Sisi 2022 Spring Conference New Products

全球首发160瓦PD3.1多口充电器,倍思发布多款新品 | 钛快讯

Titanium Media APP April 18 News

全球首发160瓦PD3.1多口充电器,倍思发布多款新品 | 钛快讯

, Baseus held a new 2022 new product launch conference, with the theme of “nitrogen”, “audio”, and “energy storage”, bringing more than 20 new products, including the world’s first 160 -watt PD3.1 multi -mouth nitrogen nitrogen nitrogen Macau charger.

全球首发160瓦PD3.1多口充电器,倍思发布多款新品 | 钛快讯

Sisi GAN5 PRO nitrogen nitrogen nitride digital power supply fast charge charger 160W

The Sisi GAN5 PRO nitrogen nitride digital power supply fast charge charger 160W adopts the “2C1A” output interface. It is the fifth -generation nitride charger product launched by Bisi. It is also the world’s first product to use digital charging technology. The new product supports the latest products. PD 3.1 standard, compatible with the private fast charging agreement of various brands on the market, priced at 499 yuan.

Sisi 100W GAN5 Pro Fast Charger

This time, the new product that belongs to the fifth -generation nitrogen 镓 镓 此 此 此 此 此 此 此 此 100W GAN5 Pro fast charger. The product uses the “1A1C” output interface, which itself has only mouse size, and the market price is 229 yuan.

Sisi Energy Standard Digital Energy Storage Power Source 600W

In response to outdoor application scenarios such as camping, Sisi launched 600W of outdoor digital energy storage power supply for energy tanks this time, which is the world’s first outdoor power supply for modular design and digital power technology. When the battery capacity is 180,000 mAh, it supports four types of power accumulation mode: AC, DC, Type-C, and solar charging board. The 550W MAX AC power storage can be fully powered in 1.5 hours. The appearance is dark rectangular, hidden double -lifting design, weighing 7kg, priced at 3199 yuan.


Si Si also released its first semi -open self -adaptive real wireless noise reduction headset Storm 3. The new product is equipped with an original U -shaped acoustic catheter structure. Compared with the traditional acoustic catheter inside the traditional headset, the passage of the speaker sounds to the microphone’s sound transmission path is lengthened to make the high -frequency response of the headset lower, the sound bottom noise is lower, the noise reduction is reduced Don’t press your ears. Users can implement functions such as EQ adjustment, noise reduction mode switching, function keys, and OTA upgrades in the APP. The price is 499 yuan.

全球首发160瓦PD3.1多口充电器,倍思发布多款新品 | 钛快讯


Another real wireless headset model released this time is Storm 1, which is the first in -ear real wireless Bluetooth headset that supports adaptive noise reduction technology. Two internal pickup microphones can obtain external noise information in real time. Through internal chips and software algorithms, it provides noise reduction depth in line with the current environment, allowing the wearer to get the same noise reduction experience in different noise environments, and the highest noise reduction depth Can reach -42db.

全球首发160瓦PD3.1多口充电器,倍思发布多款新品 | 钛快讯

Storm 1 uses flagship Bluetooth chip BES2500YP, which has lower power consumption performance, faster connection speed and stronger processing performance. Storm 1 follows the way of Harman’s golden ears, total harmonic distortion THD ≤ 0.09%. In terms of design, Storm 1 uses a contrasting+gradient design. There are two colors: black and blue contrasting color gradient, beige and pink contrasting color gradient, priced at 459 yuan.

With the new TWS products this time, Si Si launched the golden standard of Ai -sighted audio technology together, including three self -developed technologies: BRC Betis Simplication Flash Charging, DCLL Dual Low Low Low Delay, BSC Smart Wisdom Double Company, corresponding to fast charging, respectively , Low latency and dual device connection. Both Storm 3 and Storm 1 have passed the acoustic technology verification.

全球首发160瓦PD3.1多口充电器,倍思发布多款新品 | 钛快讯

Tu enjoy the retractor vehicle loader charger

For car users, Bisi brings two new vehicle products: Tu enjoy the telescopic car charger and Best Zhi enjoy the incentive aromatherapy. Tuxiang retractable vehicle carrier charger adopts a telescopic storage design, priced at 89 yuan.

全球首发160瓦PD3.1多口充电器,倍思发布多款新品 | 钛快讯

Bei Sizhi Smart Smart Double Potomized Moist

Best Wizhi Smart Double -port atomizing aromatherapy can release two essential oils at the same time to improve the fatigue and tedious driving. The frequency and concentration of spraying can be adjusted at the APP. The price is 269 yuan.

This time, Better also released a desktop fan, multi -unity extension docks, swan three -in -one desktop wireless charge, 6000 MAH mobile power supply, lifting laptop bracket, floor washing machine, F0 high -voltage car washing machine, bending moon body body Products such as induction lights cover multiple use scenarios such as office, home, streets, cars, outdoor, etc.

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