I believe the girls must have loved the food of matcha. After the matcha entrance, it will bring a rich flavor of endless aftertaste. It has the aroma of tea. No matter what food made by it, it will be very sweet and delicious. Xiaobian has always liked Matcha very much, and collected all kinds of foods made by it. Then I will introduce them one by one. I believe you will like it.

This cookie biscuits combine matcha with cranberries. The large particles of cranberries are dried with dried cranberries and a strong Japanese -style matcha powder and fresh eggs. The selected raw materials make each piece very delicious. Made by butter, the taste is very fragrant and full of milk. The seductive matcha fragrance will make you unforgettable and bring you easy and leisurely enjoyment.

Buka matcha cranberry flavor cookie cookies


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This matcha biscuits can be said to be the best in the supermarket before. It is a small packaging. It is very convenient to carry. There are four different flavors randomly, but of course the best food is matcha. Good biscuits must be used for raw materials. The natural selection of materials produces such a mellow and rich matcha flavor. The biscuits are sweet and crispy. The rich flavor is intoxicating, and it tastes more crispy and soft.

Faliz Bulk Matcha Cookie Biscuits

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The taste of this sandwich Browni is very delicate and smooth as a whole, called “gentle Browni”. Choose high -level Japanese Uji matcha, Belgian chocolate, French president butter and Tatula Australia cheese, and matcha bitterness with the fragrance of cheese sandwiches, so that the wonderful taste is perfectly integrated together, giving you unique unique unique unique unique unique and unique unique unique unique and unique unique and unique unique and unique unique and unique unique and unique unique and unique unique unique and unique unique unique and unique unique unique and unique unique and unique unique unique and unique unique and unique unique unique and unique unique and unique unique and unique unique and unique unique and unique unique and unique uniqueness enjoy.

Matcha sandwich browni cakes


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This mousse cake combines matcha and chestnuts, and matcha enthusiasts must not be missed. The rich matcha taste, light bitterness and sweetness, use New Zealand’s milk fat cream, matcha powder on Jeju Island, Japan, and Huairou chestnuts. However, in order to ensure the freshness of the cake, only some cities can be supplied, and inquire in detail to ask the store to place an order in advance in order to enjoy this cake.

Matcha chestnut mousse cake

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This Xue Mei Niang has many flavors to choose from. Girls who like matcha choose the flavor of matcha cheese, choose pure whipped cream, the milk flavor is rich and delicate, the entrance is melted, and it does not contain trans fatty acids. The sweetness is low. Girls don’t have to worry about getting fat. Pure handmade, thin and tender bomb, fresh and delicious, without any additives, children and old people of children can eat.

Handmade matcha cheese cake Xue Mei Niang


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Taiwan is really the hometown of nougat. This nougat is carefully cooked by a Taiwanese master for more than 30 years. Sweet fusion. The fragrance of milk fragrance and the crispy you have seen, this sincere matcha flavored nougat will definitely make you eat a dreamy happiness.

Taiwan flavor matcha flavor handmade nougat

All the previous introductions are eaten, so let’s drink it. This milk tea has a very mellow mouth and a pleasant aroma. It only needs to drink water and drink, which is convenient and fast, and there is no need to add other things. Many milk tea on the market is picked out by matcha fragrance. It will use very strong aroma without precipitation. This milk tea is grinded out of the real green tea, so there will be a small amount of matcha powder to precipitate after brewing.


Matcha flavor fast milk tea powder green tea powder


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Seeing so many matcha flavors, have saliva flowing out, but Xiaobian feels that I have smelled the rich aroma of matcha! In a sunny afternoon, rush a cup of milk tea, and then accompanied by matcha crispy and soft cookies or sweet and delicious matcha mousse. Come and enjoy the beautiful afternoon tea time.

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