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“Hello everyone, welcome everyone to our live room.” On the day of Double Eleven, the anchors of Fancun, Ziling Town were bringing goods under the spotlight. In order to earn a lot of money.

Fancun, Ziling Town, Qinyang City, has been engaged in the processing of rubber band headdress for some years. In addition to traditional e -commerce sales, it also uses the current popular live broadcast and cargo to face the “Double Eleven”. The village collectively increased the income, and the villagers became rich.

In the headdress industry park exhibition hall of Fancun Village, Ziling Town, Qinyang City, six categories, more than 500 varieties, and more than 3,000 styles of rubber bands are dazzling, and they are prepared for the “Double Eleven” Fancun people. The source of the source, through the “traditional e -commerce and live broadcast” method, allows the “small and beautiful” products produced by their hometown to insert the wings of “flying out” and exported to all parts of the world.

“Through e -commerce operations, our live broadcast is relatively mature. In general, we bring the goods thousands of orders per day. During the” Double Eleven “period, our current sales exceeded 10,000 orders per day.” Zhang Tianliang, Secretary of the Party Branch of Zhenfan Village and Director of the Village Committee.

Fancun, Ziling Town, Qinyang City, has appeared in the first generation of headdress in 1978. After more than 40 years of development, Fancun currently has more than 20 operators who specialize in headdress processing. Do head jewelry sales.

Since the construction of Fancun’s head jewelry industrial park in 2019, mechanized production in the park has replaced traditional handmade rubber bands. Some companies have used automated CNC machines to produce small rubber bands, and the output has increased year by year. As of November 2021, Fancun’s headdress Industrial Park produced more than 5,000 tons of rubber band ornaments, with a total output value of more than 200 million yuan. With the rise of live broadcasts, Fancun began to explore this new sales model. While realizing the collective income of the village, it also led more villagers to achieve employment at the door.

“I’m Sister Xiaoli. Today, I am a head rope manufacturer to bring a lot of new products to the family members who come to the live broadcast room. The categories are sent directly from our side. Where are we here? Fancun, Ziling Town, Qinyang, Jiaozuo, Henan … “

This proficient and confident anchor is Li Lijuan, who can change from a “Baoma” who brings a baby at home into an anchor who has noticed it. I can find such a very good job at the door of the house. I am really satisfied. “


“Combining rural rejuvenation, we not only need to develop the collective economy, but we must also drive our villagers to see their parents and children’s treasures at home. Through the road we explore, they train their mother to make them anchors. The rubber bands produced by my hometown, as new farmers in the new era, need to change their thinking, use mobile phones as new farm tools, live broadcast as new farmers, and increase their income through live broadcasts to bring goods. “Qinyang City Zhang Tianliang, Secretary of the Party Branch of Fancun Town and Director of the Village Committee.


Fancun, which has fashion, vitality, and international models, is constantly exploring and innovating in rural rejuvenation, so that farmers no longer just carry traditional farmers carrying their hoe, but become a new era that can conform to the trend of the times and master the skills of rich skills. Farmers.


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