The new Chinese lamps with ancient style make life full of poetry, penetrate Chinese elements in modern homes, and modern design elements have produced a “new Chinese -style” style. [666]

In order to allow everyone to better use the lamps into Chinese -style furniture decoration, feel the ancient style, and bring you the ultimate Chinese style. We introduce different types of lamps and recommend lamps suitable for each area and scene to reach the perfect fusion environment and create a new Chinese atmosphere effect. [666]

Mix and match Chinese -style Chinese -style Chinese style

For the Chinese style and worry that the decoration effect is too dull and old, Yuan Mei strongly recommends that you can consider the new Chinese or mixed Chinese style. Traditional Chinese color tones are often deeper. When we design, we integrate some modern elements or exotic elements to add a sense of freshness and the atmosphere of active space. [666]


It can be decorated with a light luxury and Chinese -style feeling with the coinage element. It uses a simple Chinese pattern, but the material also has a sense of light luxury with the Nordic style. Compared with the thick solid wood, this design is more fashionable. And suitable for young people. [666]