There are so many housework every day, but they can’t escape the two basic items of sweeping and mopping the floor.

First, clean the garbage on the ground.

Then pick up a large bucket of water and wash the mop. After wetting, the mop of nearly 5 pounds of weight is mopped back and forth, and the water washed the mop.

Quickly say, is your mop of your family growing like this:

Is there such an experience:

The mopping floor is always “dragged with water”. The mop is not dragged for a few square meters. You need to replace the water to clean it again. You need to twist it with your hands to continue to use it! Intersection


Drag the living room, restaurant room, kitchen, and bathroom again, hair+water stains = no drag, and the corners of the corners cannot be dragged! Intersection

I had to hold the cotton rag of the family again. When I encountered stubborn stains, I had to wipe it down and kneeled down. Repeat it a few times, the back pain, and the whole person was not good.


Every day, I am exhausted to get off work, and I have to clean up when I get home, tired!

Refusing to wash the mop, the housework must be reduced, it is time to replace your mop.

In order to make the mopping incident easier, Xiaobian was looking for it, and finally found this rising star in the mop industry -self -squeezed water mop from Jordan & Judy (double J)!


Recommended reason:

、 Hair, dust, and oil dirty as soon as they are cleaned;

Top 360 ° rotation, clean no dead ends;


扫 dry and wet use, sweep the floor and mop the floor in place;

去 Push and squeeze the water and avoid the handwriting mop;

开 The mop can be disassembled and replaced, and the service life is long;

细 Rightly drying, bacteria have nowhere to breed.

3 seconds dehydration

It is easy to use your unexpected “housework”, and compare with the mop that Xiaobian used before, it is simply crushing! Intersection

I believe that after you use it, you will never have a mopping trouble, and you will fall in love with mop! Intersection Intersection It’s time to change your mop! Intersection



Hair, dust, and oil stained as soon as they are cleaning

Not much to say, under the experience of directly moving the picture, the decontamination effect can be said to be very thorough. Immediately “no armor stays”, super clean ~ ▼

Its adsorption power is very strong. It is easy to remove the hair and dust on the surface of the floor. Ordinary troops mopped oil and water stains. It only needs to be slippery and instantly clean! The uppercase bold cattle!


The sauce and soup stains that are overwhelmed on the kitchen ground, gently bring it with a mop as it is as clean as the hand was wiped with a rag.

The dirt on the floor seam, the hair of the cat master, and the hair can be rolled away.



Flexible drilling, cleaning without dead ends

The ordinary mop is heavy, and the narrow gap is not cleaned up.

146cm mop pole, long body, comfortable without bending over; 180 ° turn your head, the drag head can rotate 360 ​​°, dragging the ground to be ease, and the narrow space can be cleaned.


The slim drill seam can go deep into the bottom of the bed, the bottom of the sofa, and the bottom of the coffee table. Each small corner is not let go, and it is easy to drag every inch floor!


In addition to being able to “enter the ground”, it can also “go to heaven”.

The 146cm mop pole does not need to bend over.

You can also drag the ceiling, window and other places.




Push and squeeze water, liberate your hands

Its direct washing system allows you to say goodbye to the troubles of hand washing and cleaning your hair forever.


Innovative self -squeezed water, just hold the white trailer part in one hand.

The other hand grasped the position of the aluminum rod sponge, pulled up and down, and the water flowed to the water, the water was drained, and the rubbing was rubbed up and down, and the mop was clean.


Even if you do n’t sweep the ground, drag directly, adhere to the dirt and hair on it, you can drop it with water, without dirty hands.

Pushing is also very effortless, and it does not hurt cotton cloth. As soon as the dust is pushed away, it can be cleaned and dehydrated in one step.

Remove the process of hand washing the mop, completely liberate your hands, say goodbye to the rough hands ~


Good quality is the soul of the mop


Black aluminum rods, quality bar, scraping and anti -rust and rust, whether it is the sun or rain, the quality will not change!


The place where you hold it, there is a soft glue for a long time. You don’t have to worry about cocoon for a long time, and it is not slippery.

Preferably slender cleaning cloth, soft and not hair loss.

As if wiped the ground with a towel, it is clean, and it can take the floor gentle and careless.


It is precisely because the quality of the mop is so good that its service life is long and reused. It is not a problem within 5 years.



It can be used in wet and wet, and the floor is mopped in one step in place

Because of the particularity of the mop, it has sufficient adsorption of tiny dust. The method of dried drags is used.

The water absorption is also super good, and it can quickly remove the soup stains. Even if there is a large area of ​​sewage, it can be dried up quickly! The rainy season is not afraid of dragging, I am powerful, I can’t accept it! Intersection




Wipe your head wide, save effort and time -saving

33cm wipe the head wide, increase the area of ​​the mop, reasonably plan the focus of effort, save the number of drags, make cleaning more effort and efficiency faster!

It took 40 minutes to drag the entire house. Now use it, it can be easily done without 20 minutes, saving half of the time.

With it, every corner of the home can be dragged immediately, and 100%deeply clean, making your room easily become dusty. Not only is the family’s decentness, it can save more than half of the time to rest and accompany your family.


Right -standing to dry bacteria to breed nowadays


There is also a holes design at the end of the mop pole, which is stable on the wall.


In addition to being able to stick to the wall, this self -squeezed mop can be “standing up” by yourself, completely subverting the design of the traditional mop!

What’s more, wiping upright can dry it more quickly, and it will not stinky water like an ordinary mop, which will help air dry, even if it is placed in a humid corner, it is not easy to breed bacteria.

And it uses a magic sticker trailer. Simple tears and stickers can be used to change the mop.


It’s really easier than ordinary mop! The adhesion of the magic stickers is very high, and it can withstand repeated tearing.


Has been used for constant praise:


A must -have for home cleansing supplements such as mop. Since you want to buy, you have to buy everyone’s recognition. Believe me, this star as a new star in the mop industry will be your choice of not regretting. Super powerful!

Get it, you can drag the floor of the entire house in 10 minutes, better than asking the housekeeping aunt!

You and the clean and relaxed life are only this self -squeezed water mop. Choose the right mop and drag the ground.


Bring you

Easy to squeeze water and not dirty hands, drag it until it is cleaned

Soft cotton head in 3 seconds, 180 ° deep into the dead corner

Dry upright, easy to storage

It’s easy to use your unexpected “housework!”


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[You can drag 100 square meters in 2 minutes] saving time and effort, and double your clean intensity!


¥ 15