(Correspondent Cui Cui Rong Media Reporter Wang Rong) Recently, after a professional institution, a group of leather products seized by the Xinshengyu Customs of Nanjing Customs in the immigration personnel are the animal leather products of the climbing outline species. Wildlife products.

It is reported that when the Xinshengyu Customs Customs was inspected on the luggage of the immigration personnel, it was found that it was illegally carried 2 suspected crocodile leather wallets and 1 belt, and the weight was 920 grams. After the sample identification, it is recognized as a species of crawler species. Crocodile species belong to the listing species of the International Trade Convention on Endangered Wild and Plant species (CITES “(CITES), and implement the management of endangered species in import and export. At present, customs have been treated further in accordance with the law.

Customs reminds: According to the “Wildlife Protection Law of the People’s Republic of China” and “International Trade Convention on Endangered Wildlife and Plants”, in addition to the legal holding of the “Allow Import and Export Certificate”, it is forbidden to trade, carry, and mail precious and rare wild vitality Plant species and products enter and exit, and the circumstances that seriously constitute crimes will be investigated for criminal responsibility in accordance with the law.

Source: Nanjing Daily