To say that the most practical items in spring and summer are non -sunglasses. Whether it is a tourist driving, it is inseparable from us and we and it. If you have the characteristics, you’re going to work hard. You also hope to walk on the street full of masculinity? Go and see together!

Round driving sunglasses

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Surrounding the design specially designed for Asians, the face shape is fitted with the mirror legs, it is not easy to slip, and it is more comfortable to wear. Using thick polarizers to effectively prevent ultraviolet rays, block light, and enjoy a clear visual feast. Colorful lenses, just make it.

Driver driving mirror

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The toad mirror suitable for the Chinese face is comfortable to wear, and the color board series series also exerts the enthusiastic characteristics of young nobles. The neutral trendy retro box, color plate frame and popular sunglasses are suitable for different ages.

Drive high -definition polarized glasses

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Classic pilot’s sunglasses contour, smooth line design outlines the perfect arc, light elastic mirror legs with colorful, coating lenses, on the one hand, avoiding the damage of the eyes and the ultimate wearing experience.

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Retro big frame polarized sunglasses

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The classic frame interprets the versatile fashion plain face to the street. It can also be full of aura. The wide mirror leg design fit the face shape and share the pressure of the ears to wear more comfortable. The integrated nasal support does not press the bridge of the nose.

Colorful film sunglasses

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Ultra -light glass lenses restore classic fashion, classic toad mirror frame wind -proof shading, thin face repair, narrowing of the mirror body 9 degrees is more suitable for Asian face shapes, high -precision plating process, uniform coloring, and charming luster. The retro double beam design fit the face shape, playful and elegant.

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Square driver driving night vision mirror

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Titanium frame, high quality ratio, high strength and good corrosion resistance. HD space lenses can effectively prevent the fragmentation of lenses during intense exercise. It is most suitable for outdoor exercise. The silicone nose is worn non -slip and more comfortable.

Double -night sunshine mirror day and night

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The whole pair of eyes are simple and generous, and explosion -proof polarizers can better protect your eyes safety. Select the supercight and aluminum material for forging perfect mirror frame solid and lightweight. Spring mirror legs can be better suitable for all kinds of face shapes, and wearing more comfortable and not tight.

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Driver driving polarizing mirror

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