Automobile perfume seats sometimes make you feel the flowers with different fragrances; sometimes you can remember the salivated fruit; sometimes you look like standing by the sea, sucking the air of the sea breeze; sometimes you seem to be in the lush forest. The world of intoxicated green, exuding wooden incense ‘Zi,; Ulug, you also like walking on the field of the field, which was deeply moved by the small grass and green seedlings … car perfume seats created the fairyland of our world. However, you have known that all this comes from the masterpiece of the perfumer.

The spices made of natural spices and synthetic spices are called blended spices, which are the fragrance we often call.

Synthetic spices appeared in the second half of the 19th century. Prior to this, people mainly used flowers, fragrant wood resin and other substances to make car perfume seats, and after synthetic spices appeared. The aroma became rich, but. In addition to a few varieties, most of the spices used in car perfume seats are tuned with spices. The design and combined spice formula is called ” ‘fragrant “. “”.

The perfumer has a keen sense of smell and rich creativity, and they are always “capturing and invited” beauty. The fragrance type of car perfume is not exactly the same as the type of aroma in nature. Even increasingly different. The perfumer must be designed with spices as a tool. Create these similar and different incense types, and. The fragrant type of perfume must also reflect the changes in the social environment from time to time, which can be seen in the history of car perfume. The creation and materials of the car perfume -coated are specifically imitated various flowers that are open in the garden. Development into a flower that shows the blooming flowers. Until the modern fantasy car perfume. That is. The incense type of car perfume has gone through a process of specific -impression -abstraction, and the theme of the well -made performance has continued to expand. So, how does the perfumer show it?

First of all, the aroma of blending spices is basically composed of four ingredients:


The first ingredient is Xiangquan or the main agent, which is an absolutely necessary ingredient for characteristic aroma. Its odor forms the main body and outline of the aroma of spice.

The second ingredient is called a blending agent, which has a combination effect. Can make the aroma rich.


The third ingredient is called a fragrance agent, also called a modified agent or a variant, which is a dark fragrance ingredient that can work with a small amount, which can make the aroma more wonderful.

The last ingredient is called a fixed fragrance agent. Its role is to closely combine all spices. And keep the volatile speed uniform, always make aroma in the same situation. Animal spices, graphic grass and other high boiling points, resin and other resins such as rest, and synthetic spices with high boiling spots such as benzoic acid vinegar are very good incense.

When fragrant, first determine the minimum 4-5 spices necessary for the main fragrance (destination fragrance). After determining the main spices, the appropriate ratio is selected for tuning. When it is determined that the aroma balance has been achieved, it will further increase the number of spices without damage the aroma characteristics and balance. The fragrance of fragrance is basically completed when planting spices.

Finally, let’s take a look at the fragrance of the fragrance of the fragranceist.

The first step is to determine the incense type you want to make, and use it as the goal of perfume;

The second step is to choose a spice that meets the requirements of fragrant type.

The third step is to try the main part of the car perfume.


The fourth step, if the main part meets the requirements, adds a very attractive top fragrance.

The fifth step is to add a blending agent that can make the aroma and the beautiful variant of the aroma, and the fixed fragrance agent that sets the aroma TT.

Step 6, considering the expansion of aroma, in all aspects of continuity and creativity, Bin Yuqiang’s perfumed meaning.