“Sneakers are a kind of sports that reflect the unity and cooperation between players. The relationship between the players is close and the relationship is more harmonious. Yunnan’s beautiful tomorrow. At present, there are not many events in Yunnan projects. I hope to use the settings of this base to weave the network, promote the project, and let it move towards the wider people. “Recently, it talks about the first batch of Yunnan Province in the first batch of Yunnan Province Qian Guangtian, a professor of the Honghe Institute of Physical Education and the racing coach of the sneakers, said, said.

Qian Guangtian, a native of Yuanyang, Yunnan, graduated from the Department of Sports of Montzi Higher Normal University (now Honghe College Sports College) in July 1997, and has been teaching in the Department of Sports after graduation. Published more than 30 papers, including 2 EI and 12 ISTP international conference papers and retrieved, presided over the completion of multiple provincial and school -level topics, and applied for 3 practical new patents related to “shoe racing”. He serves as the teaching work of the school’s public sports courses and sports professional “shoe shoe racing” project courses.

Only by unity and cooperation can win

Qian Guangtian told reporters that there is a legend about the racing of the shoe. During the Jiajing period of the Ming Dynasty, Mrs. Waja, the heroine of Guangxi Zhuang, used the shoe racing as a “secret weapon” to train the unity and collaboration between soldiers. She asked the three soldiers to run with a pair of long plate shoes. For a long time, the ability of soldiers and cooperation and combat literacy greatly improved. Later, the people of the Zhuang people of Nandan County imitated Mrs. Wa’s military training methods and carried out three -person sneakers competition activities.

In 2005, the National Civil Affairs Commission and the State General Administration of Sports approved the list of “shoe shoe racing” projects as the official competition of the national minority traditional sports sports meeting. In 2007, at the 8th National Traditional Sports Meeting of Ethnic Minorities, the first time the shoe was racing with a formal competition, Chen Hui, then the party secretary of the Honghe College of Physical Education, represented Yunnan Province to participate in the pre -match shoe racing The rule of the rules, he realized that this project can reflect the spirit of unity and hard work of sports people, and it is worth promoting. Back in Yunnan, I told Qian Guangtian about the project.

Qian Guangtian, a ball coach, did not hesitate to accept this task. Because he did not know the relevant information of the game, he searched the video of the eighth national ethnic minority traditional sports competition on the Internet. He followed the video and studied while studying the rules, equipment, and competition methods of the competition. In September 2009, Honghe College set up a shoe -shoe racing team and started training.

Since 2010, Honghe College’s “Sneakers Racing” three times on behalf of the Honghe Hani and Yi Autonomous Prefecture participated in the Yunnan Provincial Traditional Sports Games. The ninth, tenth, and eleventh ethnic minority traditional sports games won a total of 3 second prizes and 7 third prizes.

In September 2017, the college’s sneaker racing sports team also participated in the “Capital Cup” national “Shoes Race” competition, winning 3 second prizes and 6 third prizes. In March 2019, participating in the “March 3” national sports activities in Guangxi won 1 first prize, 7 second prizes, 3 third prizes …

Behind medals is the development of the Yunnan sneakers. “The training process is still short, and it is currently groping forward.” Qian Guangtian said.

Many years of training accumulation experience

The acquisition of so many honors has also allowed the first batch of sneakers in the first batch of ethnic minority sports bases in Yunnan Province to land in Honghe Academy.

“But we dare not take it lightly. Because at the time of the selection, 16 states and cities in Yunnan are declared. Now all states and cities attach great importance to the development of sports and objectively promote the development of sports. It is currently in a leading position, but we must settle more effort to not fall behind in the fierce competition. “Qian Guangtian said.

As the leader of the Yunnan sneaker racing project, Qian Guangtian has accumulated a lot of training experience.

In addition to tangible training, it is more about the quality training and self -discipline exercise of the team members.

Qian Guangtian told reporters that in addition to training, as a coach, he also pays attention to the daily life of the players, such as reminding the players from time to time: large temperature differences, wearing clothes; peaches, plums, watermelon and other fruits can not be eaten over …

During the day after day, the team members had a closer communication, and everyone understood each other and helped each other. What is happier is that everyone understands the living customs of different ethnic groups such as the Dai, Hani, and Zhuang people. When the festivals of various ethnic groups will give each other a festival blessing. The in -depth exchanges in life have cultivated tacit understanding in the training of shoe racing.

Qian Guangtian believes that in addition to the training at the venue, it is also important to prevent injuries and control. Only by ensuring that the players are not injured in training can they play a real level on the field.

And his care education for players is not limited to training. As a teacher, more responsibilities are also teaching and educating people. “Sometimes I do n’t want to get up when I’ m too cold in the winter training in the winter, but I do n’t want to get up, but I think if I am not present as a coach, the ideas of the players will relax and affect the training effect. Therefore, as long as the training, I always always always be in training, I always always be in training. Will stand on the training venue for the first time and accompany them. This is both my request for myself, but also a model for the players. “

Promote the development of sneakers for race

In recent years, the Honghe College ’s ethnic minority sports athletes have achieved proud results at the province and the four years of the province and the country’ s four years. “The three projects of our college’s sneakers, tall racing and Dugu drifting can represent Yunnan Province. It is our honor and the motivation. These three bases are set up in our Honghe College, three, three, three, three, three bases, three It is all the advantages of our province. As one of them, I dare not relax at all, and I dare not have the slightest care. “Qian Guangtian said.


Qian Guangtian hopes that in the future, the platform of the base will extend the shoe -shoe racing project, establish a competition system, and promote the development of the project with the competition.

Qian Guangtian believes that our province now has a four -year -old ethnic traditional sports sports meeting and the two -year ethnic minority traditional sports championship. “But the championship involves only a few items. Can the scope of the championship be expanded? At the same time, can the sports event combine sports events with ethnic festivals with the help of the event platform to better popularize and promote the shoe racing project to the masses.” – This is the beautiful hopes of Qian Guangtian’s development of the development of the Yunnan sneaker racing project in the future, and it is also the hopes for the development of traditional sports in Yunnan minority.

Author: National Times All Media Reporter Ma Xinhuan

Edit: Pang Yuzhen

Reprinted, please indicate the source “National Times”