As 80, 90 became the main people in the purchase of houses, they started to have their own home, and the decoration market also could meet their taste and demand. Unlike the practicality of the previous generation, the practicality of the product is different, and the pursuit of individuality and color is the attitude of the current young people. A comfortable home must be in compliance with your aesthetics, and highlight your own personality.

The wall is laid a decoration tone, the switch is light on the wall art, pay attention to each inch space in the family, the switch is a detail that cannot be ignored. Zhengtai home creates a single-character and color value, more in line with the fashion trend, more combined with a variety of renovation style switches, Zhengtai home new New2HD series glass large panel switch hard core, the gods are more good!


Zhengtai Home New2HD series glass large panel switch panel uses high quality tempered glass, smooth and translucent, smooth touch, cleaning, cleaning, simply rub. High-purity color reduction is achieved with high light transmittance, and it has been used for a long time to keep the color and long-lasting. Color uses silk printing technology, full of brightness, and has excellent light resistance, high temperature and daylight without significant fading. Upgrade on the basis of the large board switch, tempered glass switches bright appearance, more fashionable.

1.1mm curved tempered glass, hard core!

Zhengtai Home New2HD Series Glass Board Switch Panel 1.1mm thick tempered glass, hardness reached 7h / 8h, 3-5 times the ordinary glass. High hardness makes the surface of the glass panel are wear resistant, not easy to be scratched, and it is not easy to leave scratches. It is more resistant to impact when hitting hard objects, reducing the damage of glass and thus brought damage. Even if the glass accidental ruptures will only have an acute fragments, it is not easy to cut the finger, which greatly improves the safety of use.

The tempered glass also has a strong hot and cold resistance temperature resistance, 5-6 times the temperature resistance of ordinary glass, and has a better fur fracture effect in the hot and hot die temperature environment. The personalization of the hard core, don’t worry that it is “glass heart”.

Comparison of the 2.5D surface of the mobile phone screen, the pure flat panel edges are curved, not only a “water fullness”, with a round-sliding angle design, so that the switch line is more soft and romantic, and eliminate sharp corners. The characteristics of tempered glass also brings a warm touch of mobile phone screen, and the winter touches are not cold, the summer touch is refreshing, and the crisp switch is over, bringing pleasure to enjoy.

6 kinds of home install the colors, excellent!


Do you want to have a better performance? Zhengtai Home New2HD series glass large panel switch, 6 kinds of home dress color is a unique color to add unique colors.

Conventional three-color meets most personalized home choices. The vast imagination of the Milky Way is wakeing up. In the non-black, white fashion style creates a gray popularity, integrating modern minimalism, American, industrial style highlights the future, mysterious and surprises; hidden in the moon shadow, Have a peaceful wisdom and gentle charm, for industrial, light luxury, Japanese style, etc. Let the light luxury, Chinese, European style, etc. to complete the gorgeous transformation in the rays of Rising Sun.


Customize the three-color value, let home home style. The court red, touched the warmth and hoping emotions, but the surface flowing out of the surface, the stability of the calm, let the Chinese, new Chinese become hot “national trend”; modest and elegant dark night green, people seem to return to harmony Among the nature contexts, the green plants in the space are planted in the style, the venue, the Mediterranean style to the same frequency as nature; the first in the morning, the morning light powder in the sun, but the young is full of power, for the pastoral, American, Continental romance and freshness brought pink roses.

16A big current is more than one, outstanding!


Design and practical match, outstanding is the quality of internal and external repair. Zhengtai Home New2HD series glass large panel switch, supporting a variety of glass panel functional modules, can provide an integrated multi-green glass panel solution to meet the diversity of exquisite spaces such as home, high-end hotels, and homestays. It has a 16A large current switch, water heater, air conditioning, etc.


Zhengtai Home New2HD series glass large panel switch built-in anti-rust steel frame, installation is more suitable for the wall, not easy to deform. Macole distance is 5-hole socket, the central aperture is 45cm, and the two plug-in three plug simultaneously uses the plug and uninterrupted. Protective door design anti-monolar insertion, protect children’s incoming safety, prevent a large amount of dust from entering, guaranteeing smooth and out of the socket.

Every home is the beginning of dreams, different homes, which make different dreams. Zhengtai Home New2HD series glass large panel switch, with hard core personality, excellent color value, outstanding core, and companionship for long confidence, for more artificial artificial artificial artificial “beauty”.