Foreign media: The European Union calls on Russia to return to the negotiating table for when sanctioning Russia.

Reference News Network reported on December 18th

According to the Associated Press, Brussels reported on December 16, the EU leaders urged Russia to return to peaceful negotiations with Ukraine on Thursday and threatened again that if the Russian armed forces crossed the border, the European Union would jointly impose unprecedented sanctions on Moscow with the United States and the United States.

It is reported that when the European Union appealed to return to the negotiating table, Russia said that it had submitted a draft document to the United States and outlined security suggestions that it hoped to negotiate with Washington and its NATO allies.

EU leaders issued a statement on Brussels, emphasizing “Russia urgently needs to ease the tension caused by its military assembly and aggressive remarks on the Ukraine border.” They promised “fully supporting Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.” They said that the European Union “encouraged diplomatic efforts and supported the Normandy model to achieve the comprehensive execution of the Minsk agreement.” This refers to the talks of Russia and Ukraine under the mediation of France and Germany, and Russia and Ukraine held talks designed to implement the 2015 Peace Agreement.

The EU leaders reiterated the information issued by the United States, the United Kingdom and the Seventh -way Group in recent weeks, that is, “Any further ‘military aggression’ of Ukraine ‘will cause huge consequences and heavy costs, including coordination with partners to take restrictions on measures”. ” Essence

It is reported that the EU has different opinions on when Moscow’s sanctions on Moscow. France and Germany do not want to take action, expressing that they are worried that this action may bring attacks and believe that diplomatic solutions can be found.

In contrast, Eastern Wing countries near Russia believe that sanctions are the most effective deterrent means and should be implemented immediately. President Ukraine hopes to implement more sanctions before any possible “invasion”, but his request was not ignored.

Gigtanas Natada, President of Lithuania, which borders Russia, said that the EU should not underestimate the threat of the army’s assembly. He warned that Moscow’s operations are making one of the worst security situations since the disintegration of the Soviet Union.

According to the Russian “Moscow Times” website reported on December 16, Western allies rejected Russia’s efforts to defeat Kyiv’s ambition to defeat Kiev, and urged Moscow to stop military assemblies along the Ukrainian border and return to France and Germany. Lead the negotiation.

It is reported that the EU leaders who met in Brussels again threatened to cooperate with the EU’s partners in London and Washington, and let Moscow bear “huge consequences and serious costs” through sanctions.

According to reports, the United States has used similar words, that is, once Russia “invasion”, the United States will make a “large -scale” revenge, and at the same time try to contact Moscow to ease the situation.

NATO Secretary -General Stoltenberg also held a meeting with the Ukrainian President Zelezki and held a joint press conference, insisting that any decision to join NATO was a matter of Kyiv and NATO 30 member states.

He said: “We will not compromise the rights of our own road in Ukraine. We will not compromise with the rights of NATO protection and defending all NATO ally.”

He also said that it would not be compromised in the partnership between NATO and Ukraine, saying that it was important to both parties, and “it was by no means a threat to Russia.”

But what made Zeelianky feels frustrated that the European powers refused to take preventive actions against Russia and were more willing to threaten to respond when Russia took action.

He complained that in his opinion, some EU member states did not seem to recognize the dangerous situation of Ukraine and urged them to take action quickly.

It is reported that Ukraine and its closest supporters want to cancel the second line of Beixi Natural Gas Pipeline. This pipeline will bypass Ukraine to send Russia’s natural gas to Germany.

It is reported that German new leaders and prime ministers Tsurtz have always been cautious at this point. Some leaders who meet at Brussels are worried that the sanctions of the preemptive people will stimulate instead of deterring Russia.

It is reported that it is not easy for Russia to return to the negotiating table. A senior European diplomat said to Agence France -Presse: “Moscow does not want to return to the Normandy model, and it wants to negotiate with the United States.” The European special envoy said: “Americans support the return of this model and are currently talking to Moscow, but Haven’t reached any agreement yet. “

Source: Reference Message Network

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