PART1, Tatami cushion is good? What is the thickness of the tatami floor? How to match the tatami floor mat?


1. What is the tatami floor mat?

Japanese tatami style, feel and size are similar to Chinese straw single -person mats. But it is not like a mat in summer just like a mat, but it is inseparable from the floor -shaped shadow all year round. “Battle” and “carpets” let men get used to sitting on their legs as soon as they enter the door, letting women kneel on the floor.

Tatami uses “sitting on the ground” and “knelt on the ground”, strictly distinguish between men and women in a specific space, and partnered with their own golden partners -unique to free pull gates in Japanese rooms hold hands. Lianhe, a unique landscape was drawn to show a charming national custom scroll in front of the world.

Second, what kind of material is good for tatami ground?

Tatami floor mat is a kind of furniture on the ground for people to sit or lie on the floor. Fix it on the floor. People walk barefoot on it, flat but not slippery. Hot, both clean and comfortable. Tatami pads are softer than wooden floor and harder than mattresses. Soft and hard, natural and healthy, and very healthy and environmentally friendly. There are many types of tatami, so which material is good for tatami ground?

The material of the tatami seat surface is divided into gardenia noodles and paper mats. Relatively speaking, the grass surface is better. It is suitable for bedrooms and unused rooms. The strong level of paper is better and has a waterproof function, suitable for children, and rooms with high frequency.


At present, in addition to the most common straw cores in the market, there are some materials that consumers do not know much, such as non -woven cores, palm cores, wooden fiber plates, and so on. Non -woven fabric is an environmentally friendly degradable material, and the tatami core is a stacked woven and has a more stable effect. Therefore, the tatami of the non -woven core tatami is not easy to deform and flat. According to Mr. Jiang, the person in charge of the tatami, the most popular in the southern market is the grass pad of palm cores. On the one hand, it is more warm and environmentally friendly.

Tatami in the inner layer of natural yarn and straw wheat stalks is the most afraid of moisture. After the moisture, it is easy to grow. Therefore, it is more particular about it. The first is to keep the windows open regularly and keep dry. The second is that once the small worms are found, you can use vinegar to boil water and salt to synthesize the “insecticidal solution”. Use a towel to dip the “insecticidal solution” and screw it repeatedly. It is better to persist for a few days after all the worms disappear.

In addition, when the sun is sufficient, open the ventilation and dry the back. If the mold is found, the mildew is cleaned with a diluted acetic acid with a dry cloth. The moldy tatami will be slightly yellowed and will not affect its normal use.

Tatami can show the maximum space within the minimum, so many families like to use tatami. What kind of material is good for tatami ground, it varies from person to person.

Third, tatami pad thickness

The thickness of the tatami is (55, 50, 45, 40, 35) mm. It is often used 50mm, 35mm, and the price is different due to thickness and different planes. The ingredients on the tatami are the plants and imported edges, and in the middle are sterilized straw plus wormwood.


The matching knowledge of tatami pad


Japanese -style tatami and room decoration, fresh, natural, without complex furniture and exaggerated accessories. Pushing doors, tatami, barrier paper, a few shorts, or friends who have a friend, or under the lights, or take a nap in the spare time. The decoration of the room is quite particular. The materials of the barrier door, Fushema, and tatami are extremely difficult to imitate and buy. Many people who want to decorate the Japanese style and the room have encountered this problem.

The method of paving tatami is also very particular. Generally, according to the area of ​​the living room, there are “field” fonts, “well” fonts and symmetrical methods. Among them, the “field” font is the most typical. It is understood that in the traditional decoration of Japan, the area of ​​the room should be consistent with the number and area of ​​the tatami. Of course, the current commercial house cannot be so precise. In this way, it is necessary to measure the area when laying, and make a good plan. When encountering irregular corners that are unavoidable, the manufacturer can be cut and customized.

Because tatami is a dirty seat, it is inevitable that the color is single, but there are many colorful colors to choose from. Generally speaking, there are mostly blue tatami in public places such as restaurants, while the family uses purple -red or turquoise tatami in the family.

PART2, how to distinguish the quality of tatami pads? How to choose high -quality tatami floor mats?

1. Tatami padding method

Before choosing a tatami pad, the first thing to do is to identify the material and quality of the tatami pad.


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Next, teach you a few ways to distinguish the quality of tatami pads. Consumers can choose their favorite cushions based on these methods.

1. Appearance: Those who are flat and upright are good, and those who are loose and soft.


2. Surface: green, tight and uniform, and tightly tight, with both hands to the middle without more than more than no more than in the middle; yellow, with jumping grass, 5 inches pushing the seat surface with hands, and creases.

3. Mats: At the coat of the straw mat, the “Ya” sewing is uniform, and those with sharp edges and corners are better;

4. Bringing edges: Uniform needles and beige Villar threads are sewn, and the edges and corners are as good as the blade;

5. Back: There are waterproof lining paper at the bottom of the blue, beige Villar wire, no needle jump head head, and the ventilators are uniform; the bottom is not lining, white polyester line, and seconds.

6. Thickness: The thickness of the upper and lower left and right is the same thickness, and the hardness is equal;


7, inferior tatami: there is a layer of white mud chlousal, rough on the surface and easy to fade; the filling of the filling is not in place, resulting in the internal dust and sediment of ginseng and sediment in the straw mats;

Second, tatami pad selection skills

Choosing a tatami pad can be analyzed from the following three aspects:

1. Smelling taste: Because the materials of the tatami pad are mostly made of natural materials such as light -colored wood, bamboo branches, and straw mats. Whether environmental protection can only smell it carefully.

2. Touch the surface: Whether the floor pad is durable and whether the surface is smooth. If it is a bit rough, it is easy to wear and reduce the duration of the product.

3. Look at the material: The material of the floor mat is easy to distinguish. As long as you tear the fiber with your hands, you can see what material is made.

PART3, tatami pad cleaning and maintenance skills

Tatami needs to be cleaned frequently because of its own material problems.

Next, let me tell you the cleaning and maintenance method of tatami cushion. You may wish to protect the tatami at home with referring to this method.

1. Maintenance of tatami pads

1. Flip the floor pads regularly and shake the sand.

2. Use a vacuum cleaner to absorb the dust between the surface of the floor and the fiber gap.


3. Clean the floor and wipe them.

Second, cleaning of tatami pads

1. Use high water pressure water pipes to clean, it is best to use water at 40 degrees of water to clean. You can use a neutral cleaner appropriately. Do not use acid and alkali cleaner to clean, because it will accelerate the aging of the ground pad.

2. Dry and keep dry.

PART4, beautiful tatami decoration renderings

After reading the relevant knowledge of tatami pads, if you like it, refer to it

The beautiful pictures of the tatami decoration shared, and the decoration of your home also decorates one.

Tatami decoration renderings


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The editor summarized all the content of the tatami cushion. After learning the knowledge of tatami, the owners can rest assured to install the tatami. If you want to learn more about it, please continue to pay attention to us


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Tatami decoration renderings

Tatami decoration renderings

Tatami decoration renderings

Tatami decoration renderings