Ten game mouse disassembly and random inspection

By the year of March 15th, we will conduct market spot checks for different industries and fields at the beginning of each year, and expose some of the hot but problems and hidden dangers. Today, it is no exception. On Saturday, we have already explained the way, meaning, and conventional testing projects of the market sampling inspection in “315 peripherals: online purchase of 100 yuan TOP10 mouse measurement”. This article is an extension of the previous article. We disassembled these 10 mouses, considering the ingredients inside the mouse and the workmanship of the product.

10 hot -selling game mouse market spot checks

Let’s revisit these 10 sampling products. These products distribute the top ten e -commerce high -sales lists, and the price is the most mainstream 100 yuan price section nowadays. These 10 mouses are not “Logitech G302”, “Sai Rui Rival 100”, “Razer Purgatory Purple Viper 1800DPI”, “Yibo M639”, “Rayba V210”, “Double Feiyan Blood Hand Ghost V8M”, ” Dar Wrangler EM915 “,” Basic Donkey 325 Basic Edition “,” Black Jue GT “,” Wolf Road G402 “.

10 hot -selling gaming mouse disassembled one by one

In these brands, we can see some familiar brands, and there are some brands we are more unfamiliar, but they all have a characteristic, that is, super high sales.

10 best -selling mouse products participating in the evaluation

And because this article has detailed disassembly each mouse, we will write a page of the disassembly of a mouse. You can click on the paging symbol below the article to directly enter the product disassembly page you want to see. At the end of the full text, we also summarized and commented on the disassembly of the market spot inspection. This article is the second part of the content of “315 peripheral spot inspection”, let’s enter the disassembly and evaluation link immediately!

Daryou EM915

First of all, we have disassembled the “Daryou EM915” mouse. Perhaps many people will be unfamiliar with the mouse model, but it also has a popular product model- “Wrangler”.

However, the “Wrangler” here is different from the Wrangler of X Bao. This mouse has a very considerable sales since it was listed, and it was cottage and followed by many domestic shopping malls. Recently, we will also launch the “Wrangler” mouse cottage incident investigation in the near future article.

The bottom of the mouse screw hole layout & cross screw

There are two feet in Daryou EM915 mouse, which are distributed on the upper and lower back of the mouse. There are four screw holes at the bottom of the mouse, distributed in four corners, and the screws used are conventional cross screws.

Open the mouse shell

After disassembling the mouse shell, we found that the PCB electronic structure inside the mouse was divided into two parts. The native weight was installed at the bottom of the mouse. Half parts; the lower part is the LED light group, mouse master control and optical engine.

Roller encoder/Left and right Omron micro -motion/side key Huino micro -motion

PCB work/optical engine details

The left and right keys of the Daryou EM915 mouse use the classic Omron white dot micro -movement, the two side keys are Hua Nuo micro -motion, the roller encoder brand is TTC. It can be said that from the internal materials It is still luxurious. The welding and workmanship of components such as the internal PCB version of the mouse are also unconventional.

Black Jue GT Athletic Version

Next is the “GT Athletic Edition” mouse of the domestic brand “Black Jue”. This mouse also belongs to the size specifications of rats, and special floating buttons are designed for FPS games. This mouse in the online store is in the online store. The sales volume has also exceeded 10,000.

The bottom of the mouse is relatively small, distributed in the four corners of the mouse, and the design of the small area pads is very helpful for the daily use of FPS shooting gamers. Open the foot stickers. We also saw four small cross screws. You can open the mouse shell.

Most of the accessories of the Black Jue GT Athletic Edition Mouse and Mouse are based on the bottom of the mouse. The adjustment of DPI and other keys is located in the upper part of the mouse, and a line is connected in the middle.

Mouse weight and detail

Two metal weights are designed at the tail of the bottom of the mouse. The mouse uses two heavy weights with the same quality. A sponge is sandwiched in the middle, followed by inlaid in the bottom of the mouse.

Movement and details

Rolling shaft details/BY8801 Flash MUC main control chip

The keys inside the mouse all use Hua Nuo’s blue white dot micro-motion, the roller decoder model is “H-11 by”, the main control chip is BY8801 Flash MUC gaming-grade main control chip, and the optical engine is conventional Materials. From the perspective of the internal solder joint workmanship, it is also said, and the internal keys are slightly micro -movement, which ensures that the sufficient materials are also cleverly controlled by the cost.

Ling Donkey 325RS

The following is the once popular “Ling Donkey 325RS” game mouse. The once personalized design greatly increased the popularity of this brand. Today, this mouse we dismantled is the entry -level model of its brand.

The bottom of the mouse screw hole layout & snowflake screw

We opened the bottom of the mouse and did not find the use of foot stickers. Instead, the bottom plate of a whole metal was replaced. The four raised parts up and down were the contact surface of this mouse. No common cross screws are used.

Disassemble the three screws at the bottom of the mouse, and then remove the bottom board of the mouse to successfully disassemble the mouse. All electronic components such as the mouse’s PCB are designed at the bottom The shape of the mouse is completely fits the bottom of the mouse.

Left and right button and rolling shaft micro -movement details

We disassembled the mouse PCB board of the upper part to see the materials. The left and right keys of the mouse were slightly moving by Omron’s white dot, and the bottom of the roller was slightly moving.

PCB and craft workmanship

Main -control chip/optical engine

The mouse adopts a conventional 8pin packaging optical engine. The main control is ITON Yitong brand. The partial connection of the double -layer PCB board does not adopt the form of the lines. Instead, the metal contact is straight up. In the case of tinning, the two side keys are square micro -motion, and the micro -motion switch similar to the left and right button is not used, perhaps because the internal space is limited.

Langtu Robot G402

Next is a mouse that sells tens of yuan in China and sells over 10,000, called the “Wolf Pass Robot G402” mouse, but in terms of the appearance of the mouse or model, we can think of “titanium” and “Logitech”, compared with the “titanium e -sports” mouse, these two are too similar, but the shell plastic materials of the mouse are rough, and the gaps in the model are also large.

There are two foot stickers at the bottom of the mouse. The material of the foot stickers is relatively hard. After the hot air gun is torn off, it is still a conventional four -corner screw fixing the mouse.

After opening the shell, we found that the weight was designed in the back of the mouse shell. The PCB plate was rectangular and was sprayed into white. A black tape was covered on the optical engine. There were many reserved welding holes in the PCB plate.

Roller decoder/micro -motion details

The mouse roller decoder is marked with the words “HY 11”. The left and right keys and roller keys and DPI adjustment buttons are slightly moving with TCD green spots.

Main control details/optical engine details

The main control of the mouse is used by BY8801 Flash MUC chip. This chip is more common in many entry -level mouse products, layout next to the optical engine. The mouse work and materials are relatively average, but it has not yet reached a very rude level. This mouse was once priced at more than 100 yuan. Recently, the promotion is even less than 50 yuan. From the perspective of the solution, it was very unreasonable to sell hundreds of yuan.

Leibo V210 Customized Edition

The following is the custom -made mouse of the Ripper V210 MISS. We are no stranger to the brand and products of Leibo. The customized version of the mouse is a bit different from some small details in the ordinary version of V210, but the former’s sales are more considerable.

The mouse pad is still a conventional layout at the bottom of the mouse, the screw is a cross screw, the thunder V210 mouse’s foot pad is relatively slippery, and the glue is more suitable. It is very convenient to remove it.

The rectangular black PCB board is used inside, and we see that those cheap black adhesives are not seen on the internal optical engine of the mouse, and it is replaced by a black baffle, which is buckled above the engine in the form of a buckle. Metal weight is installed inside the mouse arches.

Rolling wheels and keys slightly moved details

The left and right keys of the mouse are still the white dot of Omron we are familiar with. Under the roller, TTC slightly moves, and the side dual -button uses the square 4 contact micro -movement.

Although it is said that this is a mouse product of more than 100 yuan, the internal workmanship is still satisfactory, and the welding point is also clean and neat. Some details are also available. Essence

Thunder Snake Purgatory Viper

This is a mouse product that has been listed for a long time. Its classic level is enough to load the history of history, but there are many imitation and fakes on the market. This requires attention to netizens.

There are three screw holes on the back of the mouse. You do n’t need to tear off the lower foot stickers when disassembling this mouse. It should be noted that in addition to the screw position on the two corners above the mouse, there is a hidden screw hole in the middle of the back sticker. If It can only be passed without tearing off the stickers.

Open the housing of the mouse. At this time, be careful not to pull it out. In the middle of the two PCB boards of the mouse, the line is separated by a line. This lines cannot be plugged off, which is directly welded. Above the optical engine, there are still plastic shell protection; the left and right keys of the mouse and the roller are on the upper half of the mouse.

Key to move the details/roll wheel decoder details

We disassembled the upper part of the mouse. We found that the familiar Omron’s white dots were still moving, and the roller was slightly moving. The green circle roller decoder also guaranteed the daily smooth use.

The Razer Purgatory Viper Mouse uses the main control chip of CY7C64215, the engine is the S3988 optical engine. This engine is older, but after all, this is a mouse only 1600DPI. ; The overall internal workmanship is still perfect, and the internal architecture and design are relatively “old”, but it will still not affect such a considerable sales.

Logitech G302

The Logitech G302 mouse has been on the market for a while. It is not easy to be able to rank among the top 10 sales. At first glance, this mouse is relatively small, but after all, the price is there, not to mention that it is not good to see a mouse according to the mouse size.

The bottom of the screw hole of the mouse/disassembling shell

Due to the positioning gaming game, the area of ​​the Logitech G302 mouse is not large, and the thin design is also fitting the bottom of the mouse. The mouse removed the other electronic components in the lower half of the mouse shell.

Press the key micro -motion

Omron’s white dot micro -movement is still the “20M” specification version.

Main -control chip details

The main control chip of ARM architecture is more complete than the rectangular design we see in the previous models. After all, Logitech G302 is a new product of the past year. It has not much effect on the size of the mouse body and the seemingly not much materials. After all, some new technologies are used in it, coupled with a relatively good brand reputation, G302 has even stood out from other models of the brand.

Sai Rui Rival 100

Sai Rui is still a hot peripheral brand. This time we choose “Rival 100”, as an entry -level mouse product. This is a smaller mouse product, but its performance and its performance and Feelings are not underestimated.

The foot pads at the bottom of the mouse are designed with a foot sticker to remove the slot. It is more convenient to remove the rubber foot pad, which facilitates the future warranty and maintenance. The user’s own replacement of the foot pads is particularly convenient.

The same as many entry -level mouse is the same, most of the mouse’s PCB circuit accessories are placed on the bottom shell of the mouse. The upper cover is only designed with DPI adjustment keys and bilateral keys, side keys, and DPI adjustment keys. The red dot moves slightly, and the two PCBs are connected by the plug -in line. Above the optical engine is still covered by plastic cover, not cheap vinyl.

PCB and solder joint workmanship

The roller decoder of the Sai Rui Rival mouse is the same as the Razer Purgatory Purgical Viper seen by the Fang, but the micro -motion is the Correal Custom Switch, the color of the switching contact is orange; in general, the materials and workmanship are worthy The word “Sai Rui”.

Blood Hand Ghost V8M

Below is the disassembly of Shuangfeiyan Blood Hand Ghost V8M mouse. The bloody hand ghost has been very active in the domestic game peripheral market in the country in the past two years. This V8M mouse is also widely used as the leader of the series.

We found that the foot sticker of this V8M mouse did not use rubber materials, but a more firm all -aluminum sheet replaced the traditional rubber foot stickers, and the area of ​​the 4 foot pads was not large. Users to play games are smoother. , But disassembling is more difficult, and it is easy to scratch the bottom of the mouse.

The mouse mold is large, suitable for those big users, the internal atmosphere of the mouse, the two PCB electronic structures, the basic structure is similar to other mouse at the same price.

PCB and welding joint workmanship details

Roller/button slightly moved details

Inner metal weight is installed on the inside of the housing arches above the mouse. From the perspective of the internal workmanship PCB welding workmanship, this does see the 30 -year -old manufacturer style of the industry, meticulous to complete each welding and insertion of components. The left and right sides use Huino Blue Dot Moving to the slight movement. This micro -movement feels very crispy, and the rebound is relatively simple. Tell the click button in a short period of time. There will be a good key feedback. Essence

The bottom of the mouse screw hole layout & cross screw

The bottom of the mouse screw hole layout & cross screw

The bottom of the mouse screw hole layout & cross screw

The bottom of the mouse screw hole layout & cross screw

The bottom of the mouse screw hole layout & cross screw

The bottom of the mouse screw hole layout & cross screw

Open the mouse shell

Open the mouse shell

Open the mouse shell

Open the mouse shell

Open the mouse shell

Open the mouse shell

Open the mouse shell

Main control details/optical engine details

Main control details/optical engine details

Main control details/optical engine details

Yibo M639

In the end, we dismantled the Shi Bo M639 mouse. This mouse was used by many Internet cafes. Many people reported that Yibo’s mouse product was more “real”, so let’s take a look at its internal design.

The bottom of the mouse screw hole layout & cross screw

Different from the previous nine mouses, 6 screw holes are designed at the bottom of the Yibo M639 mouse, 2 of which are long screws, 4 are short screws, and two switches such as DPI are designed at the bottom of the mouse. It is more convenient to adjust users.

Open the mouse shell

The shell mold of the Yibo M639 mouse is relatively large. Two PCB boards are used inside and connected with the lines. The side keys are square micro -motion, and the solder joints are also clean and neat.

Rolling wheels and keys slightly moved details

The left and right keys of the mouse use the Hua Nuo green dot slightly. The official life span is 5 million times. Compared with the popular feel of Hua Nuohuang, the green dot is more crisp and has a relatively obvious sense of paragraph.

Main control details/optical engine details

Local details of internal workmanship

Prior to this, our “real disassembly” column disassembled a certain mouse of Yibo. The internal workmanship and solution design was worrying, and the workmanship of this M639 mouse was pretty good, but a capacitance still was still a capacitance. It is on the socket of the lines. Some obsessive -compulsive players may not be able to stand; there is no harm.

Summary of disassembly evaluation

The 10 mouses are also dismantled. Let’s summarize the characteristics of these mouses, as well as doing things.

2017 3.15 peripheral product market spot inspection

1. The price of more than 100 yuan is also a penny and a penny

That’s right, all the cheapest products participating in the evaluation this time are 89 yuan, and the most expensive is only 199 yuan. These products, as an entry -level product of about 100 yuan, are indeed like the “one penny, one penny” before we dismantle. Level control, etc., but these products are really dare not compliment in workmanship. The large -scale gaps in the shell and the very uncomfortable mouse touch cannot be made up for no matter how good the internal materials are used.

2. Omron’s micro -movement occupies half -naive monopoly industry?

After reading the whole article, when it comes to the micro -movement of the keys, we are talking more about “Omron”, followed by “Huaeno” and “TTC”. These are actually well -known brands. There are many in the industry. The mouse has used these micro -motion, and in recent years, whether a mouse has used Omron’s white dot to become the key to measuring the quality of this mouse. The most important thing for a mouse product is the materials and comfort of the left and right button Surprove. But everyone should not blindly pursue “Omron”, such as Huaeno, TTC, etc. are also micro -motion switches with good domestic reputation, but most of us do not understand its feel and feelings.

3. The vinyl cloth on the optical engine is too embarrassing

Optical micro -movement is attached to a tape? Yes, it is too embarrassing. Often some cheap mouses will use cheap and convenient ways to put some unexpected things on the optical engine in order to save costs. Is it really because of the cost? This is too embarrassing.

4. Product specification parameters 用 really easy to use

We just said the truth of “one penny and one penny”. Of course, some products in this evaluation are special versions such as the “competitive version” or “customized version”, and except for the appearance of the product, we did not see any elements that are different from the ordinary version. Some unspecified parameters are listed in it. In fact, the internal accessories in the mouse industry are the best and the worst is a few dollars. More importantly, the design of the mouse shell mold and the native design of panel materials. So some seemingly “tall” equipment can not reach the feeling you expected when you use it.