehicle and automotive aftermarkets, and involves multiple cross industries and fields. Among them, power batteries are one of the key breakthrough fields of China’s new energy vehicle industry chain, and it has also become an important resource for major car companies to compete. At present, power batteries have taken the lead in the global market with their mature industrial foundation and perfect supply chain.


Existing data show that in the first eight months of this year, the global market share of Ningde Times reached 30.3%, ranking first. Moreover, the installed capacity of power batteries in Ningde Times ranked first in the world for four consecutive years. In the first three quarters of this year, Ningde Times revenue and net profit attributable to their mother achieved 73.362 billion yuan and 7.751 billion yuan, respectively, not only more than 2020 revenue and net profit, but also increased by 132.73%and 130.90%year -on -year, respectively. 2017-2020 has been significantly improved, and the data is more eye-catching. The Ningde Times released the third quarter of the 2021 report. The financial report data showed that the third quarter of the Ningde Times achieved operating income of 29.29 billion yuan, an increase of 130.73%year -on -year. Net profit was 3.27 billion yuan, an increase of 130.2%year -on -year. In the first three quarters, the Ningde Times achieved operating income of 73.36 billion yuan, an increase of 132.7%year -on -year. Net profit was 7.75 billion yuan, an increase of 130.9%year -on -year.

Huang Shilin’s prediction of the development of the Chinese market is that on the energy production side, the overall configuration of photovoltaic and wind storage power stations, and power storage energy storage is expected to reach 30GWH/year by 2025; In the year, Chinese electric vehicles accounted for at least 50%of the penetration rate of total vehicle sales. In Ningde Times, eight major wholly -owned production bases have been planned, and Fujian, Sichuan, Guangdong, Qinghai and even Germany have a total planning capacity of over 500GWh. Considering the current asset capacity, the production capacity planning of Ningde Times is 600GWh to 650GWh, and planning capacity in global battery companies is far ahead. The betting that the huge investment is that the power battery market will grow at high speed. Some institutions predict that the global installation volume can reach 850GWh in 2025, and the corresponding market space can reach 600 billion yuan.

It is worth mentioning that on August 4, 2021, Guoxin Securities Analysts published a research report entitled “The Deep Report of Ningde Times-Energy Storage Articles: The Second” Growth Curve “research report.

In the report, analysts said that the energy storage business may become the second growth curve of the Ningde era, and boldly predicts the revenue performance of the Ningde Times in 2060. It is conservatively expected that its 2060 revenue center is 171.4 billion yuan, and the corresponding market value space is 428.5 billion. Yuan, occupying 15%-25%of the market share.

In Huang Shilin’s view, the next -generation new -type photovoltaic inspection station will use urban distributed photovoltaic energy to charge electric vehicles with energy storage devices to truly realize the use environment for zero emissions. Although the Ningde era has been trillive, the global new energy market is booming. Whether Huang Shilin and Zeng Yuqun can lead the Ningde Times to continue to win the rivers and lakes, we wait and see.


Entering the era of intelligence and electrification, whether it is a car company or a battery manufacturer represented by the Ningde era, China finally has the opportunity to overtaking in the field of power battery. The pinnacle of the power battery on the Ningde Times really brought Ningde into a new era, and many Ningde people were brought into a better era.

Behind these is Huang Shilin and Zeng Yuqun’s search in the battery industry for nearly 20 years. They are good at observing the situation, two nodes of consumer lithium battery and automobile power batteries twice to start a business, stepping on the history of history, creating one brilliant one after another.

The road of growth in the Ningde era cannot be copied, but it can be used for reference. It is hoped that the majority of entrepreneurs can also understand from the story of this big man, so that their careers will be improved, and the next level can be improved.