The epidemic suddenly occurred, and it was menacing, and the whole country condensed the joints to fight the epidemic. Since the Spring Festival, in order to cooperate with the epidemic prevention and control work, home does not go out and improve immunity. The important way, but for several months, was “trapped” at home, which also made everyone’s heart restlessness and boring, and longed for the “outside world”;

As the epidemic began to decline, the spring meaning gradually became stronger. Why not take advantage of the spring light, under the premise of sufficient preparation of epidemic prevention measures, with a pleasant heart, appropriate exercise, intoxicated in the warm and gentle spring breeze, and the haze of the past will be dull. Sweeping.

For people who love sports, a pair of sports shoes that know and understand their feet are really rare. It is a new three -dimensional newly launched personalized 3D printing sports shoes to make a pair of sports shoes that coexist with beauty and comfort to improve it. Activities!

△ 3D printing worm hole soles series

△ 3D printing grid shoe mid bottom


The new design idea of ​​the new sports shoe is derived from the “wormhole”. It symbolizes the two distant space -time space tunnels in the universe, like a vortex in the sea, everywhere; add distorted space in the design to unconventional aesthetics in the design. The structure integrates the beauty of the soft curve to the overall shape. The bottom of the shoe is made of SLS (laser sintering) printing technology. The internal hollow is largely reduced the weight of the sports shoes and light cushioning.


* This style is group purchase, customized, and can support single -foot customization

All -in -one flying upper


The integrated weaving of the upper, seamless mesh design, a variety of knitted techniques, and using the sense of layering, retaining the free breathing space of the feet; the soft fabric material, making the feet and the upper more fit and more comfortable to wear.


Non -slip and wear -resistant sole

High -quality rubber sole veneer, with pattern design, enhance friction to play a non -slip effect, running and walking is more secure.




Black model


Accurate matching shoe code

Customers with non -standard shoe codes can be equipped with shoes of different sizes according to different sizes of left and right feet.

Product series: 3D printed worm holes sole series-sneakers

Shoes Item Number: 19773B


Shoes color: gray/black

Upper material: fabric/synthetic leather

Shoe sole material: TPU/rubber

Processing process: powder laser sintering/all -in -one process weaving

Customized sports shoes flow


How to work on the stereotype of the footwear? It will be divided into three steps: 3D scanning-measuring foot data, intelligent design-accurate model data conversion, 3D printing-personalized custom printing.

3D scan-measuring foot data

Shining FOOT3DSCAN_M Portable Foot Scanner


Shining Foot3DSCAN fixed foot three -dimensional scanner

Shining Foot3DSCAN_M Portable Foot Scanner is a high -performance professional foot scanning device developed by the three -dimensional three -dimensional three -dimensional obtaining high -precision foot data. It can complete a pair of feet scanning in 3 minutes, obtain the three -dimensional model data of the foot, and use manual artificially artificially manually. Intelligent cloud computing automatic measurement analysis generates foot form and personal foot type reports; because of its portable design and easy -to -operate process, it can realize the customer’s rapid scientific measurement of foot data, improve service quality, and meet the needs of customers’ personalized customization.

Shining FOOT3DSCAN fixed foot three -dimensional scanner uses multiple 3D visual sensors for a comprehensive scan design. You can get a pair of high -precision 3D data in 3 seconds. Users can go to the relevant designated shoe store for on -site scanning. Code connecting cloud service platforms such as Tmall, Taobao, and WeChat Mall to obtain personal foot type reports in real time.


* Group purchase of more than 10 pairs, you can provide on -site measurement services for free


Intelligent design-accurate model data conversion


The obtained three -dimensional data is converted to shoe -shoe data through remote cloud computing on the cloud server, which can be used for direct manufacturing of 3D printing.

3D printing-personalized custom printing

The EP-C5050 3D printer uses TPU elastic materials in batches to produce products such as insoles, soles and shoes that meet the customer’s feet.