At the 528 Global Customer Festival held recently, the Liu Gong Electric Series excavator 906F-E and 922F-E shocked with scientific and technological innovation. Under the premise of maintaining excellent handling and diverse functional settings, more energy saving, environmentally friendly, quiet and comfortable, reducing operating costs and improving construction convenience for users.

Electric excavator leading fashion trends

柳工挖掘机 新能源挖机 充电一小时,工作一整天?这是真的吗?

Liu Gong 906F-E, 922F-E electric excavator is based on Liu Gong’s latest F series development platform. The new generation of pure electric excavators launched. Training matching. It’s more convenient and more energy -saving! “

柳工挖掘机 新能源挖机 充电一小时,工作一整天?这是真的吗?



Liu Gong’s latest new generation of electric excavators, zero emissions, noise, noise performance is equivalent to the sophisticated energy consumption cost, but the energy consumption cost is 2/3. According to reports, after the field work verification of the technical team on the plateau tunnel, the daily electric version of the 922F-E excavator is fully charged in only 1.5 hours, and it can be used for 6 to 10 hours. It can be fully fulfilled in 1 hour and 20 minutes, but the plateau operation can be operated for six hours. At all, you are not worried about the lack of oxygen combustion and insufficient power of the diesel engine.

The above advantages allows 906F-V, 922F-V electric excavators to be widely used in tunnel construction, metal smelting, dock transfer, power plant operations, animal husbandry breeding and other industrial conditions “

Charging for an hour, work for one day

柳工挖掘机 新能源挖机 充电一小时,工作一整天?这是真的吗?

The electric era of construction machinery has arrived

Do you expect such a new energy excavator?