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For those who love tea, tea tasting is a sense of ritual, so various tea sets at home should be all available. In addition to the commonly used tea makeup appliances, such as tea cabinets can be used to store tea sets and cooking tea soup supplies, it is also necessary to use a full tea to taste more charm.

As the most important part of Chinese culture, the design of many tea sets is inseparable from the blessing of Chinese elements. Take tea cabinets, as an important storage appliance for tea sets, it is usually made of an elegant style of oriental temperament. Such a tea set storage cabinet is supplemented by the puppets, which can not only enjoy the comfort brought by the tea soup in the traditional cultural atmosphere, but also the perison of Chinese tea culture.

Although the tea cabinet is only a small utensil in the tea space, the functionality it carries cannot be underestimated.

A reasonable design of tea cabinets can not only make a reasonable scientific science stored in various tea and tea sets, but also very convenient when cooking tea soup. It can be used as a storage furniture, but also used as a mobile tea table. It is organized by boiling water and brewing tea wells. With the tea cabinet, it will make the tee process more calm and elegant.

Drinking tea itself is an elegant thing. Choosing the right tea cabinet can double this fun. This new Chinese -style tea cabinet has flexible storage space. The table can also be placed on the table, and the kettle can also be placed. The bucket of making tea can be placed at the bottom. It is very convenient to use.


Chinese fence door, meticulous polishing


When choosing, the tea cabinet must not only meet the modern practical functions, but also meet the charm of traditional tea tasting. Therefore, it is most suitable to choose a new Chinese style cabinet. This tea cabinet is made of a combination of Chinese fence elements and modern practical needs. The exquisite fence door makes the storage air breathable and very beautiful. The cabinets are well polished, and the hairless texture is good. The four corners also adopt a rounded arc design. In this way, no matter whether you raise your hand or get items, you will not touch it. It is very safe and intimate. In addition, the cabinet legs also use inner concave line design, which is more agile and natural.

Large -capacity storage, classification science

The most practical design of this tea cabinet lies in its storage space. The bottom uses a large -capacity storage design, and the interior has different formats. Maximizing the use of space design makes the storage classification and storage more reasonable and scientific. The bottom also uses a hidden small drawer design, which can be used to place debris such as tea sets to solve the storage problem of fragmented tea.


Tenon -tenon structure, stable and durable

The appearance of the Chinese style is continued in appearance. It is also made of the most classic tenon -and -mortise -spelling method in Chinese wooden structures in the production production. The tea cabinet created by such a process is more stable and durable as a whole, and the structure is very stable. At the same time, because it is not suitable for glue, etc., it avoids pollution such as formaldehyde in the synthetic, safe and healthy.


Natural solid wood creation, strong and durable

The most typical raw material in Chinese furniture is solid wood. This tea cabinet is also made of natural solid wood. You can choose North American black walnut or white wax wood. It is more stable and solid, and at the same time, it has a very strong bearing capacity, and it is not easy to crack and deform for a long time.

The track is also made of solid wood slide rails. Without the troubles of metal slide rails, the more use and smoother. The surface of the cabinet is sprayed with wood wax oil, which fully cares for the wood, and makes the wood texture clearer and more beautiful. The luster of the surface of the cabinet is stronger. Such materials and spraying processes ensure the environmental performance of the product and fully reflect the healthy life concept.

Burning the stone panel, thick and hot


Because boiling tea is mostly boiling water, there are relatively high requirements for the creation of the tea cabinet. If it is used in solid wood for a long time, it is very vulnerable to moisture. The large panel of this tea cabinet is forged by the entire fire burning stone material. The panel is thick and high -temperature resistant. The texture of the material surface is natural and delicate. After the surface of the fire burning stone is applied to the waterproof coating, even if the water overflows, it will not affect the tea cabinet. Just use a rag to gently wipe it.


The constant temperature is automatically burned, convenient and practical

The biggest feature of the tea cabinet is to combine the whole tea process into one, from roasted water to brewing tea.


The kettle of this tea cabinet has a three -grade constant temperature design, which can meet the temperature needs of different tea drinks. At the same time, the kettle is used for frequency conversion design, which can also be used to burn water and disinfection. There is also a bucket space on the left side of the cabinet, which can accommodate 18.9L barrel water. The integrated water and boil water can be completed, which is very convenient and practical.

Such a tea cabinet can not only be used to place tea for tea, but also used as a mobile tea room.


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