Some car owners have bought new cars equipped with leather seats. In order to prevent leather aging, they will also add a seat cover to the seat.

In fact, there is also a certain degree of controversy in this problem. Can the leather seat be installed with a seat cover?

Today, Mori Valley combined with her own point of view to tell friends about this, I hope it will be helpful to you.

What is the reason for adding seats to the leather seat?

Some car owners bought new cars with leather seats, but for the sake

Prevent cortical aging and wear, avoid cooling and protecting the buttocks in the summer in the summer, and ensuring that the seat is dirty and easy to remove and wash.

Based on these reasons, they will add a cloth seat to the leather seat.

The point of installing a seat cover is mentioned above, and whether the leather seat can be installed with a seat cover. Other friends have different views on this question. Let’s look down.

Can the leather seat be equipped with a seat cover?

First of all, Moriyu comes out of its own opinion,


I personally think that there is no need to add seats to leather seats.

The reason will be analyzed slowly below, let’s go one by one.

1. The seat will be tested during design and development

In fact, the seat is durability,

It will be tested during design and development. As long as it is not malicious, it can basically accompany the vehicle through the entire life cycle.

2. It may affect airbags pop -up


There are side airbags on the seats of some models, that is, there are SRS or Air Bag marks on the side of the seat. When an emergency occurs, the seat cover wraps the seats tightly, and the airbag may not be opened smoothly.

You can only blew in place.

When an accident occurs, the passengers on the car cannot be effectively protected.

So when buying a cushion, if you

There are side airbags in the car, it is best not to choose the entire packed seat cover,


That is the all -inclusive seat cover we are talking about.

Therefore, it is also important whether the seat cover has reserved the airbag burning interface, so

I want to say that there are places with airbags, it is best not to add anything.

3. Reduce seat friction and safety risks


Except for the above,

Some material’s seat sleeve friction coefficients are low. For example

The neck may be twisted, and there is a safety risk.

4. The leather seat is not difficult to take care of it


Many people are afraid that the leather seats will be soiled, so they put on the seat. Actually, leather seats

Without the coquettishness we imagined, as long as we usually take care of it, it is enough to clean up in time when there is stains.

In fact, leather seats are more dirty than ordinary fabric seats, and at the same time, benefit from the characteristics of the leather, and it is easier to take care of it.

For ordinary dust and stains, just wipe it gently with a clean rag, which is very convenient.

If the effect is not satisfactory, you can use a special cleaner to wipe. The round Valley also has a recommended one. The effect is good and the price is cost -effective. You can go to see our measured effect on the sterilization of the interior cleaner.

If you want to make your leather more shiny, you can use it appropriately, or to maintain the leather surface.

5. Some cheap seats are harmful to your health

According to some laboratory data, some cheap seat covers not only have odors, but also have many volatile substances that are harmful to health.

Wheel Valley view:

That round of valley

Personally, there is no need to add seats to leather seats.

Take a step back, if your car has a side airbag, you still have to install a seat cover. It is recommended that you don’t choose the full -package seat cover.

When we buy a car, choose a leather seat configuration, that is


In order to appear to be higher -end at the high -end atmosphere, it costs high, but you have a seat cover for leather seats. How can you let people look at your leather seats?




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