It is said that there is a good clothes as well as a pair of good shoes. For small girls, boots and high heels are definitely a must -have weapon for our growth, but in daily life, we will also tend to be more comfortable and more versatile. shoe. How to be comfortable and fashionable, start with a pair of “loose cake sneakers”!

The comfortable and convenient sneakers are not only dedicated to fitness or jogging. In the past, I felt that sports shoes were only a product of tall children, but in recent years, “small children” also put on sports shoes. Sweeping the street trend, whether it is easy and casual, or the sharp white -collar dress, with a pair of sneakers is a new style of ingenuity.

However, some small girls do not touch sports shoes too much, and they tend to choose high heels to modify the proportion. But in fact, sneakers also have choices that can make their legs look slender without exhausting their legs. Just like today’s “loose cake sneakers” of fashion people, they can directly lengthen the proportion of the figure and give you unexpected comfort.

[Know the “Song Cake Sports Shoes”]


The emergence of loose cake shoes can be traced back to the design of Salvatoreferragamo in the 1930s. Due to the unstable political situation in Italy at that time, the supply of raw materials became tense. Use other materials instead, and the thick soles of water pine are born.


Until the 1970s, people’s nervousness recovered from post -war, and the fashion industry began to flourish. Puffed shoes became a must -have in the shoe cabinet of the men’s tide women in the 1970s. After the expansion -style popularity in the 1970s, for a long time, none of the puffing cake shoes appeared again. Until the 21st century, the brand that loved the Bohemian style once again brought the puffy cake shoe to the show … The designs of all brain holes have also begun to talk about the elements of loose cake shoes on the sneakers.

Especially in the recent fashionable retro style, loose cake sneakers are a iconic retro item. It is no longer a terrible funny style in the eyes. After adding many fashionable designs, more and more fashion people are more and more fashionable people. Starting to fall in love with it!


[Choose loose cake sneakers according to “style”]

Don’t think that the sneakers of loose cakes are only extended to the height ratio. It is likely to match the unlimited combination. If you choose the style that suits you, it will be very popular with its fashion!


1. Leisure wind


Presumably, you love to wear sports shoes. You love to dress casually. It not only has the taste of leisure sports, but also specially fashionable. With arbitrarily choosing a sweater and jeans, you can display your taste. The design of the loose cake can increase your height. The color can be biased towards the light color system. Small people can play sportswear properly!

2. Girl Wind

With the feelings of girls, you must be worried that sports shoes will weaken the sense of girls. In fact, loose cake sports shoes can also control all kinds of skirts and pink controls that are full of girls.


A pair of loose cake shoes stretching your girl’s legs, accidentally more youthful. There are also some clever and thoughtful ways to choose some loose cake sneakers with contrasting design. This design can effectively improve the sense of girls. It looks young and lively, and also enhances the overall design sense and fashion. The legs can also show their legs more slender, showing a thin and small girl with a sense of vision.

3. Personal style

Sports shoes can still interpret you with a full personality. How can people who like their own style lack a pair of interesting “loose cake sneakers”? Wearing the most fashionable elements, it is completely okay to control the sneakers of loose cakes. Its height can also effectively enhance your sense of fashion.

If you want to be more personalized, you can learn from European and American people who love to wear a short -haired short top. Simply match a pair of high -waist pants and a pair of cool loose cake sneakers to make the shape control and emphasize.


4. Elegant wind

Light -cooked girls like elegance, because of the height, they must be inseparable from high heels. Pine cake sneakers are simply prepared for the small man. You can choose a white model and can be versatile in any elegant skirt in your wardrobe.

It is said that sports shoes show thick legs, but with the height of puffy cake, it is not afraid of long legs. You can wear a dress that you feel elegant, or a serious shirt, the upper body continues to keep your elegant curve, the loose cake shoes are the finishing touch, which can pull out your aura as a whole, so that people cannot ignore its existence.