The drying machine has entered China for more than 20 years, and the penetration rate is only about 10%. Compared with the popularization rate of more than 70%of European and American countries, the gap is huge. Why do dry clothes machines with so high overseas acceptance are cold in China? What kind of drying machine can we win the recognition of Chinese users? Where is the popularity of domestic drying machines?

How difficult is it to walk into thousands of households?

First, it is difficult to upgrade the level of consumption.

Compared to the washing machine that can liberate both hands, the drying machine label the “consumption upgrade” from functional attributes. From the perspective of the user side, at the moment when the cost of living is getting higher and higher, you want to leave a dry clothing machine that is as large as the washing machine area as the washing machine area. The young users have already retired. From the perspective of the industry, the drying machine has always been a relatively “niche” market. Although the sales of washing machines and drying machines have been greatly improved in recent years, the washing and drying machines that can solve the “laundry+drying” at the same time have also successfully split a cake.

Second, it is difficult to change the habits of life.

Chinese people have the habit of sun exposure. When many users are hesitant to buy a dry clothing, the first reaction is whether it can be used. The sun on its own balcony is so good, it is more than enough to dry clothes. In fact, sun exposure is not the best way to dry. For example, last summer’s colorful dresses and pure white T -shirts. This year, it has been yellow and faded. Many people think that this is the case if the clothes are washed too much, but it is not. Looking at the washing seriously, you will find that most clothes are not recommended to expose it.

Some people will say that the ultraviolet rays in the sun will accelerate the aging fading of clothes, but on the other hand, it can disinfect and sterilize. It is worth noting,

To achieve the effect of sterilization and mites, two conditions are required at the same time.

Zhao Xianjian, the chief professor of the Materials Discipline of Wuhan University of Science and Technology, tested the home glass, and found that for ordinary white glass, the passing rate of UV rays below 320nm was 9%, the low -radiation glass in the single cash cash cash, and the passage of ultraviolet rays below 320nm was 0 %, That is, those ultraviolet rays that can sterilize will not wear glass of the balcony at all, sterilize and disinfect the clothes we dry.

Third, it is difficult to improve the product experience.

When consumers are determined to buy back a drying machine, they find that they buy themselves


Most of them are a “useful” drying machine, which is a lot different from “easy” and “commonly used”. The current product experience is not upgraded and it is difficult to popularize.

Take the best heat pump washing machine at present, as an example, unsatisfactory places are concentrated in large -piece, delicate and precious fabrics cannot be baked and dare not bake. This is because there is only one motor of ordinary heat pump drying machine to drive the inner cylinder and fan at the same time. One -way turning and fixed -speed winds will cause large parts to wrap the ball, dry and wet outside, and small clothing folds. Good sheets and clothes are rolled into a baggage and baked into a hearty egg. Seeing these scenes, are you familiar with the drying machine?

There are so many ways to walk into millions of households in the clothing machine. Is there really room for growth in China? Answer: Not only, but also very large. There are sand and dust in the north, and there is a rainy season in the south. Various clothes are full of light to block the light. In addition, the current health awareness of the whole people is further enhanced. What is urgent to solve at present is how to make Chinese users use peace of mind, comfortable use, and truly become a good heart.

Haiergan clothing machine opened a new path in China

As the head brand of the dry clothing industry, the Haiergan clothing machine is taking the lead in a new way for the industry. The fourth -generation drying machine in the world, which lasted for 6 years, dual -engine cleaning drying machine. After 68 iterations, a lifestyle of “baking for health” helps users establish a new way to dry clothing machine Cognition.

First, stretching and drying is the first standard. It can really say goodbye to drying and liberating the balcony.

Haier Shuangqing Gymnomics pioneered the first two motors and two powers, and independently controlled the inner cylinder rotation and fan wind power. With 1: 1 full -time, reverse technology and intelligent transmission, it really allowed users Effect.

Specifically, when a large piece of clothing such as bedding, bedding or long jacket, shake the burden on the front and back; when you dry the light and light silk, use the intelligent variable -speed wind to make the floating and soft drying. There is also a cashmere fabric such as cashmere sweaters that cannot be “flipped and dry”. It can place static brackets that are twice as greater than ordinary brackets.

Second, clean up the floccope and start a new life of a soft cleaning at home.


As people’s standards for healthy life are getting higher and higher, the Haiergan clothing machine can completely filter particles, dust mites, dust and other particulate pollutants, and micron -level particles. Source to solve the problem.

The plush toys of the children in the family are rarely washed in water. After a long time, it will attach floating dust and breed bacteria; when we clean up the sofa daily, when the sheets are filmed, the dust and fluff will float in the air. And worry, many clothes that go out to play can not spray alcohol and disinfectant directly … After unlocking the hacking function of the Haiergan clothing machine, it will become a new habit of daily life for health.

Since May 19, the south has ushered in a new round of rainfall weather. East, Jiangnan, South China and other places in the southwest will appear from west to east to middle rain. Among them, there are heavy rains in Guizhou, central south of the river, and northern parts of South China. Now you are going to watch the weather and decide to wash clothes?