Since the popularity of wide -leg pants, many people have been

Like to wear.

Although wide -leg pants are thin and highly attractive, it is not too easy to hit the shirt, it is more difficult to wear special

Lamous effect


, It’s just that the effect of hiding meat is better. Don’t wear wide -leg pants this spring, the cropped pants are back again, fashion is still very



Don’t always wear wide -leg pants, or the cropped pants are young, no wonder it always

very popular.

The reason for recommending cropped pants is because the cropped pants are not only thin, but also the legs are long.

A sense of youth.

Personal denim jeans

Cropped pants

As a kind of pants that everyone can see everywhere in daily life, there are no version design

Very complicated

Simple holes and hair edges can make the atmosphere different.

This different style and personalized denim cropped pants are very suitable for peculiar costumes. For example, ultra -short sweaters, full -footed shirts, black silk socks, etc. to make the temperament look more cool. However, it is best to pair with pure color clothing to prevent too much wear


The effect of strange and not good -looking

Simple and mature denim cropped pants

And some simple designs are even more designed



Like a jeans, a little pants are lifted up. This kind of cropped pants is simple, but it is very versatile.

Wearing more rustic clothing, this matching method can also make the temperament full of vitality. Some contrasting clothing can also be matched with this


Simple design Qubo pants


Simple and dynamic.


Young -full white cropped pants

Ordinary white pants are already handsome and fashionable. With the long -term design and holes, the whole pants will have the vitality of sporty style and the steady effect of ordinary pants.

This kind of white pants are matched with

Pure black clothing

The comparison effect is particularly obvious, the matching temperament of the entire clothing is very tension. The classic black and white color scheme can also be prominent

The charm of white pants

Of course, if you choose white clothing to match, it is also very delicate, and the visual effect will become




Cool and generous leather cropped pants



If you, any kind of pants are not as good as


The pants are obvious. If the leather pants are designed to seven points, the visual effect will be more young, and the visual charm of each person is also very unique.

By matching more retro clothing, the texture of the leather pants is particularly prominent. If you choose matte fabric, you will have a domineering emperor. Choosing a seven -point leather pants is to facilitate the use of any design shoes to show

Unique and charming

The effect, a slightly exposed ankle can also prevent


Implication of leather pants is greasy

Simple and simple cropped pants


In fact, it is simple design, and very simple cropped pants, such as pure blue jeans, black ordinary pants, and so on. The length of the seven points can make this classic style pants show a full sense of vitality, and it will not look so cute. It is suitable for all daily clothing, and even all shoes can be matched.

If you have an ordinary black suit and shirt, with such blue jeans, it will be more distinctive. When you have a small shirt with a unique design, then it will be more with black cropped pants


Classic pure black cropped pants

Pure black cropped pants, there are some styles of small feet pants, there are some designs of flared pants, as well as the style of wide -leg pants. The first two styles are recommended here.


The style of flared pants will look thinner than the style of wide -leg pants, because the lines are relatively unique. This line is paired with a well -drooping clothing, or a hard clothing with shirts.

It is attractive and strong.

Blocks of cropped pants


The plan can make a pair of ordinary pants full of beautiful girls. For example, the cropped pants of the strap are a more cute design, and the design of its seven -point design itself is more lively. After the design of the back straps, it is even more obvious. It’s tender.

The thin effect of this strap pants is also very good. It is used to match the dark shirts to increase the temperament of the whole person. In fact, it looks a lot of slender, the only thing to pay attention to is

Cover line

Essence Don’t wear a triangle area, you can have a good thin and cute effect.

Checked seaga

Although the cropped pants itself is not a

Retro -style pants style

Because with the retro color scheme and checkered pattern, the effect is more retro.

At this time, the simpler the costumes, the stronger the retro temperament. Like pure black clothing, black boots can show retro, and at the same time, it is more fashionable.

Checked wide -leg pants,


Look more

You have a sense of youth.

Not all say everything

They are more fashionable, and not all cropped pants have a young effect, but most of the cropped pants are well matched. Everyone is tired of wearing wide -leg pants every day.

Try the cropped pants in turn.


Cropped pants

Cropped pants