In this warm season, bid farewell to the black and white gray in winter, and there must be a color that jumps like spring on the fingertips!

ETUDE HOUSE Alle House nail polish

武装到指甲  指甲油推荐

I believe everyone should be familiar with this brand. In addition to those cosmetics, its nail polish is also very good. In addition, it can persist for a long time. If you have patience, apply a few more layers to look better!


The nail polish of their family accidentally saw it when they were shopping at Taobao, and its packaging was particularly beautiful. Its color is also particularly good, because it has that shiny sequins. In addition, it cannot be particularly durable. It can only be said to be ordinary. It can be deducted. If you want to stay long, don’t choose this brand.

Innisfree nail polish

To say this, not only its color number is very rich, but also has a lot of styles. Xiaobian’s roommates also like it very much, I believe many people also have Amway! By the way, their nail polish is relatively easy to deduct, and the durability is not very high.

武装到指甲  指甲油推荐

Sasatinnie Salsa nail polish

There are really many nail polish in their family. The whole counter is not visible at all. There are also gifts in gifts. It is really suitable for gifts.

武装到指甲  指甲油推荐

CLIO nail polish

武装到指甲  指甲油推荐

There is no irritating taste, the color is very beautiful. The nail polish of this brand is very beautiful in hand, and it has another characteristic, that is, its taste is fragrant! Many friends know that most of the nail polish has a smell of smell, but this is not the same. And they have a gradient nail polish, which is very good.

Sweet color nail polish

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Sweet Color’s environmental protection nail polish, from the French fashion experience, integrates with fashion with the concept of environmental protection, so Sweet Color was born, which not only flows the purity of the Seine River, but also exudes the trend of the Champs. The favorite is that they have a pink star sequin, and it is naturally painted in their hands. There is no abrupt! In addition, nail polish in their homes do not have any toxic substances and are particularly environmentally friendly, so do not need to worry about health issues. And the durability is really high, it can persist for a long time and it is not easy to remove.