[Watch House Watch Tasting] Oriental Watch (Orient) is one of the famous brands in the Japanese watch industry. It is an old Japanese brand watch that has entered the Chinese market very early. If you trace back, in the 1980s, the Oriental Lion Watch accounted for the mainstream market in the Chinese watch industry. The price was appropriate and accepted by domestic watch fans. It was also called a “double lion” brand watch in China.

The Oriental Double Lion SDB08006W0 watch is loved by people, not only because of stable performance, but also because of the simple structure of this watch and a close design. The movement of this watch is an automatic mechanical movement watch, which does not need to worry about adjusting time. The case is made of stainless steel, and the surface is plated with rose gold. The delicate and soft color reflects the luxurious texture of the watch. The dial is classic white, making the watch fresh and natural. The bottom cover of the table is a stainless steel rotation bottom cover, which is plated for gold, which is also saving cost without affecting the beauty. The arc -type sapphire crystal glass material makes the mirror wear, scratch, and transparent, which is also the mainstream design of the industry. The strap is made of dark brown, cowhide, and the crocodile leather pattern is not only beautiful, but also very comfortable to wear. Needle buckle design, casual and convenient, can be adjusted freely according to the wrist.

简易亲民代表 东方双狮传统系列男士自动机械表

The Oriental Double Lion Traditional Series SDB08006W0 watch uses an automatic mechanical movement. The automatic chain structure can continue to stabilize the conveying source power for the watch, making it more accurate. The 41mm meter diameter, compared with a relatively narrow bezel, shows the broadening of the dial space and highlight the atmosphere as a whole.

简易亲民代表 东方双狮传统系列男士自动机械表


: The Oriental Double Lion Traditional Series SDB08006W0 watch overall structure pursues simple and generous, at the same time creating a delicate and affordable experience, coupled with the price advantage, it is indeed the top choice of entry -level mechanical watches. (Li Tongtong, watch home)