Which is better for decoration materials? Affiliated Ranking List+Material List

The most important thing for renovation is construction and building materials. Good construction quality and good building materials products can allow people to have a healthy and environmentally friendly home, but learning decoration is not a matter of overnight. What you have created, but what you need to know here is what the materials you can use in the decoration are available. Let ’s take a look at the Qingdao decoration company.

List of decoration materials

And the decoration material brand.

Ranking of Decoration Materials Brand

1. Marco Polo

The Marco Polo “brand was born in 1996. As the earliest domestic brand -oriented brand, it occupies the market with” cultural ceramics “and enjoys the reputation of” antique brick supreme “. Wall porcelain slices, micro -spar, hand -carved bricks, etc. are the most complete brand of domestic building products. The enterprise has more than 380 patents, and its independently developed original design- “China Impression” series of products. The essence of the tiles, guiding the style of design to return to Oriental Zen charm, has received widespread attention from consumers and experts at home and abroad.

2. Holy Elephant Floor

The Holy Element has always implemented the green industry chain strategy, and a series of high -quality floor products derived from it are very suitable for you to refurbish your home this summer. The green concept is deeply rooted in every detail of the industrial chain, so you don’t have to worry about sending an unpleasant smell in the hot weather after renovation.

The Holy Elephant Group was founded in 1995. It is headquartered in Shanghai. In the past 17 years, the Holy Element has always stood at the forefront of the industry, and has created a brand core value with its “professional quality, trustworthy” brand. “First” leads the development of the entire industry.

3. Europe

The European cabinet has reached the chairman of the Chinese cabinet industry for 11 consecutive years. With more than 4,200 stores, more than 100 countries exported to more than 6 continents, and the sales volume for 15 consecutive years is far ahead. The brand’s first mention rate and the brand’s preferred purchase rate ranks first in the industry. It is the undisputed China high -end cabinet industry first brand.

4. Michael

Meikemei Furniture Chain Co., Ltd. was founded in 2001. The brand is referred to as “Michami Family”, which is affiliated with Mark International Home Supplies Co., Ltd. Beginning in 2002, the well -known American furniture brand “Essen Allen” has established an international furniture chain retail network in China.

The Mark Micharine is a home brand that integrates independent product design, creativity, manufacturing, and sales and services. It is responsible for each link and keeps their commitments to customers. While covering the overall supply chain, it is purchased for global procurement. From free design consulting to consumer credit services, from the appointment of local delivery to the installation of noble salon services, provide overall home solutions, and for consumers’ home dreams, we hope to do more.

5. Nine Mu

It comes from the infinite love of water and the respect for life. Jiu Mu adheres to the brand concept of “let intelligence better life”, is guided by consumers’ needs, conforms to the trend of economic transformation and upgrading, and provides a “one -stop VR experience, one -stop type type type, one -stop type. The new type of pan -home customization solutions of the stewed and one -stop housekeeper service “promotes China’s intelligent manufacturing 2025 and create a dream space for the Fan Home Furnishing. As the responsibility of the toilet revolution, Jiu Mu focuses on “small toilets, big people’s livelihood”, driving the “toilet revolution to clean China” corporate strategy, fully responding to and promoting my country’s toilet revolution, helping the national health index improvement and social civilization progress.

6. Nature Home

Nature Home Professional is dedicated to the research of green and healthy home decoration projects. It is based on research and development, production and marketing green and healthy flooring, wooden doors, cabinets, wardrobes and other home products. , Mu Xiangju, Nature, Nature1530. A group leader of Nature Flooring Brand, Nature Wooden Door, Nature Kraney Cabinet, Wilman Cabinet, Naturehome Life Museum and other brands have been carried out in a large market strategy.

7. Delux

Dulux is one of the world -renowned architectural decorative lacquer brands of Akzu Nobel Corporation. Each year, there are tens of millions of families in the world using Delus paint. It has opened paint production plants in 26 countries around the world. Its products are marketing hundreds of global countries. At present, the Delux brand covers many products such as latex paint, wood paint, professional anticorrosive paint and floor paint, which fully meets the needs of different levels.

8. Dongpeng Tile

Dongpeng takes the responsibility of revitalizing the nation’s industry, and is committed to promoting the upgrading of China’s building pottery industry, providing customers with low -carbon, environmental protection, high -tech and highly personalized tiles and bathroom products.

Dongpeng Group is located in the “Southern Guo Tao Capital” -the Shiwan, Foshan, a professional manufacturer and brand manufacturer of tiles and bathroom products. Dongpeng, which was founded in 1972, focuses on the ceramics industry with “living here, is good at this”. With products that lead the industry’s consumption trends, they continue to innovate the business model to promote the industry from selling products to selling space, from selling orders from selling orders. Tile tiles to sell overall decoration schemes, from the three major transformations of tiles to selling culture, have become one of the leading brands of China’s ceramic industry.


Dongtao is a manufacturer of bathrooms, sanitary ware and related equipment for production and sales of civilian and commercial facilities. The pursuit of high quality and high craftsmanship, using households to enjoy hygiene, healthy, and comfortable life is the goal of the company’s consistent pursuit. Dongtao Company is committed to protecting precious water resources, creating and maintaining a comfortable living environment, and developing healthy equipment products with integrated combined structures, continuously enhanced its own product strength, and opened up new market space. Dongtao’s process technology and other related technologies of Dongtao used to create “combining water and electronics” to create the premier Dongtao products. TOTO’s products are known for their excellent functions and high reliability. And the product series based on Dongtao’s “combination of water and electrons” is recognized as the first producer in the industry.

10. Mona Lisa Tile

Following the exploration spirit and artistic concept of the famous art master Leonado Da Vinci during the Renaissance, since its establishment of the “Mona Lisa” brand, it has a lively artistic atmosphere, as if flowing in the flow of flowing, like flowing in the flow The DNA in Mona Lisa’s blood makes people feel the charm of art everywhere. Exploring the cultural origins from decorative arts, pursuing design inspiration from home life, Mona Lisa’s creative essence and concept have glowed with strong artistic characteristics, interpreting the true meaning of beauty- “beauty lies in simple rather than complication, in harmony, in harmony Not in conflict “, making art a good beauty that every home can be practically possessed.

Adhering to the brand development concept of “Every home is worth having Mona Lisa”, Mona Lisa integrates Da Vinci’s attitude towards the product into the brand culture and translates it into a product requirement. As the core spirit of marketing services, Lisa’s smile enables customers to enjoy the spiritual returns brought by high -quality services while feeling the artistic products, and to meet people’s diverse lifestyle needs.

Listing list of decoration materials

List of living room, bedroom decoration materials


1. Building materials: floor tiles, paint, skirting, flooring, coatings, gypsum lines

2, lamps: main lights, spotlights, floor lamps

3. Gold: curtain slide rails, door locks, door suits, hinges, switch panels, power sockets, TV sockets, air -conditioned sockets, etc.

4. Arts: curtains, wallpaper, furniture (sofa, TV cabinet, bed, wine cabinet, etc.)

List of kitchen decoration materials


1. Building materials: floor tiles, wall tiles, ceilings, cabinets, kitchen and bathroom ceilings

2, lamps: main lights, spotlights, cabinet lamps


3. Electrical appliances: stove, range hood.

4, hardware: water sink, sink faucet, floor drain, door lock, door suction, union pages, switch panels, power sockets, corner valves, etc.

List of bathroom decoration materials

1. Building materials: floor tiles, wall tiles, kitchen and bathroom ceiling gusset boards

2, lamps: main lights, spotlights

3. Electrical appliances: changing air fans, Yuba

4. Sanitary ware: toilet, bathtub, basin

5. Hardware: hand paper racks, shelf, towel rods, bath towel racks, soap racks, coat hooks, bathtub faucet, door lock, door suction, clipplane panel, power socket, corner valve, shower, basin, basin, basin, basin, basin, basin, basin, basin, basin, basin, basin, basin, basin, basin, basin, basin, basin, basin, basin, basin, basin, basin, basin, basin, basin, bason Last.

What are the types of decoration materials?

1. Real materials

The real material is also the raw material, which mainly refers to the rules made of original wood and logs. Commonly used logs include fir, red pine, elm, water, camphor, camphor, beylum, and more valuable ones include rosewood, beylum, oak, etc. The wood used in the decoration is mainly made of fir. Other wood is mainly used for supporting furniture and carving accessories. In the decoration budget, the real material is based on cubic units.


The plate is mainly processed into blocks that are processed by various wood or gypsum and polyurethane (PU). The uniform specifications are 1220 mm × 240 mm. Common ones are fire gypsum boards (different thickness), three grasses (3 mm thick), five grasses (5 mm thick), nine grasses (9 mm thick), particle board (thickness different), composite board (20 mm thick) (20 mm thick) (20 mm thick) Then there are colorful boards, including water willows, rosewood boards, birch boards, white king, Pokémon, etc., which are 3 mm thick, and there are relatively valuable red pupa boards, white ravioli boards, oak boards, and oak boards. , Teak board, etc. In the decoration budget, the board is blocking the block.

3, sheet

Mainly processing stones and ceramics, wood, and bamboo into pieces. The stone is mainly marble and granite, and its thickness is basically 15-20 mm. There are many varieties and different colors. Ceramic processing products, that is, our common floor tiles and wall tiles can be divided into six types: one is glazed tiles, smooth surface and luster, and a wide range of colors; the other is wear -resistant bricks, also known as glass bricks, non -slip and glaze; Imitation of marble mirror tiles, also known as polishing bricks, slippery and shiny; Fourth, non -slip bricks, also known as pass bricks, dark red band grids; fifth is mosaic; six is ​​wall tiles, basically white or light flowers. There are also many varieties of ground materials that are processed into pieces, and the price depends on the material. Its material is: pear wood, camphor, beylum, cherry wood, beylum, beylum, oak, teak, etc. In the decoration budget, the sheet is based on square meters.

4, profile

The profile is mainly steel, aluminum alloy and plastic products. Its unified length is 4 meters or 6 meters. Steel is mainly used for corner steel for decoration, then round strips, and finally flat iron, as well as flat pipes, square pipes, etc., which are suitable for the production of anti -theft doors and windows and the shape of fences and iron flowers. The aluminum is mainly blain with a width of 100 mm. The surface treatment is painted, and the colors are red, yellow, blue, green, and white. Aluminum alloy materials are mainly two colors, one is silver and white, and the other is a tea color, but now there are color aluminum alloy. Its main use is doors and windows. The width of the aluminum alloy gusset is 110 mm. In home decoration, it is also used for bathrooms and kitchen ceilings. The width of the plastic gusset is 160, 180, and 200 mm. There are many colors, with wood grain and light flowers, and the background color is light. At present, the decoration materials developed by plastic are equipped with wall boards, wall skirt boards, door pieces, door sleeves, window covers, corner lines, skirting, etc. The variety is complete.

5. wire

The wires mainly refer to products processed by wood, gypsum, metal, polyurethane (PU). There are many types of wooden lines and different lengths. Its varieties include: nail lines (semicircular bands), semicircular lines, outer angle lines, inner angle lines, wall skirt lines, skirting lines, good materials such as beyl wood, beyl wood, and carved lines. The width is as small as 10 mm (nail line) and as large as 120 mm (skirting lines, corner lines). Gypsum lines are divided into flat lines and angle lines. Modeling production generally has European -style patterns. The supporting role of the flat line, the width is about 5 cm, and the angle flowers are different; the angle lines are generally used in the corner and ceiling level, different sizes, and there are many types. In addition, there are stainless steel and titanium plates, tanks, and corner lines, etc., with a length of 2.4 meters. In the decoration budget, the wire is based on rice.

The above is the relevant knowledge about the decoration material list and brand of Qingdao decoration company. I hope it can help you.

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