Car cushion is a must -have for car people now, which can not only play a beautiful role, but also protect our seats, but also more convenient for us to clean up our car.

As the temperature is getting higher and higher, it is almost the point where the air conditioner is not available. In our daily driving process, especially for long -term driving, for models without seat ventilation, choose a cool and comfortable cushion to change. It is particularly important, so do you know what material car cushions are more suitable for summer?

The most popular car cushions in summer are mainly these: linen cushions, ice cushions, jade cushions, bamboo cushions, etc.


Features of different cushions:

The linen cushion: The use of natural linen fibers is the main raw material. The sweat absorption and breathability are also better. It is harmless to the human body, and it has a great expansion to better sweat absorption, does not stick to the skin, and has good breathability.

Ice wire cushion: good breathability, not sticky skin, and the characteristics of ice smooth and cool, which is very suitable for summer use.

Jade cushion: It is woven from jade squares and silk threads, which has the functions of eye -catching refreshing and health care. When the jade -like cold cushion is cold, it will heat up when it is hot. If the car is parked in the sun for a long time, the cushion will become very hot. After the air conditioner is turned on for a long time, this cushion will be very cold. Essence

Bamboo cushion: Cold the cold, cheap and affordable, is a good choice for car owners. However, the use of bamboo cushions is shorter, and the period of general use is two or three years. Although the bamboo cushion is cooler, the bamboo cushion is not breathable, it will become hotter and hotter when the air conditioner is opened, and it will damage the leather seat for a long time.

Owners can choose the car cushion they want according to their personal preferences and the differences between materials.


Skills selected when buying:

1. Look at the material of the cushion: The cushions are combined from a variety of materials. The high -quality cushion requires high -quality main ingredients, and also requires high -quality auxiliary materials. A soft, glutinous, drooping, thick -quality auxiliary material can not only improve the cushion cushion The sense of grade can play a certain protective role in the seat.

2. Look at the production process of the cushion: a good cushion production process is very rigorous, especially in terms of details, good cushions are generally compact, flat, and very delicate in patterns. Damage.

3. Look at the car cushion price: In terms of price, there is no need to buy the most expensive, but at least the quality of the buying is better. Don’t blindly make it cheap, because the car cushion market is not standardized enough, and there will inevitably be the appearance of inferior products. If you buy too cheap car cushions, it is easy to bring the quality of the product without quality.


4. Look at the weight of the cushion: The exquisite cushions are sufficient with the material evenly. If the weight is insufficient, it means that the cornering is reduced. You can immediately distinguish the quality of the cushion immediately.


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