The weather is getting colder. I am afraid that she will be cold for her baby to change diapers at night, and I am afraid that it will affect her sleep, so I will see if there are Baoma recommending night diapers on various platforms. If you ca n’t do it, you can only buy a trial in a good diapers to use it for my daughter to see which one is better. Lu’an is the first to buy for her daughter. The length of the use is at most seven hours. The daughter’s PP is dry as a whole, that is, the price is very expensive.


BabyCare Space Nano -silver ion diapers I expect it to be very high. It is said that it can absorb nine times of urine volume, use it for the baby for 10 hours, and change it to the baby in the morning. Touch her PP to be disappointed. The usually price is 4.98/piece.

The beaba adventurer claims to use 12 hours. I have used it for 12 hours for my baby. Usually the price is 4.42/piece.

I think many people have evaluated diapers from many aspects. At that time, the homework of making diapers for the baby was really tired, there were many brands, and all kinds of voices were available. Finally, I applied for a trial application application. The overall word of mouth is good, and I decide to put aside those evaluations. Other miscellaneous opinions, for the baby, the most intuitive is that each time she changes her PP to see the dryness, and whether it will be red PP. My baby has no red PP above. Comprehensive use results and price, the first push: beaba explorer (cost -effective) second push: Lu’an Shi Shi (buying a local tyrant to buy) BabyCare, I will not repurchase, but my cotton soft towel I push it all my life, easy to use, easy to use, easy to use , Affordable (purchased by Double Eleven 618) PS or more diapers without the unit price is quite expensive. I bought it after buying and tried. The cooling coefficient is reduced, and the improvement of sleep quality is quite cost -effective.