Let 200 pounds of fat people comfortable home and office computer chairs: Yongyi 1098


1. Foreword: ready to send a chair


I have a friend, a free creator, a senior car enthusiast, digital reviewer, and master of photography. He is often invited to take pictures and write a photo of Party A and Digital A. Because of the more popular, more and more collaborators are looking for their partners, which often needs to stay up late to change the picture and change the text. It is very hard to know that it has been writing in front of the computer for a long time. People (178cm tall, weighing more than 200 catties), I heard that the light chair was raised by several (hahaha). Isn’t this a holiday? As a friend, I think about sending him a better ergonomic office chair.


2. Simply sort out the needs:

1. Safety and reliability, after all, it is a burly person, so the overall material of the office chair

The support is good,

Especially the quality of the chassis and air rods must be excellent

2. People who use computer for a long time, good chairs must have a good support and protection effect on their waist and back and neck

3. The cushion must be thick enough. You must know that two hundred pounds are pressed to a thinner cushion.


4, the back of the back is still breathable, what is the most afraid of fat people? Most people must be afraid of heat, not to mention that the office chair is used in the year and four seasons. Without good breathability, the feeling of light is enough to make people irritable.

5. If it can be better, it is better to be more light, and it is better to store it. My own chair cannot be stored under the table. The handrail will be stuck. My wife always complains that my big e -sports chair is too place.

6. If possible, of course, it is still cheaper 🙂 Hahaha, this sentence can not let him see


3. How about Yongyi 1098 I bought, come and see

Combining the previous needs, I really saw a good look for a comparison. It is quite suitable for his home office chair: Yongyi 1098 ergonomic chairs.

As for the chair, we still verify through the real use of my friend.

First of all, let’s have a positive picture. Is it the same as my first feeling? It’s quite light and delicate, but at the same time, it also makes me worry that this lightweight and delicate office chair can really resist my burly friend? Don’t worry, let’s take a look at the chassis and air rod


In order to prevent explosion -proof, the safety should be very guaranteed, and it also supports 0 to 15 ° back -to -back space, so that the office chair has the effect of a happy chair, and provides the comfort of relaxing the body in the working gap. With SGS -certified 3 -level air rods, it is truly safe and durable.

The bottom is the five -star chair foot that conforms to the BIFMA high -intensity detection. It is sturdy and durable.

The chair and wheels have a good noise reduction effect. Writing the draft late at night, you don’t have to worry about being noisy.

Of course, for my friends, the most important thing is to sit comfortably! Let’s talk about the U -shaped pillow above, why are more and more white -collar workers now easily?

Cervical stiffness after sedentary


The big reason is that the computer is used for a long time, and the neck is not supported. Coupled with the sleeping table at noon to sleep, the cervical spine can not get a rest.

The pillow of Yongyi 1098 ergonomic chair supports 7cm height lift and adjustment, which can give the neck comfortable support. Whether it is daily or nominated at noon, it is very good.


As an office chair, the design of the back of the chair is very important. The support and protection of the thoracic spine and the back can depend on it. This chair provides a 26cm wide waist back, and it can also be adjusted by 5cm up and down. Through the design of engineering support, you can really realize “someone supports the waist” when using it! ” Safe, comfortable and healthy!

Looking down, it is natural to reach the position of the butt 🙂 I believe many people have experienced the experience of using a chair and buttocks. Due to the poor sponge elasticity used in quality chairs, it is relatively thin. After a period of time, let the butt make the ass. Uncomfortable, but this chair will not be like this, because the 8cm thickened sponge cushion is used,


Good back elasticity


My friend’s weight of more than two hundred pounds is okay. I believe everyone will sit and comfortable for a long time.


I also said that fat people are afraid of heat, so often gaming chairs are not suitable for them. The back of this chair, the skin -friendly elastic mesh fabric is used, has strong support to tear resistance, as well as high air transplantation effects, and do not need to worry about the sultry sensation for a long time.

Oh! By the way, the armrests of this chair are designed very practical, because it supports 90 degrees to be adjusted, and it is used daily. Gently lift the handrail and push the chair to the table very well. You can reduce the effect of reducing the height by regulating the gas pressure rod, but you need to adjust it before and after each use. It is really cumbersome. When you encounter an inappropriate table, it is annoying that even if you adjust it, you ca n’t stuff it in!

Postscript and supplement


Looking at my friend’s thank you information, I think this chair is still very good. Not only is the shape simple and comfortable to experience, the key is not stressful for his 200 pounds of weight. It can support the back of the back and protect the cervical spine. Soothing long -seated fatigue, and can be well stored.

As for cost -effective, I think it is good, sending friends is still very good value