Your air purifier may not be as good as a mask. Do you know?

The air purifier brand on the market is really dazzling. If it is not good, it may not be as good as a mask. A friend will ask: Whether the purifier originated from abroad, it is a bit reliable, but the question is that the air of foreign air is so good. The focus of their home purifier is basically filtering pollen and large particles. formaldehyde. The domestic air purifier is very familiar with the air pollution of the country, but now the various brands are beeping, and they are in a price war. They are speculative in terms of cost and quality. The effect shrinks too seriously; who dares to guarantee that the plastic shell is not guaranteed that the hospital is not an abandoned plastic, it releases harmful gases in itself; the motor seems very dynamic, but the interior is very fragile, and it will fail in a period of time. What’s more serious, there are various concepts, saying some technologies that are very foreign but not understanding, you don’t discuss.

In fact, the air purifier is not a very mysterious thing. Huangming solar energy is also an air purifier. However, can Huang Ming’s plastic shell, filter and motor be guaranteed by the air purifier?

Then let’s look at what is the hot solar energy on the top of the building now? Whose three or five years later is it easy to use? It is Huang Ming; who is nothing after seven or eight years? It is Huang Ming; who can still use it in more than ten years? Still Huang Ming! For so many years, Huang Ming pushed himself and resisted the inferior low -cost trend of the entire industry. The old man Huang Ming said- “Even if one can’t be sold, he is out of his family, and Huang Ming’s last product cannot be pitted!” “Who wants to use the quality to exchange sales, unless I die from my body! “With such a hard -to -force boss, do you still worry about the product problem? Intersection


If you use this kind of energy to make an air purifier, do you still worry that he will shrink on the filter element and motor?

Xiaobian, are you Huang Ming? That’s right, I am Huang Ming, but do I say that these are facts and make sense? I only knew the catfulls in this trip. Some of my family members were flickered and infringed by many bad merchants. I told me that I must tell you these and hope that friends who saw them could tell my family.