Generally speaking, natural crystal hardness is high: Mo’s hardness is 7.0, which is difficult to process. Therefore, most of the products called Crystal Cup are actually crystal glass products, which are closer to natural crystal products in the proportion, transparency, and clear sense. Since it is glass, it must be different from natural crystals. Under the polarizer, the former appears full light, and the latter will have a unique beef eye interference map.

1. The history of the crystal cup

Before the 13th century

The glass products used by people are opaque or translucent. Later, the Venetian people produced the earliest colorless transparent glass with quartz rock and sodium -containing grass, named Crystallo. Its ingredients are similar to modern commonly used glass composition -sodium and silicon glass, which is the general glass used today.

After the 13th century

The Bohemians use higher -quality quartz rocks and potassium carbonate -containing plant ash to produce glass with higher transparency and refractive index, called Crystalex, similar to today’s potassium calcium silicon glass. Later, the ingredients were improved, and sodium oxide and boron oxide were added with a density of 2.444g/cm3 and a refractive index of 1.50002.

1670 years

The British Ravenscript found that adding lead dioxide in the glass system can reduce the viscosity of the melting point, the length of the material, the forming of the formation is easy, and the refractive index and the scatteredness are even greater.


Established in Pakara, France, it began to promote the production of crystal glass containing 24%of lead, called all lead crystals.

懂酒的你 是否明白水晶杯与玻璃杯是怎样区分吗?


Swarovski was established and used glass products with a lead of up to 32%of lead, such as various imitation gems.


The Czech Republic invented lead crystals, such as zinc crystals, 锆 crystals, etc. In modern times, there are 、 crystals, 锆 crystals, zinc crystals, titanium crystals, and mixed crystals.

How to distinguish between “Crystal Wine Cup” and “Glass glass”?

The crystal cup is also a cup. The main ingredient is silicon dioxide, but it is introduced to lead, pupa, zinc, titanium and other substances. Because this glass has high transparency and refractive index, its external sightseeing is clean and crystal, so it is called crystal glass. The crystal cup body is made of high -end crystal glass by superb technology processing, and the high -temperature firing process of 640 ° C in Celsius is used to achieve the critical point of crystal glass melting. The momentary change of hot and cold, explosion -proof and cracking, non -tail vacuum, high transparency, strong crystal, abrasion resistance and other characteristics, crystal clear, elegant and generous.

2. Why choose a crystal cup?

1. Clear clearer

The light transmittance of the crystal cup is good. The cup created by such materials is good for the refraction of light, and it looks very pleasing to the eye when tasting.

2. Lighter

懂酒的你 是否明白水晶杯与玻璃杯是怎样区分吗?

The hardness of the crystal cup is high, the cup is enough, and the cup wall can be made very thin. The entire cup is very light. When tasting, both men and women can easily and elegantly lift the wine glass to drink.

3. More crispy

Drinking a cup is a common habit of wine tasting, and the sound of the crystal cup is more loud and crisp than the glass.

懂酒的你 是否明白水晶杯与玻璃杯是怎样区分吗?

4. More incense

The wall wall of the crystal cup is composed of many small cuts, which is easier to leave the aroma of wine in the cup.

5. Bart -up faster

The micro -surface structure of the crystal is not as smooth and flat as the glass. This structure gives the wine more in contact with the air and accelerate the oxidation process of the wine. You can accelerate sober when drinking.

3. How to distinguish the crystal cup and glass?

Appearance feel can be distinguished: Buying crystal glass tables can distinguish glass, lead crystal glass, and lead -free crystal glass through sound, feel, and appearance. Crystal glass containers are divided into two types: lead -free crystal glass and lead -containing crystal glass. Because the color, texture, and gloss of ordinary glass are not ideal. Adding lead ingredients to the glass can increase the discount rate of the glass. It looks like crystal, so it is called crystal glass. Some shapes of various shapes, crystal glass, crystal lamps, etc. Made. In the EU standard, the crystal glass is divided into three types: lead, medium lead and high lead. The leading leader of the mid -lead glass reaches 24%; the lead oxide content of high lead glass reaches 36%. If the crystal glass container is produced in accordance with the EU standards, no matter which product and how many lead contains, there are strict regulations internationally, which should be safe for the human body. However, due to the lack of standards in my country, it cannot exclude the randomness produced by individual manufacturers, and the quality of product quality is difficult to guarantee.

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