The epidemic is ruthless and affectionate, and the relationship between the party and the mass is warm. In the Spring Festival of 2020, in front of the aggressive epidemic, the party members and cadres and cadres of Er Ge Street were united. The determination and confidence in the prevention and control of the epidemic has gathered into a majestic force to overcome the epidemic.

For the masses:

The masses’ things are big things

“Choosing to believe in communism is to choose to serve the people. You must go on unswervingly. Gan is the public servant of the people to serve the people true and well serve the people. People. “At 7 o’clock every morning, the party members, volunteers, and staff of the Tai’an Lane neighborhood committee of Er Ge Street sent an oath to the party flag before the” war “.

二戈街道办事处:党群齐心筑防线 同舟共济战疫情

Although the staff of the neighborhood committee did not directly contact patients like medical staff, there were potential dangers because of more residents. There is no protective clothing, instead of raincoats; the mask is lacking, they disinfect the mask after using the plastic wrap; there are no goggles, and the sunglasses, old flower mirrors, and plastic boards are all used in handy; baths are greatly useful; baths Hats, swimming caps, and plastic bags are used to make protective caps … All these “soil” equipment are only to protect the lives of the people in their jurisdictions, and to put the first level of prevention of epidemic prevention for residents.

“Hello, my daughter is about to give birth next month, but the quasi -student permit previously issued can not be found. Now, in this situation, we don’t know if we can go out to apply for a standard certificate again. I hope your neighborhood committee can help.” Residents who live in Jialing Lane Ms. Zhang called the Songhua Lane neighborhood committee to ask for a standard certificate, because she couldn’t go out, and Aunt Zhang in the phone seemed to be more anxious.

“Hello, Aunt Zhang, don’t worry, let’s ask you how to deal with the business department. Please wait patiently and wait for us to reply at home.” Hanging on the phone, the staff of the Songhua neighborhood committee contacted the street health department. By searching for the record of the student certificate, the pregnant women handled all the procedures on behalf of the whole process, and sent the formalities to the house. “Thank you so much. You let us not be afraid of danger, but you are in danger to help us handle it. I don’t know how to thank you, I wish you peace.”

“Uncle 鄢, you can stay up at home. If you don’t want to go out, we need to buy it for you.” Every day, Wang Lizhi, the secretary of the return of Huilong Road neighborhood committee, will ask the key person in Wuhan to visit relatives in Wuhan. As soon as the situation is needed, the staff of the neighborhood committee will always buy living materials and send them to the family, and confirm that the physical condition and personnel trends of the family and their families will be confirmed to ensure that the key personnel will not leave home or go out. “Thank you, let you work hard, and pay attention to safety!” Xun Mou’s gratitude made the staff of the neighborhood committee feel that all hard work was worth it.

二戈街道办事处:党群齐心筑防线 同舟共济战疫情

Movement of the masses:

Group defense group control the anti -epidemic defense line

Since the announcement of the “Notice of the Pneumonia Prevention and Control Work Leading Group for Pneumonia’s Pneumonia infection in the infection of the new coronary virus infection (No. 1), the Er Ge Street Office and the neighborhood committees immediately acted immediately. The courtyards of various communities in the jurisdiction launched the masses to implement “hard core” closed management.

In Shujiazhai and Fuyuan South Road neighborhood committees, due to the number of old communities and scattered households, the neighborhood committee launched the Nanyue Mountain Station, Three Materials and other units and the residents of the districts in the area. The “fence” tightened on the back streets and alleys 104, leaving only the fire safety channel for personnel on duty and semi -closed management, and resolutely curb the spread of the epidemic spread.

At the Cuiyun Lane neighborhood committee, the staff and volunteers are on duty at various epidemic defense cards every day. Because the weather is relatively cold recently, the residents are deeply moved. Participate in the card point to keep the middle, measure the body temperature for the residents of the jurisdiction, discourage the less out of as much as possible, gather less, and jointly build a copper wall and iron wall that will prevent and control the epidemic.

In the Lijing Lane neighborhood committee, because the No. 19 community of Fuyuan Lane belongs to the old community and there is no property management, Chen Wenfang, the director of the building, led the volunteers to spontaneously at the gate of the gate of the community to protect the community from allowing foreign personnel to ensure the safety of residents in the community. Gradually, under the leadership of Chen Wenfang, Chen Wenfang, party member Hu Yiping, retired military party member Kang Dinggui, and Wang Mingjiu, the community organizations have made power to make the residents in the community fully put in the prevention and control of the epidemic. The more people joined the outbreak of the volunteer team.

Criminal feed:

Xiaoshan brings together big love warm people’s hearts

二戈街道办事处:党群齐心筑防线 同舟共济战疫情

At the Shimajing neighborhood committee, caring people and veterans volunteers, and low -guarantee volunteers acted in action and actively participated in the anti -epidemic situation and contributed to fighting the epidemic. Under the leadership of Dai Ruming, Wu Tianjun, Jiang Mingyou, Luo Wei, etc., all kinds of caring people actively provided tables, chairs, and hot water, seeing the hard work environment of the staff, and also provided heater to the card to defend the card daily. The staff heated and voluntarily participated in the epidemic and disinfection and propaganda of the neighborhood committee.

二戈街道办事处:党群齐心筑防线 同舟共济战疫情

“The current epidemic prevention and control work is in a critical period. We want to use the way we can reach the new type of coronary virus infection of the new coronary virus infection of the new coronary virus infected by our own power.” Ban Xingyi, the president of the bank of the bank, contacted the staff of a professional disinfection company to conduct professional disinfection for the office area of ​​the 8 -kilometer neighborhood committee. He also donated 50 medical masks, a bottle of hand -washing and disinfection, and 50 pounds of 84 concentrated disinfection. The president of the class said: “You are not alone. As a part of the jurisdiction, we also have a sense of social responsibility. I hope that more people can inspire more people to participate in the prevention and control of the epidemic, so that the staff who fought on the front line can feel that they come from behind Warm, strengthen confidence, and defeat the epidemic. “

二戈街道办事处:党群齐心筑防线 同舟共济战疫情

The hard work in the past few days, Er Ge Street has made Guizhou Qianxuelan Trading Co., Ltd. feel quite feel for them. On February 3, the company sent condolences for the guards who worked on the front lines of the neighborhood committees in the jurisdiction, expressing their gratitude to front -line staff. and support. The person in charge of the caring company said that since the epidemic prevention and control work was launched, he witnessed all party members, cadres, staff, staff of neighborhood committees, and volunteers of Er Ge Street to give up vacation and selfless dedication. I would like to walk with Er Ge Street.

二戈街道办事处:党群齐心筑防线 同舟共济战疫情

(The key person in the text is a pseudonym)

Wen Tu: Jiang Zhouhui Xia Hongju Wu Xia, Xu Tingyu Xu Lihong Guo Ying