This year’s popularity

“Cropped pants”

Have you put on it? This kind of versatile item is good -looking, no matter what is matched, it can be controlled by small shirts such as T -shirts, shirts, and sweaters.

Small shirt with cropped pants


It ’s really fashionable to wear like this in early autumn. Let’ s take a look. Let ’s take a look ~

Pink sweater+black nine -point jeans

Match 1:

Girls who like to wear pants, you must not miss a pair of black pants in your wardrobe. It is very versatile and thin. This year’s popular black nine -point jeans, let alone more. Design, straight -up version, easy to wear, thin, and high, and resistance to wear, and the gradient design of the pants is really fashionable. If you feel that the top of the top with thousands of times is not special, then choose to choose to choose This autumn is more suitable for pink sweater, so it is really fashionable, fashionable you, are you getting?

Blue T -shirt+Printing Nine -point chiffon pants


Match 2:


If you don’t have any new ideas, you may wish to choose this popular printed chip pants this year. It is a high -waist+nine -point design. It is easy to wear! thin! nice! Yes, it is really exaggerated, look, gray print design, it looks very fresh and high -level, it is also very fashionable, chiffon in seconds, no matter how you wear it, you can bring you an infinite sense of elegance, very very very much, very very very very elegant. Di Mei, the upper body with a blue T -shirt, or a V -neck design, the overall look shows the sexy woman’s charm, and it is even more beautiful to match the black single shoes ~

Outside shirt+nine -point small pants

Match 3:

If you want to be thin, you can choose black pants again. It is the so -called black and thin and versatile. Especially for the slightly fat girls, the black nine -bit small foot pants, high waist, high waist, high waist The design is too easy to be thin, and it has a high effect. It is very simple style. There is no extra decoration. It is beautiful. The top is a white shirt with an off -the -shoulder white shirt, sexy and charming. , Let you be more fashionable, cleverly expose the slender neck lines, and visually have the effect of lengthening the proportion of the body. It is more high with a pair of high heels. You, you might as well try it!

Blue sweater+apricot nine -point strap pants


Match 4:

Needless to say, the strap pants are relatively young and high. Take a look, this apricot strap pants, you can basically not see the waistline at a glance, so the thin effect is really different, but the strap on the strap is really different, but the strap is on the back. Style, it is easier to move people’s eyes to the upper body. It has a high mind visually. The pants shape of the small feet, the rolling feet create the effect of nine points, add more fashion, and it is even more significant. It is the easiest to match. It is easy to match the blue sweater. It is both fashionable, elegant, and full of literary feel ~

White shirt+black high -waisted nine -point wide -leg pants

Match 5:


This is a more suitable match for girls in the workplace. The combination of white+black is more popular this fall, and it is not yet picked. The top is white shirt. It is very intellectual and elegant. The design of the stand -up collar shows the capable and sharp claims of professional girls, a loose version, and any body can be easily controlled. The thin -legged version is particularly suitable for girls with large butt and thick waist and thick waist -shaped body. Is it very suitable? It is thin and high, the key is full of fashion ~

Well, after reading the editor so much, I haven’t started school, buy it quickly!