The new 2022 came. At this New Year’s Eve, let’s also take a look at the stars’ joyful and very eye -catching New Year photos. Xiaobian collected and organized the new New Year’s Eve photos of seven fairies. Let’s take a look.

Peng Xiaoran released “my vitality opens the year”. Peng Xiaoyu, who has a youthful appearance and sweet temperament, dark yellow spacious sweater with shorts with shorts, youthful vitality, really charming.

Lu Zhahua was wearing a red jacket, and it looked very spiritual against the red background. Lu Zhaohua’s facial features were exquisite, greeted the bright sunlight, and the clothing ribbon conforms to the upward gesture. It is reported that Lu Zhaohua signed a contract 3 days before New Year’s Day.

Wu Jiayi’s New Year’s Eve, this white T -shirt and strap pants combination, shows the daily life of pure little fairy. It is both aura and like a vein spring breeze. Xiaobian also likes it very much.


Zhao Lusi’s New Year’s dress is a tiger jacket, and the shoes echoed up and down are also the pattern of the year of the tiger. She made a tiger’s claw posture, with a sweet smile and blessing everyone in the new year and very cute.

Can this ceremony ax be recognized? Her headphones are also tiger patterns. Netizens are completely conquered by two little tigers, and they are also the most cute for two weeks.


Li Randy posted a blog on January 4th. She wrote: May we all go home to drink hot tea at the night of the snowy night, and we can also have snow without stagnation. It can be seen that Li Randy has been thinking and gaining. The impression of the gentle Li Randy’s impression of the editor has always been the atmospheric beauty of everyone’s ladies.


Li Kaixin’s welcoming pictures, taking selfies in the car. This fluffy hairstyle is value. You will also see Kaixin every day.

At the beginning of the new year, Vientiane updated. After reading the pictures of these seven fairies, the reader is God’s Qi Qi and Vitality, so you can also post your favorite star pictures.