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Neat and orderly life,

Reflected in every detail

Move your hands, use cloth heads, cloth blocks

Add some color to the daily life that is endless


The wardrobe becomes orderly

Dust, practical, pleasing to the eye

Drawings and instructions


Finished product size: 21 -inch × 10.5 -inch drawings consist of four parts, 100%printed and stitching according to the figure.

Sewing tutorial

Material preparation


The first step; the drawing drawings cut out two tablets and two slices of cloth, and burn it into the lining.

Step 2; Sewing a tablet with the front of the library, suture long side, and the other tables are processed as the same method as library.

Step 3; iron the sewing to one side.

The fourth step; open the fabric, the surface cloth is opposed to the front, and the surroundings are sutured. The opening and the middle of the top and the bottom of the bottom are not seamless.


Step 5; cut the mouth on the curved part.

Step 6; turn from the opening to the front.

Step 7 back to Riba back to the table.


Step 8 to iron inward, as shown in the figure.

Step in the ninth step, a few stitches at both ends are fixed.

Step 10; iron.

Step 11; stitching ribbon decoration.

It’s done ~ Arrange it for your clothes ~


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