Hosted by the Guangdong Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology (referred to as the “Provincial Industry and Information Department”) and hosted by the 2021 “Special Special New” Winter Product Conference in the 2021 New Winter Products (“New Winter Product Conference” of the Guangdong Economic Science and Education Channel of Southern Finance and Economics Group (for short ) It is grandly held in Guangzhou.

Twenty new products from the five major areas of high -end equipment manufacturing, emerging information industries, biomedical, new materials, energy conservation and environmental protection (referred to as “five major areas”) have been fiercely competitive, stood out from the preliminary review and review of the two rounds of screening.


Guangdong Danyuan Oasis Food Safety Technology Co., Ltd. developed “heavy metal lead cadmium fast detection box in aquatic products”

It is one of the 20 shortlisted products.

This product is simple and convenient,


15 minutes can complete the pre -sample processing and machine detection


; Fill the industry gap. This product solves problems such as complex processing, long detection time, high cost, and detection in professional laboratories before the traditional heavy metal detection method. The products can Export enterprises, customs entrance and exit, environmental monitoring and other fields. This product can control the instrument detection through the mobile APP, and can be used in households, restaurants, restaurants, school cafeterias and other units. Through the rapid detection of heavy metals in this product, it is of great significance to solve the problem of heavy metal pollution of aquatic products.