(Chapter 1 Men’s Clothing)

Is the men’s clothing market big? Big! Is it difficult to operate? Disaster! Is it easy to do? It’s hard to do at all! Can you make money? Smiling with a little loss. This is a lot of bosses who do men’s operations told me. So, is it really difficult for men’s clothing to operate? How can men’s clothing operate can make breakthroughs? I used to be a small 2, I have opened the company myself, and share some of my experience with you.

When I opened the operating company, I took 4 menswear shops, two did it, and 2 did not do it. Later, I have carefully analyzed the reasons for success and failure. Here I can also share with you my journey.


1. Summary of failure

1) Low the cooperation between the operation and the owner of the enterprise.

This is the key and important factor in failure. When I took these two shops, I talked well with the boss at first. Many ideas also performed recognition and recognition. They also indicated in the agreement when signing the agreement. Essence For us, we all go to work according to the agreement, and as the other party, as a party, the drilling agreement is still very ways. The new is not timely, the fabric is not sophisticated, and the price of garbage products is still high. There are a lot of total, which has caused cooperation in less than 9 months.

2) Without clear positioning and long -term planning, the boss lacks deep and detailed hearts.


Since both of them were previously wholesale and low -end OEM, the boss did not have any e -commerce thinking, and they both left with a stroke. Some e -commerce knowledge comes from the Internet and listened to people. When I opened the store myself, I did it myself without a complete plan. As a result, the product lacks a unified style, and the randomness is too large. Sometimes, even a few days after the shelves are on the shelves, they are directly removed from the shelves to take the goods to wholesale. E -commerce is not the matter for them. Can you do e -commerce if you are not for money, your heart is not here?

3) Self -thinking is too proud.

Do not deny that many bosses make some money. The two bosses who cooperate with me, one driving Porsche Cayenne, one driving Maserati, and there are several other luxury cars, so we do not take the partner’s seriously. The cost of communication is too high and difficult, and he does not arrange people to dock himself. He must find him if he has something to do. He has a serious collection of power. In cooperation with this boss, the show of True Trina meets the soldiers and is unreasonable. He still thought he was!

4) There are too many dishonesty behaviors.


I often use my own feelings. Sometimes I obviously agree to do some Taoke promotion. The price may be slightly lost in the end. He also told him in the early stage, but he wanted to lose the business without doing it, and then did not ship. Highly high. In the end, we blame our customer service without dealing with the complaint, and it is really dizzy.

5) The same products often have different batches and different fabrics.

Frequent customers complain that this time I did n’t buy it well this time, the fabrics were different, too many complaints, and often cut corners, fabrics and tags did not match (Tmall Taobao sampling was also very sloppy). When the customer complained, a fake inspection certificate was made, and Tmall cope with Tmall under PS, and finally caused the return rate to be high.

Many readers say that I always say that the local tyrants are not, and the boss is bad. I dare to guarantee it with personality. I have written all I have experienced, 100%without subjective added and judgment!

Successful stores cannot copy their successful model, but the reasons for failure of the failed stores are highly consistent. I hope my experience is useful to you. After that, it failed, let’s say success, combine with examples.

2. The road to success is not flat.

1) Without changing your mind, there is no hope of success.

One of the men’s clothing shops I made starts with changing ideas. When taking over this shop, I really said that its products are really good! The boss used to do OEM for some brands, so it is very good in terms of version, fabrics, workmanship. But when it is cheap, it can be done cheap, but it can be done cheap, but there is no sales, and the conversion rate is not good. The vision did not do well, and did not pay attention to the model’s interpretation of the baby. After we took over, we sorted out. Because the categories and styles were basically similar to Uniqlo, it would definitely not be much to do if it was based on Uniqlo. Uniqlo can achieve men’s clothing first, indicating that the basic market demand is very large. But the price of Uniqlo is actually high, and people who have done the factory know. A printed T -shirt sells 59, a shirt sells 199, and a denim sells 299. This is really the Japanese. So the first thing we started was to do the quality of Uniqlo, lower than the price of Uniqlo. Positioning in the workplace, the income is at the average level of people. Take Guangzhou, the monthly income of this crowd is around 8000-10,000 yuan, so buy a Uniqlo shirt 199. Although it is said that the problem is not big, if it is better than Uniqlo, you can buy 2 pieces in 199? I believe they will not consider the wallet! Find the competition point and advantage point to have the opportunity to make a chance. The model is also looking for the east. It looks like a person in the workplace. It may be better to shoot the tide cards in the small fresh meat. After doing these, we started to get on the shelves. Let me take a few categories:

Business shirts and Oxford spinning shirts: 80 cotton cotton free hot, 79-89 yuan.

T-shirt: 29-39 yuan, cotton.

Casual pants oblique cloth: 80 cotton cotton 59-79 yuan.

Jeans: completely according to Uniqlo’s models and fabrics, 79-99 yuan.

2) Precise selection of users to launch promotion, plus activity stimuli, and put money to implement it.

I have said before that the promotion that has not been transformed is a hooligan! Therefore, when I am doing promotion myself, we all strive to transform every penny. Use partners’ money as their own money. We are mainly through traffic and drilling exhibitions. When choosing a crowd, we drilled the Dharma disk. We made our target customer group very accurate circle, and at the same time, we also set up target competitors. For most men to buy clothes, loyalty is actually relatively weak. Women buy clothes depending on sensuality, and men buy clothes. Therefore, we visually follow these stores as a reference according to the Taipingbird, Mark Warfofi, Hailan House and other stores. On the details page, we pay more attention to the quality, advantages of our fabrics, comparison with big names, comfort and durability, and we have made after -sales commitments. To be honest, the logo is covered, and you will think you will be a big name. Yes, we just use the heart of a big name to make a shop.

3) The trust and cooperation of the cooperative boss promotes the rapid development of the store.

Basic models are not fast fashion, but we try to do it as fast as possible because we need a high repurchase rate. So our basic model is not a complete basic model. In the basic category, we have added some fashion elements. In the same one Oxford spinning shirt, we have solid color, as well as patterns, embroidery, printing, and personality elements. Many companies are now light business+light leisure companies. It is not as high as financial insurance for employees’ dressing requirements. Therefore, it is necessary to make business with leisure and personality. So we basically have a new 20 models every two weeks. The guarantee of this rate depends on the trust and cooperation of the cooperative boss.

4) Doing the operation is to treat yourself as a boss.

We participated in every detail of the design. Although I am operating on behalf, I forced myself to become a design director. We will review the money and try, as long as we feel inappropriate, we will not be determined. I help the cooperative boss recruit designers. We often work overtime together late at night, and we even go to the workshop to supervise production. Compared to those failed cooperation, those bosses do not even tell us where their factories are, let alone go to their workshop. Really, trust in cooperation is important, and cooperation with the Communist Party of China is more important. I said a lot before. My company never took the initiative to find customers. It was introduced by friends and customers. Of course, we will not tear up with each other with failed cooperation. They are breaking up as much as possible, and after each end of the cooperation, we will write thanks to the other party and provide cooperation records. Costing, our purpose is very simple, thank the other party’s trust, and to tell the other party clearly that some failures are not our responsibility. This black pot baby does not carry it! It is not humble or well -founded that the other party will respect you. Even if there is no success in cooperation, the other party will respect your professionalism.

5) Personal men’s clothing must fully reflect personality and avoid commonality.

The other men’s clothing shops we do are mainly denim. The denim market is quite chaotic. Jeans are 10 yuan, 20 yuan, 100 yuan, and 1,000 yuan. But we really took a few days to think about how this shop did. Before signing the agreement, the other boss did not know how to cooperate, and we didn’t know how to do it. A bunch of goods were messy, and it was all. Later, I personally went to the Chinese University to buy fabrics a few times. I saw that he was a better fabric for purchasing. I just told him to be a high -end personality. At present, denim Lee and LEVIS are the leader of denim, but the styles are more traditional, so we are based on personality and are niche markets. At the same time, the splicing of denim+leather, plus some small stickers, embroidery, etc., positioning 25- 30 years old. The price is between 200-400. But our fabrics are definitely medium and senior goods in fabrics. They can not be lost compared with Lee’s big names, killing Youyi. Of course, it is still cost -effective+individual positioning, but the unit price is relatively high, compared to many brands of Taobao and Tmall.

6) The low price may not be successful, and the high price may not fail, so that users recognize is the key.

I have said many times. To make a shop, the price is definitely not the first consideration. For many young people now, they dare not buy too low prices. The low price must be at the expense of the quality, so there is no need to say. No boss is Lei Feng, no company is a charity. But there are many ways to make money. The company and boss who cooperate with me, I have been telling them that we can earn reasonable profits. We do n’t do huge profits. House prices are so high. It ’s not easy for everyone to live, especially people living in big cities. By the way, I revealed to you that a foreign brand denim at the beginning of L, selling 699 yuan jeans, the factory price of the factory in the Guangzhou factory is 79! Intersection Intersection It is 49 in Vietnam! Intersection (Vietnam’s labor costs are less than one -minute in Guangzhou) It is evident! There is also a well -known Hong Kong chain chain Z, a so -Xou brand, the denyed pants are 49 in Guangzhou! The fabric is medium -sized fabric.

Back to the above, making men’s clothing is different from women’s clothing. Performance male consumers will compare prices and quality. Earning reasonable profits means a balance that can give consumers a balanced and paid. This is an important factor in repurchase. Therefore, don’t blindly do low prices. The brand is not made by low prices, nor is it made by high prices! There are three words of the character, and the mouth is passed, so a brand is made by reputation!

By the way, these two men’s clothing stores are sold more than 35 million in 2015. There are no physical stores, and we cannot talk about big names. We rely on user reputation and user trust, that’s all!

After writing this article, it is already 1 o’clock in the middle of the night. It is sleepy. After the men’s bag will be written tomorrow night, please look forward to it!